-  Continued
Is it Not eating enough Flesh? or Breathing Months of Furnace Fumes?
Dan Sr, Carolee, infant Matthew, Sarah and Marylee - summer 2002  --  Now the State has taken the infant and threatens to take all and ruin these innocent parents!Babies Wrongfully Taken From Loving Parents!
Your knowledge and action is needed!
Health Conscious, Pareve, Vegetarian / Vegan, Integrative Medicine, Home Educated Children's Families Choices and Unity

- are All put at Risk - 
by "Child Protective Services", facilited by adversarial family, social opportunists, state education, erred Medicine,
and the State's Legal System!
Please help restore this innocent family's rights, with your efforts & any contribution!
Mathew Thaxton - a few weeks before his mystery winter illness and being taken away by PCMC and DCFS who claimed Malnourishment! -  - Do you see a malnourished child here?The Smoking Gun! -- Furnace Exhaust right next to Fresh Air Intake -- Silently Killing Dan Jr! (below) -- Damaging and sickening his younger brother, Matthew (left] a winter later!Not enough Flesh? 
- or too much Exhaust?
This child and his family are still not safe in this State's Child "Protective" System!
They have now had 10 months to investigate CO and still have not.
- The AG, DCFS, PCMC and their Safe & Healthy Families apparently think babies breathing furnace fumes is no problem at all!

Instead a Bogus charge of "nutritional" neglect was pressed, with separation, control, repression and DCFS-PCMC "Dependency Prison" demanded for Life!
Evidence of True Harm not ever Entered!
4 Useless Family defense lawyers said "Not now! We will do it in retrial or appeal!"  $$$,$$$!
What happened to Real Defense, Truth and Justice?
In Utah its Babies for Money, Medicine and Law!

Information on Healthy Vegan Family versus State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment and The Law follows.
Please sign Petition to Governor and Accusers, etc. (Item #4 below).

Exhaust from furnace pressed back by breeze and entering house through fresh ari intake (square grill) - - - Click this photo to see CO VideosView the "Smoking Gun!"-- the Real Killer in action!
Ignored by the accusers: PCMC, DCFS, "Family Law" and the Court!!!
"Carbon Monoxide" exhaust fumes entering home in CO Videos!

* First see our early writing of the family's experience
(also listed as item 7. below)
"What Really Happened!" Thaxton Family's C.O. Experience- A brief overview & fact timeline!

* Now see Dave Hansen's editorial update of Thaxton family story
Just now posted - 7 April 2004 - on his Your Rights website:
"Thaxton Family Accused of Neglect":
Could Carbon Monoxide Poisoning do this to YOUR Family?

(An interview and video taken by David Hansen of our day with defendants, lawyer's and Gov. Candidate is coming)

Then come back, Sign Petition and read the first Press Releases &
early entries and document links following!

1.  Press Release on PRWire by S Allan
1-a.Early news on Case!
2.  Press Release by Documentary Producer, Shaun Monson, Los Angeles
3.  News Release by Accountability Utah by D. Newby
KSL TV News Clip - Video: Christmas Day Legislative Neighbors's Flier Visits4. Petition, to Governor & Accusers, PRWire, by S Allan
5.   Printable Fliers
6.  KSLTV News Legislative Christmas Visit Video Clip  6-a.  text version
6-b.SLTribune: Christmas Protest
6-c. AU/DaveHansen's Report  6-d. ChristmasDayHandout

7.  What Really Happened! 
  Thaxton Family's C.O. Experience- A brief overview & fact timeline!

8.  Vitamin B12 - The senseless bases and claim for Matthew's removel. (CDC "Farm Study")
  (a)His Mom's blood & mother's milk B12 levels - any struggling infant's best form and supply!!!
     (b) Matthew's MRI - No indications consistent with (chronic) B12 deficiency!!!
     (c)Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm sounding & Death conditions in Police Report 
      --- Why was this and so much more kept out of the family's defense evidence in Court???

9.   Feb 3 The Judge Rules: Matthew back! BUT look at the conditions! then Recuses!
        -- and Feb 20  Attorney General threatens our good attorney for submitting true evidence!
        -- March 3 Motion for Retrial trashed! & Legislator's duplicitous choice!
        -- now "quietly" presented Service Plan Atrocity w/ Vegetarian-Hate Doctor's Orders

10.  Handbook: Know Your Family Rights  by Thomas & Aimee Dutkiewicz 

Make sure you have seen the critically ignored Police Report entry  8.(c). CO Detector Alarm 
Please veiw above links, then come back to this page!
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke
"Smoking Gun" CO Videos true cause: one child's death & current infant's malaise.
HVAC Photos
Data known, verified by CO Toxicity Med. Experts
Vitamin B12 ? - Truth vs commonly accepted "Bull"
Mother's milk B12
Matthew's (no deficiency) MRI
Professionally povided Vegan, Vegetarian, Pareve Child & Family Dietary Support Statements
Players List - Medical, State, Legal parties profiting by accusing trumped nutritional neglect.
Dependency Order - "Endless" PCMC treatments, State & DCFS intervention and 18 yrs of control! 
AG's Threat State's Lawyers do not want truth exposed! Errored investigations and diagnoses based "Finding of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order of Law" - No CO, No truth!
Eight Months & $40,000 later, a No-Truth based: Service Plan Atrocity w/ Veg-Hate Doctor's Orders
Thaxton Family CO Experience overview/timeline
CO Detector Alarm-Postmortem: Police Report
Effected Mother's Family -Honored National Media
Thaxton family in Photo - No malnourishment nor neglect visually evident.
CDC Vegetarian Study
Carbon Monoxide Toxicity Links /Best Experts
Lost Rights in "Child Protection" Law: Rights Families Do Not Have in "Mondale's" DCFS/CPS
FamilyRightsHandbook - YOU MUST READ!
DCFS in the News - High Deaths in Foster Care.
PBSFrontline-The Taking of Logan Marr CPS death!
Other Families' tragedies - ChineseCoupleVsUS > - Providing best research and documentation on medical protocols and procedures, including alternative treatments and legal witness. 
Dr T. Feinman & Team - L.A.
IMS and the F.A.I.R. Alliance on Integrated Medicine - Demonstrating Ron Karren's marvelously affective tools of information distribution with its immediate interactive response capabilities.
"LATimes Consequences of Meat" Support for Family's diet choice. 1996 news copy provided by (Maternal) Grandfather, Clay Christiansen: Thaxton Family update 5/6/04 editorial by David Hansen
Family's Case Biography from each affected member will appear here when ready. Check back & "refresh" 
Please  contact Media, your own and all our Utah State Representatives and Senators,
Petition for their family rights protecting correct actions! click here to go to lists at bottom
 First writings on this case:

Case of the young Thaxton Family - living an otherwise caring, Healthy Pareve, Vegetarian / Vegan lifestyle, 
Versus, "Social Services", incorrect Medicine, Law and the State...  follows:

  Please keep in mind as you read my writing here, though a skilled researcher, discoverer and reasoner, but seriously overloaded and short changed on rest,  having to meet all my family needs, advisory and teaching demands, and doing this diligence and discovery ontop of it all - I have not been able to be the best writer - so please excuse my writing challenges for now!  Surviving 4 each sight, speech and motor paralyzing strokes 12 yrs ago, having to relearn language, with sight and motor skills slowly repairing, I am not as yet, as adept at writing as I once was! -- or as excellent as many of my younger wonderfully professional writing friends (linked above) are now. So I struggle with getting my life's vast knowledge, experience and logic into printed words for them, and for you, and to make it easily understood; and in this pressing occasion, have it distilled andimproved upon in its delivery by my writting friends for you -- as they have graciously done in the press releases & petition links above!  For their labors, which they have freely volunteered and done unselfishly and skillfully, I am immensely grateful
     As you can also see, I am also challenged as a webpage creator! This is a new experience, so please tolerate my less than sophisticated web work as I learn and relearn, day by day, mistake by mistake, especially while under press of time as I try to present the critical details of this case to exonerate this innocent family!!!  -- and still of necessity integrate it within my other labors.
    So please examine these pages for truth -- not for grammar or form!  l will try to fix those later.
     You will also notice -- justified by my having done the diligence and discovery (finding the true cause of one child's death, then the malaise and near death of another and illness of family) -- my rightfully unabridged rage does clearly leak into visibility through my words. 
     My logical rage is at the gross ignorance and baby-killing and family-endangering ineptness, incompetents and negligence of some so-called technicial professionals, thereby causing death, loss and heartbreak, then exacerbated by thoughtless busy bodies, by the embarrassingly unprofessional medical practitioners, bureaucrats, self-serving lawyers, closed courts and the state! So please put up with my unhappiness in my writing! - Please also make it yours! - until the offending parties recognize, recant, redress and restore this mother's precious but bearly system-surviving infant to her, and restore her family's and her baby's life and peace to wholeness!
      Right now, for the child and the family's best healing, this System, PCMC and DCFS violated little boy needs immediate return to his innocent loving and nurturing mother and family - and the incompetent players and bureaucracy of this case need to immediately recognize, apologize and back out - gracefully and totally - as they should have seven months ago!
     Thank you, TRodgers / LSI - Nov 2 2003
  Information expands and continues here on the case of health-conscious Vegetarian, Vegan and integrative or alternative medical choosing Families versus State Child Protective Services, the Medical Establishment and the Law. 

     We (in Utah) have reports of several similar vegetarian families suffering similar state child abductions in Florida, New York, Indiana, & California under the so called "Safe and Healthy Families" programs or the like that were set in place by Mondale then further hardened particularly by the Clinton / Reno administration.
      Pass cursor (pointer) over each photo to open and read descriptions! -- Some are also links.
      Please check back and always refresh/reload these pages as we add more information and links into it every few days. If you are aware of similar situations or cases please contact us. Email

Thaxton Case: Health Choice Vegan Family 
vs Adversary Family, DCFS, Medicine, Law and the State

Mathew Thaxton - a few weeks before his mystery winter illness and being taken away by PCMC and DCFS who claimed Malnourishment! -  - Do you see a malnourished child here?This Toddler - Matthew Thaxton (photo one week before "flu" and two weeks before purported "malnutrition") is now, far too long away from his loving mother, father and siblings -- all because someone hates (health conscious) vegetarians -- and others, easily convinced, operate outside of good science! So with foisted bias, Matthew Thaxton's physicians incompetently diagnosed his mystery winter illness first as leukemia, then diabetes, along with malnourishment and Vitamin B12 deficiency, while within that same ignorance and prejudice his true cause of malaise was inexcusably and dangerously (to him and his family) overlooked! Then all other medical associates, social services, the police, the lawyers, including their own defense lawyers and the court were drawn in and all colluded to backup that initial ignorant package of error and violate this already endangered child and his innocent family!

For over half a year now his mother and family have been in pain, and this once cheerful infant, who was still nursing when he was ripped from mother's prefect nourishment and loving care, was wrongly diagnosed, hence has been wrongly treated and is yet suffering needless alienation and separation trauma (evidenced in clinging) along with poorer development, motor function, (off pallor, patchy hair losses and severe constipation) in an alien system, home and mother that is not his own. 

Curiously his mother has been left out of "Early Intervention" therapy training for his consequent tremors, dysphasia, swallowing disorder and motor skills damage (concurrent with bone biopsy for presumed leukemia, transfusions, insulin for presumed diabetes, injected B12 for something which his own mother's breast milk and blood levels of Vitamin B12 tested excellent). ??? So why would she have been left out of his treatment training - if DCFS truly planned to restore this now suffering baby to his mother and father after she and her husband complied with all the court's orders? - as they now "publicly" claim???

This travesty of this bogus separation has gone far beyond human and humane reason! 

The true cause of Matthew's illness, as you have viewed here yourself, for a clearheaded professional, should have been readily identified, but was not! But petitioning me, the mother and grandmother downloaded their own current and their children's total life histories to me. So with my simple reasoning and simple labors, that true cause was quickly identified! 

So "cause" has now been known by me, then my science fellows, the Family and most important, the family's defense lawyers for over four months! Yet none of their so-called (3 fully paid) "defense" lawyers has yet been willing to file and present this discovery and its clear evidence of this child's true cause of malaise! -- This would correct his medical diagnosis, and most important, his true health and welfare, and his treatments, and would exonerate his always innocent family of their trumped neglect charges, including their DCFS held charge of "substantiated neglect" (two months after fact) - tantamount to "negligent homicide" for his first brother's (now understood asphyxiation) death one winter before. 

Help us return this child (as should be done with thousands others) to his rightful mother and exonerate his loving family. Now! Do that through voice and vote (call your friends, legislators, media and all others see links below)!

His Parents are and always were innocent. See for yourself! -- The negligence in this case is with the collusion of  true-science, honest-reason and feelings challenged accusers! 

This otherwise robust little boy - as you can plainly see in his photos - never was malnourished! 
He needs to be back in his safer home, loving mother care and healthier family! Now! 
Six emotionally (and systemic health) damaging months have already gone by without reason!
- or honorable cause!

Baby Matthew and his Family's awful experience. 
Our diligence and discovery of cause in the Thaxton family story:
(Some parts you read following may already have been presented from those friends who took from my knowledge and verified in the family's recall and records, and they have  presented it superbly in the press releases etc you should have already seen linked above)

In May into June of this year (2003) an entire young Utah Vegan family all came down with symptoms that appeared to be like the flu. But their youngest child (~1yr, who was still nursing) showed the most severe symptoms, with poor pallor, no appetite, lethargy, impaired swallowing and difficult breathing. So in justified concern this smallest child was taken to a community day and night clinic. Upon examination the clinic's physicians determined that the child was in greater respiratory danger than the clinic was equipped to handle, so the child was taken to Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC), the major children's hospital in our community and admitted. Steps were taken to give him support and he did stabilize, but ill still, was to remain in hospital care for several weeks.

     But a few days into the child's stay, a "pink alert" lock down alarm was affected in the hospital and the State Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) and Police seized the child from the arms of its visiting Grandmother and warned the family that the child was no longer going to be in their care, but now the State was taking custody of the child because "their Vegan diet was placing him in medical crisis!" -- never mind that previously the child and his siblings were otherwise robust, bright and active (except for this unusual severe episode of entire family's "flu" and one earlier deep winter episode). Immediately the child's healthy siblings and terrified parents were also manipulated (with false promises - including return of their baby - if they consented to eat animal flesh) and were forced into hazardous unjustified injections (which pre cursed seizures, dysfunction and lethargy in their DCFS removed infant) and medical treatments even when they (including the mother's breast milk) were tested and not found nutritionally deficient!

     So began a battle by the family to prove the "medical establishment's and child protective services error of cause" and to regain custody of their child, who was immediately placed (in violation of placement statute) into custody of meat eating, non-listed, contrary relatives for care (until the state finds for permanent adoptive opening for the child's sale).

     Finally, in desperate search for an obvious not-forthcoming restoral, four months ago (in the last days of June /first week of July), this young Vegan mother, Carolee Thaxton and her mother, the child's community and Nationally honored (Vegan) grandmother, Diane Christiansen, came to me, and over that week, opened up their sorrowed hearts on this awful mess that they and their now family-disenfranchised toddler was in. They honorably trusted me, that I would find the truth and the solution that even their lost thousands of dollars had not brought them through a so-called special family law lawyer and the state's family court system. (Their accusations of nutritional and physical neglect - specifically the Vitamin B12 deficiency claim - forced me to finally write a paper correcting that stupidly perpetrated Vitamin B12 Medical fraud, with even the sadly-duped integrated medicine, naturopathic, homeopathic, Vegetarian, Vegan professionals and community ignorantly still accepting it.)

Dan Jr. - near his 2yr birthday - a few months before his early winter death. Do you see a malnourished child here?     After the several days of very one sided accusatory juvenile court process where their representation only processed them deeper into DCFS servitude, with no discernible return of there child, they continued, for several hours each day for the next weeks, to download all the details of their case and their lives prior to and within this infant's removal, I recognized details that began to ring familiar to my education, research, labor and life experience, which then set me on the right path to discovery of the true cause of their toddlers respiratory and physiological life threatening crisis - and the death of his brother (at right) one year earlier. 

The Smoking Gun! -- Furnace Exhaust next to Fresh Air Intake -- Silently Killing Dan Jr! (at right) -- Damaging and sickening his younger brother, Matthew (above) a winter later!      It was not their Vegan diet at all! Neither was it any other of the family's own actions at all. But it was the incompetence of others directly affecting this family that caused their own malaise (illness), the crises of this presently DCFS taken child - and the earlier death of their third child, Dan Jr. (at right). That cause is now part of a separate lawsuit which we have filed, so was held undisclosed publicly until now. That true cause perpetuated the wrongful death of their innocent child just over a year earlier and was never carefully investigated or identified by municipal, State government and/or medical so-called professionals - as I was easily able to determine with an unprejudiced, healthy and clear mind. My discovery of that cause has brought much comfort and peace to this young family, who, for all this time before had wondered if they indeed truly had done something wrong, including being Vegans, and that that had brought death to their first son and harm to their second son, his siblings and themselves. They now know better.

     Once I was confident of my disclosure of the true cause and provided the revealing data, and backed by the families additional efforts, I  located, secured, and brought on board some of the nation's best environmental experts on our now discovered cause, furnace exhaust asphyxiation, as well as the Nation's best Carbon Monoxide. and physiological effects medical experts to correct the consequent ignorantly prejudiced and incompetent medical diagnostic and procedural folly foisted upon this innocent family - and upon the court.

     But even with my now certified causal discovery (now backed with other expert's concurrence), in a heartless, immutable system of bureaucrats, prosecutors, lawyers, judges and DCFS, the family still does not have their child back!This will take private, public and serious political indigence against the intractable and reason-defiant offending medical and so-called "family services" parties and its equally obdurate, self-perpetuating and profiting lawyers, judges, courts and their conveniently closed-to-scrutiny juvenile and family courts judicial system!

Marylee Sarah and Matthew early this year - Do you see malnourished children here?     An arrogant Medical, State and Legal entity have taken wrongful control, profiting all along the way, at the same time, and will not admit to their incompetence, ignorance, error or injustice. And the child is still not in the care of its loving family. It is still being being denied liver-and-immune-finishing nursing -- and critical human bonding with his loving mother and siblings. He is instead being medicated (and even his older healthy sibling sisters are being ordered into needless force medication and injections) while he is fed the deleteriously fatty, infectious, dairy and animal ingredients in supplements and his diet by state chosen unsupportive family, that is promoted by the establishment and its nutritionally ignorant, but profiting doctors, pediatricians and their pharmaceutical industry, and is policed by an equally ignorant often incompetent, but  arrogant State office of so-called "family services" (who reportedly receives ~$25,000 per/yr minimum for each displaced child, plus more for any special costs claimed above that) and the equally profiting system of endless lawyers, judges, and court actions.

     This family along with all other health conscious Vegan, Vegetarian and medical choice desiring families are now at greater risk if this case is legally and publicly not corrected. Any Vegan family can have their children removed -- as some already have -- if this case is allowed to become precedence!!!

     Please step up to the plate with your experience, medical, legal and political influence in favor of all health conscious, Vegetarian, Vegan, Integrated Medicine choices, Nature and Environmentally concerned individuals, parents and families. Their and our rights and freedoms of choices for the irrefutable best health and environmental benefits, must be protected! These choices are now under even more subtle but brutal individual-discouraging and family-wrecking attacks from the unkind, profiteering and control-intent "Establishment" collusion of Allopathic Medicine, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals, violence-based agi-business, Law and its guaranteed police support through the courts, the State and Politics. tlr

Carolee and Dan Sr Thaxton - Loving parents who trusted the representatives and experts that sold them a home for their wonderful young family !     This young family and the maternal grandparents have been ravaged by the useless law and processes which has never rectified this outrageous violation by never presenting the truth. So in kindness you might also consider helping with whatever you can, including financially were possible with the (~35) thousands of (borrowed) dollars of family wrecking costs that have been forced upon this innocent young family -- who after all that debt are still without their child (the toddler in the middle) -- and for me (and my family) also, who, driven by compassion for a violated mother and child, continue giving out of our already non existent resources, time and efforts in discovery and redress efforts in their behalf.

  What else can you do:

1.  Educate yourself, family, friends, associates on this problem (See fliers - linked below):
      Child and Family services now function without true restraints and without outside checks into their processes. With beneficiaries' lobbying help, laws have been written and/or changed so they have been allowed to become all empowered over your children and self-drafters of their own internal rules of conduct, and they have become their own monitors. They have been allowed to take privilege, liberties and rights over you and your child which was never intended for them to have. They are now providing a feeding frenzy of business and profits for their supportive beneficiaries -- Medicine, Lawyers and the Courts, including, of course, Public Education and manipulated Politicians. 

2.   Contact all legislators (links are below), especially for your own district, both state and federal (this includes State Attorney Generals office and Child Protective Services Directors) and tell them you will not support them until:
      a. They undo the immoral laws that facilitates the unchecked powers of so-called "Child Protective Services" and the totally closed juvenile and family judge and court system which prevents reasonable family peer observance and judgment, or full public scrutiny (except for reasonable privacy which might be appropriate in the most sensitive of cases, but only when requested solely by the defendants, not by the judge, the lawyers, accusers or the court).
      b. Remove the incentives (like the ~$25,000 here) for disrupting the family and perpetuating a traumatized sociopathic displaced next generation. But instead only provide rewards for family support and unifying actions, with removal only occurring within or through a criminal court's findings of actual child abuse.
      c. And remove the timed lock out (in most cases like above, six months) of a family ever being restored to whole as soon or whenever a current or previously accused family is found innocent.

3.   Warn family, friends, trusted associates that a trip to a hospital that houses and is in league with social services, as is the major children's hospital of our community, could result in accusations of abuse over a simple childhood stumble and bruise or break and could result in the loss of their child by the unchecked actions of zealous social workers and imagination conditioned medical staff or triggered in the hate filled machinations of vengeful relatives, neighbors or social workers. -- I suggest that before any personal need arises, learn that history of your local medical facilities. Do not support any facility that has a history of child protective services. They do obtain patient control and make profit in them!
     Public boycott of an offending facility is a volley at their wallets and can change their profits, hence can change their behaviors effectively.

4.   Let the public know what is going on. While we have been socially and politically asleep, paid lobbyists and political financial support has influenced the writing and passing of laws that have allowed this to happen. It is ultimately about control and profit! Not about a healthy child, healthy family or healthy society.

5.   Contact your local and national talk radio, public cable, use internet, as well as your regular news media. Ask them where they stand on this problem. Encourage them to report on it. Then consider providing a public rally for a violated family -- making sure all media is informed and present.

6.   Write editorials or letters to the editors

7.   Investigate and then if found reasonable and friendly, educate your own chosen Doctors or Health care providers or practitioners. Do not support them if they are willing to instantly break up a family without due course of reasonable investigation and "constitutional" law! --  not the anonymous or adversarial accusations now allowed and supported in fraudulent law, or actions hidden within the family services inter-departmental activities.

8.   Public Education is also often famous as an unwitting trigger and facilitator for wrongful child and family services actions. You should know the mindset of your children's education system and personnel, and remove any possible cause for their provocation, intervention or intrusion, including changing schools or educational systems (possibly to home, charter or private schools). 

Dan Sr, Carolee, infant Matthew, Sarah and Marylee - summer 2002  --  Now the State has taken the infant and threatens to take all and ruin these innocent parents!9.   Share this page with those you know or feel would support this family, our efforts and/or influence the offending parties, prod the media and press the politicians to repair of the law.
     Copy and paste this link FamilyVsState ( ) into email, or write it into a letter and if the receiver does not have a computer or the internet, a public library can let them view it, or print it for them, or just tell them by phone or personal contact. Remember we will update as we can.

10.  Finally let every adoptive family you know, know that the child they may be adopting could be a DCFS incompetently and immorally abducted child - a child, ignorantly, heartlessly and/or lawlessly removed, for those included player's profits and ultimate baby sales. Bonded infants ripped from falsely accused, truly caring, careful, loving mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and families. Only in educating, hence enlightening and discouraging, closing the end market demands and rewards would also reduce the baby thefts, hence the purpose and profit in interim fostering, and the felonious medical and psychological services along with the legal processing the placement trades that these highly rewarded removals for adoption now bring.

A society built on broken families is a broken society!
 Even the pompous profiteers manipulating and deceiving there-in will fail! tlr

       These above "what you can do" concepts are my tired thoughts as of the end of today (Nov 2 & 5, 03). 
Please, if you have effective ideas beyond these, please let me know and I will post them here. Email here
Moms and Good Pediatricians:
Can you single out the three children including now deceased Dan Jr., son of Dan and CaroleeThaxton who are purported to have been "severally malnourished" by DCFS (per worker Carol Sisco's Agency defensive statement in an interview on KUTV2 news, Jan20 2004) and by PCMC, in this cherished crowd of robust, intelligent and cute grandchildren of this Community's World and Faith honored family of Diane and talented Organist, Clay Christiansen, all gathered at Salt Lake City's Temple Square. 

"...Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of man, and deny equal privileges to others. The Constitution of this Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."

----Benjamin Rush, Physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

News Update - 12/23/03 DCFS Caseworkers Restrict Christmas Visitation

DCFS caseworkers informed Matthew's parents today that their supervised Christmas visitation will be one day less than allowed during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Parents are allowed to pick him up at 2:00 pm Christmas Eve, then must return him by 5:00 pm Christmas Day.  As has always been the requirement, at all times during visitation one of two non-vegetarian DCFS-approved sisters of mother Carolee must be present.  Matthew must spend over-night with Carolele's sister, away from his parents.

This is one day less than Thanksgiving Holiday visitation, which extended from Thanksgiving Eve through the normal two-day weekend supervised visitation.

Editors comment:  This above is a curious DCFS contradiction in that mysteriously - now that they are under scrutiny of pubic view and concerns - they now  have "assured" the mainstream media that they always were  proceeding with their "reunification process" and doing everything they could to reunite this family. -- Funny! but DCFS "forgot" to invite the parents to that meeting just like they "forgot" to do for the child's dysphasia and tremors caregivers therapy training! (-consequent to there own misdiagnoses, treatments and injections damages.)
Let them put the actions where their mouth pretends to be!
News Update - 1/1/04 - DCFS Insists: Psychological Exams for Matthew's Parents and Private Interviews for Sisters

DCFS and the Department of Safe & Healthy Families at Primary Children's Medical Center are pressing to require that Matthew's Vegan parents take psychological exams.  Is the inference that Vegans need mental help?  Or perhaps it is to assess the trauma that DCFS and The State continue to put these parents through???

DCFS now requests that the Thaxtons' 6- and 8-year-old girls be interviewed privately by their DCFS case worker.

Editors comment:  This above is again a curious DCFS PCMC self serving contradiction - the court ordered independent psychological exams were in process and complied with in August by the Thaxtons, but curiously DCFS, "Safe and Healthy Families (SAHF) " and PCMC (IHC) rejected them and seem to think that an independent Utah State Board Certified Psychiatrist is not "qualified", capable or acceptable for their purposes and are demanding (beyond the original court order) that the Thaxtons be examined by one of their own in-house or own approved and contracted "DCFS / PCMC" Psychs. 
And Oh yeh they are also demanding that a simpleton (no State Licensing in Psychiatry) case worker privately examine these already traumatized little girls - without loving support, trustworthy advocates or legal witnesses present!!! 
Is that how DCFS, SAHF, and PCMC (IHC) get an unbiased, objective evaluation on these parents and their DCFS-PCMC-brother-abducted terrified little girls???

Sounds like having the self-satiating and self-rewarding Fox doing psych evaluations on the Rooster and the Hen within his own den, while his own dumb and drooling pups are put in charge of emotional well being, stability and safety of their last two of their original three baby chicks (with a fourth previously incompetence-devoured brother chick - diagnosed and buried by the same equally ignorant beasts and accusing their parents - still fresh in their tender little girl's minds)!

PS: Remember these Bureaucrat, Medical and Court-Room Foxes are not Vegetarian nor Vegan; they only despise them! 
-- but they certainly have a lucrative self-satiating investment in them, and they do want to "take care" of  them! -- for the rest of their supplemented, medicated and treated live$ !!

News: Tuesday, Jan 20, 2004  Hearing

     At  2:30 pm Tuesday, Jan 20, 2004 in Utah's Second District Juvenile Court at the Davis Country Court Complex 800 West State Street (west over freeway) in Farmington Utah,

  Judge Kathleen M Nelson  ruled against the full Dietary and even the Medical Providers Choices of a caring young Vegan Family - and by so doing set precedence and mandated Medical dictation to IHC's PCMC corporate medical care only*, "Child Protective" services and full State intervention, management and control (with threat of child removal) of this family (and by precendence: any other discovered families) choosing to feed their children under 18yrs a Pareve, 100% Vegetarian, Vegan,
-- and as implied by this judge's "findings, conclusions and order", also dictate the choices of education (like home-school) or to seek second medical opinions (other than IHC's PCMC) or integrated medicine.  *(What another sweetheart profit guaranteeing deal for PCMC of IHC-Intermountain Health Care Corporation -- just like they attempted in the Parker Jensen Case)

     This current order, implies that Vegetarians now require mandatory DCFS-chosen-and-approved psychological analysis. In order to have their own children's custody (DCFS apparently didn't like the - probable sane and caring - report from the state certified psychologist agreed upon who did test the Thaxtons back in August -- which cost them $1,400 already and are still accused of not participating in their psych-evals) they are again ordered to do more psychoanalysis and must pay another $1,000 to "maybe" satisfy DCFS)!

     All this horror has been put upon this honest, dedicated, loving couple, their precious infant and children (and their world honored supportive Grandparents) through disgruntled busy-body and non professional accusations, incomplete and erred medicine, biased and resistant defense -- and judicial abuse of discretion! -- not truth, complete medicine, diligence, competent research, discovery and fact (which they with us, as best we can provide, with no resources left, now have)!

    This case is a benchmark of wrongful actions, our lost parental rights and sets all honorable bounderies or reason violated by out-of-control Bueracracy and Law against all families, no matter what lifestyle, nutritional and medical choices are made by any family, including yours! Not only child loving, carfully nurturing, law abiding, diligent parents like the Thaxtons have lost thier parental rights in the "Mondale" "Child Protective Laws" and indiscriminate "regulations" of DCFS (CPS), but in reality, so has everyone! -- including you! 

Please learn and understand what has happened to your lost family rights; and while our Legislature is in session, lets get them corrected! -- for our own and our children's future and freedom! 

See:Lost Family Rights then return here and continue...

News: Morning Feb 3 2004 - Court Day - Before  "Permanency" Hearing

     Today Feb 3 2004 at ~ 3 pm, is the final  Permanency Hearing in the case of the State Versus Dan and Carolee Thaxton

     Juvenile Court Judge Judge Kathleen M Nelson will rule as to her final disposition of this family and their infant son Matthew: State foster custody, adoption, or returned to the family.

    Based on the prejudice of the prosecution and previous biased defense, the current refusal of the court to accept and weigh all old evidence - even their own - and reject even obvious and irrefutable new evidence, which in an honorable court would have been welcomed, Judge Nelson cannot judge fairly accept on the skewed prosecution  and pathetic defense evidence provided her. This family without the total truth now available will not be made whole today, unless Judge Kathleen Nelson opens to all evidence that always existed but now is through honest diligence and discovery is clear and exposed!

    Will Judge Nelson rule for prejudice against all families who choose a well researched and proven healthy life-style .  Will all who wish to lose weight, fix their hearts, avoid infections - like the chickens and their egg's bird flu, the pig's swine flu, or the meat and dairy's strep throats, Washington State's beef and Colorado State deer's Mad Cow, no require psych-evals, be forced to the State chosen medicine and lose the nursing infant?

      Will Judge Nelson tell  every Furnace and Heating Contractors and all inspectors that it's ok to have infants breathing furnace exhaust? - and she of the state, PCMC and the court will just blame fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and Mothers Breast Milk!  So Will she rule for business and covert error - or this family's and your guarantees of trusted safety!

      Will Judge Kathleen M Nelson give license in perpetuity to the Medical Examiners, PCMC and their Doctors to overlook rational tests (like a simple carboxyhemoglobin), ignore or misread their own findings (Mothers Milk and Baby's MRI), chase dangerous treatments, inducing tremors (and now alopecia) and afterwards realize the child has no such disease! --  then reward those same mistakes and practitioners with life-long mandated treatments provided solely by them to the same violated child and family? 

      So will Judge Nelson rule today against all truth and reason. Will she rule against an infant's nurturing, bonding, and love. Will she rule to shield the ignorance and error of an adversarial vegetarian hating accuser and her like biased associates and former employment of DCFS and so, rule against this always  caring mother, father and family. Will she rule the healthiest life choice known to honest science.

      Will she, in precedence,  rule against you and every parent's choice?
-- and against the dream of humanities harmlessness and security of family and all creation in this coming Millennium

      So Today, What will Judge Kathleen M Nelson's "Proclamation" on this family - and all Families be?

Feb 3 2004 news (see Feb 20: AG threat; and Mar 3: Evidence & retrial refused; following)
The Judge rules - then removes herself from case!
     Yesterday, Feb 3:
  Judge Kathleen M Nelson, DCFS, the GAL, PCMC and the same cartel of Doctors , after seven months publicly, with our news reporters and cameras outside her courtroom doors she chose to return Matthew back to his Parents -- thanks to all of you and the News Media, who have helped bring this travesty into the light and public scrutiny --

  BUT, behind closed courtroom doors, still ignoring evidence!, the Judge and her friends made an offer (another PCMC, Clinic 6, DCFS bear trap offer) that they allowed no one (the Thaxtons, like the Jensens) to refuse: 

     In effect the deal is: 'We will give your baby back (not a whisper of the child's real problems: CO damage, compounded with an entire family effecting debilitating winter infection, or the truth and its now obvious evidence, which you see here)' ---- 'BUT you are to give him 'our' medicines (and foods) as we direct (-- based on what legitimate diagnoses???) and be treated only by Primary Children's Medical Center and ('our" DCFS) contracted Doctors, including our U of U Hospital's Clinic 6' --  the very same practitioners who chose ignorance, prejudice and hearsay and treated Matthew in dangerous (seizure, tremor causing) error (for leukemia, diabetes, intrinsic factor,  purported malnutrition, and never having thoroughly interviewed, investigated, discovered and considered his in-utero and subsequent further compromising winter Carbon Monoxide exposures and his then compounding serious nutrient uptake interfering winter infection [flu or RSV?], instead). 

     All that error and this infant's and his family's separation trauma and lost resources (including my own given time and economic wreckage in their behalf) is based upon some pervasive busy-body ignorance, hate and prejudice against this innocent but intelligent, gentle lifestyle choosing set of parents, who were simply trying to live as harmless and healthy Millennial Vegetarians, instead of the real problem; which was (through their youthful trust in so many professionals who failed them) subtle asphyxiation, compounded with a virulent winter infection, all overlooked in unprofessional bias and unconscionable incompetence! --  by the same practitioners, who this "Child Protective" Judge again yesterday, quietly - in closed chambers dictated them to be the same providers (in perpetuity) for this child's "health" and "safety" still??? Huh???

     Why would these same parent condemning physicians need to be the only ones to ever examine this child for the balance of his infancy and adolescent life?!!  Why am I not comfortable with this arrangement?  Is it that this case, like the Parker Jensen case, is another credibility damning, badly bungled PCMC /Clinic 6 medical misdiagnosis case, and to guard themselves , they must, with the curious collusion of their (in hospital housed) DCFS officers, their persuaded prosecuting State AG and their Judge, through a carefully constructed order of "law" demanded upon this already victimized family, keep this all forever closed to second opinion??? (I would recuse myself too!)

    Is this "for the good of the children" or for the good of the medical collusion of PCMC, "Safe and Healthy Families", Clinic 6, and their servile and equally existence and profits benefiting bureaucratic DCFS, State and Legal systems? 

    Even Katherina Christensen, the supposed infant Matthew's advocate, Guardian ad Litem, approached Carolee Thaxton (outside the Judges ear and jurisdiction), in their concert of repression and "damage control" said 'We should get together now and set you up on a Service Plan'. Service plan??? Service plan based on what??? Would that be on the East wind blowing furnace exhaust into their home, the installers' and inspectors' oversights, the vegetarian haters stupid accusations, the biased doctors misdiagnoses, DCFS's inadequate investigations and unskilled conclusions? Is Kathrina offering a "service plan" to pay back and restore the resources, sanctity and  innocence of this couple??? Is Katherina really worried about Matthew? -- Or is she covering for her associates, who originally blamed this violated family with neglect based on their Vegan/ Vegetarian-hate and biological ignorance (including that of their system's own Primary physicians) - while securing her position and pay necessity through working some 'Dependency' entanglement? (Again! Based on what???)

    The good thing is, that for today, Matthew is back in the arms of those who really care about him and love him; and always have done the best they could for him and all their precious children, including purchasing and securing, in innocent trust for him and his siblings, their otherwise, and to their best young understanding, perfect little dream home, in a safe and loving neighborhood.
     I just wish I could say the same for these so-called "professionals" that the Thaxtons, in their  innocent judgment, good faith, and with thousands of their own dollars, fully paid and fully trusted. 

    Its too bad that the accusers and their associated medical and legal profiteers can't match Dan and Carolee Thaxton's (and the maternal grandparents, Clay and Diane Christiansen's) real compassion, honesty and integrity!

    This Community-and-World-honored Maternal Grandparents, as Dan and Carolee's caring extended family, provide the only legitimate "service plan" and real support that this business-medicine-state agency, lawyer and law-violated young couple and their (now tenuously regained) grandchild, Matthew, needs. 

-- The "State" did not protect their daughter and son-in-law's first grandson from his death two years ago , nor did biased "Medicine" do diligence and discovery of the true cause of his death, to then correct cause and protect Carolee's gestating baby Matthew, their two older little girls, or Carolee and Dan Sr. themselves; but instead (two month's after fact) chimed in with their own added chorus of pathetic Vegan-hate and nutritional ignorance to indict these already sorrowing, tragically crushed young parents. 

    The State and those same Doctors two months later leaving the original autopsied finding and propounding "nutritional abuse" cause in  Dan Jr's death have not done much better by them now. DCFS still has not removed the bogus neglect charge, in which the court never could find them guilty, in view of the original autopsy observed "myocardia" and aspiration death (symptoms perfectly  matching subtle, prolonged Carbon Monoxide exposure and ultimate asphyxiation) of Dan Jr. two years back! But DCFS's then created their own "substantiated neglect" (substantiated how?); and that old charge is what DCFS and PCMC  used to viciously jerk nursing Matthew from the best support an illness suffering infant can get, his own mother's milk. Milk tested and known nutritionally excellent by Dr Lisa Samson-Fang and her associates, herself a heartless party, threatening worried Carolee before Matthew's heinous removal. An action especially deleterious to baby Matthew when he was in the throws of an infection crisis in which his parents had trusted PCMC to help them get him through while they themselves and whole family had also mysteriously fallen seriously ill to "Flu" (flu-like/RSV?) symptoms.

    There is still much more that must be and will be done to make right the gross injustice done to this innocently accused and ignorantly violated family, and their precious surviving son, Matthew --  their second son, born at the same time their first born son died! -- their one son left, that Kathlene, Kathrina and their maliciously manipulated, with some truly  "well meaning" but easily misguided associates, labored in corrupted law to take away from the Thaxtons, too. 

     Please! Do not sleep while the laws are being skewed by IHC, DCFS, Dan Eastman's associate and administrative friend, Richard Anderson, sis Social Services associates and all other business beneficiaries and their slick lobbyist on both Capitol Hills.    2/4/04 (edited 2/14/04)

Feb 20 2004
  Comes now a curious addition of news:
  The Attorney General is now threatening our good 5th lawyer for his submission of evidence that should have been presented previously by the prior 4 Thaxtron (& Christiansen) Family retained, paid or committed Utah "Family Practice" Attorneys; and for his (our current good lawyer's) filing for retrial based on these unconscionable omissions, inadequate and resistant defense, and the consequent travesty of law and justice so affected. 
     Why would not all parties, certainly the Judge herself, want and welcome all facts be placed in her hands and with all contributing parties of the of the court and State? Certainly the AG who is the defender of the State and its "helpless" would need all evidence for the fairest protection of his "claimed" clients - the helpless children in this State and you! 
     You would also think the Guardian ad Litem, for the safest provision of tiny Matthew, the subject child (as well as for the safety of his siblings, visiting family, friends, neighborhood and associate children), would want and vigourously press for all facts exposure surrounding that child's presumed endangering experience. 
     So is the AG, the Juvenile Court Judge, or the GAL for that matter, protecting the Child Matthew - or any other effected child - by such abstinence and objections of fact;
    or are they just protecting a clumsy bureaucracy, its accomplice medicine (PCMC - IHC) and its tentacled business profiting system that has developed too many malignant child-and-family damaging ineptitudes, dangerous inadequacies, mixed with some intractable pride, and a drive for extended importance; hence now resort to the use of unchecked presumed "legitimate" and abuse of assumed powers, apparently driven in just plain job-and-position justification and in (more than obvious) greed??? 
-- Certainly it is not for their genuine love and concern for this community's children! --  than would demand the admission and weighing of all possible evidence, culpabilities and fact!!!  2/20/04

Some Bureaucratic, Medical, Legal and Judicial counsel from a dumb farm boy like me:
The way to maintain credibility, is be first to admit fallibility! 
Error identified, making redress, it will replace with ability! - tlr  2/22/2004

Mar 3 2004
  Motion for retrial refused:
      With unbelievable abuse of discretion, replacement Second District Juvenile Judge Stanton M. Taylor - obviously protecting his peer, Kathleen M. Nelson  instead of the precious infant Matthew - ruled against a rational motion for re-trial with all old evidence, which was ineptly or never presented, and better information and tangible new evidence (as is presented to you here) admitted and considered. 
       Apparently caring nothing about truth, he preferred to leave all as is in this case, with infant Matthew's (and his two sisters) disposition and forced PCMC "only" treatments still based on the original incomplete investigation, incomplete evidence and incompetent representation in the pathetic Vegetarian-hate skewed medicine and DCFS seizure of Matthew and the forced medical treatment of his already otherwise healthy sibling sisters. 
       The Thaxtons also learned that the returned Matthew was only in their "temporary custody"! 
       Judge Taylor rejected irrefutable and plainly visible evidence (clear to anyone else with simple, even crass intelligence) and expert statements and he chose to lock out obvious truth, leaving this case still based on the original incomplete, biased and incompetent investigation that never discovered the Families true cause in one child's death and the others malaise, and left those truly culpable, blameless and free! He claimed that the out-come would still come out the same??? -- What??? -- that is to remove the most sickened child from the family! - not the whole family from the cause of that sickness! What...??? 
       So does he, any more than his previous colleague Judge Kathleen Nelson, truly care anything about infant Matthew, or the family, or their true well being or safety? 
       So in his decision, there is still not a consideration, court order or even a suggestion (and their can never be based on the original incomplete, even bogus proceedings) for the repair of a furnace in blatant violation, or any culpability of those authorities responsible for it, or consideration for the consequent loss, medical misdiagnosis, disruption, sorrow and ruinous debt ($40,000 borrowed and wasted in still unrectifying law) that this innocent, young and trusting family now must bear! 

  Then, at the State Capitol,this same evening, to rub vile salt into this quality families already painful wounds, losses and sorrow, their neighborhood's, familiar and supposedly "caring" Legislator,Senator Dan Eastman, only moments after promising Carolee face to face that he was doing everything he could to rectify her family's violation, voted against a most important DCFS actions reform and repairing bill (HB266)!
       While still providing for legitimate abuse protections, HB266 would have provided protection and relief for Carolee and other caring parents in the future from this very type of false accusation and actions, currently uncheckable in the present cavalier DCFS - AG - Medical offenses. His vote stood in this bills way, as it failed 13 to 14 --only one vote! Political payoff???  Bureaucracy and profiting corporate medicine won! Children, family, the Thaxtons, reasonable choice and free agency lost! -- 
        So who did that Senator really care about?  Family rights -- or Bungling Bureaucracy, Corporate Medicine and its profit? He left not even his own children's free agency or future rights safe! They also could be wrongly accused and have no choices, justice, retrial or redress just like his well known neighbor, and truly caring  sweet mother, Carolee Thaxton, that to-her-face only moments before,he promised to represent, defend, protect and help! Where is integrity? Where is defending truth, virtue, the falsely accused helpless family, child or grandchild, including his own?
Accomplishments in Utah State Legislature for Children and Family Rights
Also see legislative efforts exposed in:  and

Please let our State and Federal legislators know your discontent on this outrageous violation of this Family and similar innocent families!
   Senator Dan Eastman of Bountiful, as neighbor, friend and former ecclesiastical responsible leader - as Stake High Councilman (clergy) in the past - he knows very well this revered family; and of the legal and bureaucratic travesty DCFS and PCMC (IHC), the AG and the Second District Juvenile Court has worked against them. He is fully appraised in this case. He also has been provided with informational privilege on the purported claims and legal proceedings - and with the true "diligence" and "discovery" of cause!  He has conferred several time with responsible parties, in efforts to help, for which the family is grateful!  But as a DCSF responsible Legislator - and friend to DCFS Director Richard Anderson and the Attorney General Mark Shurtleff - ask him (as he is with his accusatory friends) to act within full personal honor (as is demanded by his personal and public covenants,  politically as well as within his Faith), to press for redress with the true cause, which he fully knows - and rectify this child-ripped-from-its-mother-and-family abomination! Now!

  Representative Sheryl Allen knows this family personally and the truth of this case with perfection, but does nothing to disturb DCFS and its patron friends of (her old) UEA.

  Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and Assistant A.G. Cliff Peterson are the resistant to CO and true cause disclosure. They are "State" (DCFS) lawyers responsible for prosecuting this family: Main number: (801) 538-9600 Main fax: (801) 538-1121 Main e-mail: (also look up on )

  Juvenile Judge Kathleen M Nelson, Second District Juvenile Court, PO Box 325, Farmington Utah 84025, 801-451-4900 / 4950   She has not received evidence (or not acknowledged nor responded to diligence and discovery) which exonerates this family of the bogus neglect and abuse charges levied with prejudice and simple ignorance against them. The previous so called "Family Law" defense attorneys have been resistant or impotent, while taking payment for themselves and the "System" at the Thaxton's expense; and only pushing them to stipulate to the nutritional abuse and neglect falsehoods and to accept the consequent bureaucratic and medical manipulation and lifetime of oppression and threat based upon it: with still no guarantee of baby Matthew's return, or their whole family's security.

   Senator Parley Hellewell of Orem, also as a major HVAC contractor, has viewed and knows true cause of this family's harm and fully the medical and State administrative prejudice and blunder against them! He also must act honorably to repair it. He also needs support for legislative law changes to bridle DCFS and restore lawful child and parent protection rights and fair innocent family defense and reparations. Ask him to report on his DCFS corrective actions and to hold courageously to integrity through it.

   Representative Mike Thompson of orem (already himself a Juvenile/ Family Law Lawyer) knows of the distorted case against this family - and the ills of his business and his peers within "Family Services Law" - which he states does not always serve, repair nor preserve child and family. Ask him what he will do and what he needs for correction.

 -- also contact the Bureaucracy and Medical Agents in this case:
Primary Children's Medical Center (IHC) in collusion with DCFS, Police and the AG
      Hold them to responsible judgment, retraction and reparations of this and all other malfeasance they have caused, which has created hundreds of needlessly separated and alienated children and broken and anguished families.

   Contact your own representatives and all other legislators, legal functionaries and media -- see Utah State Legislators, candidates and media links listed below

See panel below (or go ) to contact your Legislators and Municipal officers.

Also go to  for more political reports, education, tools and participation!

  Flierpage with  printable fliers and links to other organization's printable forms. Get these or your variation to your friends, neighbors - and most important the friends and neighbors your legislators!

   Do Not fail to contact all local and National media: Radio, TV, Newspapers (letters to editors), Etc. Inform them of this atrocity - including Municipalities' Inspection Dept'sand Medicine's too often undetected/ overlooked/unexamined Carbon Monoxide damage - especially to the sensitive infants and toddlers (as in this case above), elderly and winter shut-ins! Give them this website address!
(For example: call Salt Lake City TV-Ch 2 Richard Gephardt "Get-Gephardt" investigative reporter 801-973-3122 / 973-3030 (or Rod Decker, TV-Ch2 political analyst))

This is a simple Press Release which I personally sent to staff at our local Salt Lake City Deseret News -- Please send your own to them and other media too! Now!
My releases to other press and electronic media were similar but individually modified.
The Baby Killing "Smoking Gun" disclosed in Vegan Family Vs State Case -

Will you deny justice? |  See National Petition to Governor and Accusers!

My Dear friends of the mighty pen (setting at my Great Grandfather's old Deseret News desks):

Do you want to know the truth in a child's death?
-- and his brothers malaise and fraudulent abduction? 
-- truth that the State, IHC (PCMC), DCFS refuses, 
truth that resistant lawyers have never presented 
and the closed Juvenile "Family" Court has never seen!

Then see for yourself the "Smoking Gun" (of exhaust with Carbon Monoxide) that contributed to the death of one infant, malaise and the bogus PCMC diagnoses and DCFS abduction of another, and breaking the hearts of an accused mother and her supportive Community and Nation honored grandmother from whose own caring arms her grandchild was brutally ripped by police and PCMC as if she was some lowlife kidnapping criminal - as they (the grandparents) had brought him desperate for their professional help when the child began to fail to a "mystery" winter illness - which had also disabled the mother, father, family and no one knew or even carefully investigated as to why!

Many other infants die misdiagnosed in the same way -- and families are wrongly accused because the public and medicine are prejudiced with foolishness -- and opportunistic greed -- and are not aware of this colorless, odorless, tasteless, accumulative "Silent Killer" that takes out infants sooner than it ever shows in adults.

So my Deseret News friends - working for my great grandfather's honorably established newspaper
Are you willing to sit on your editorial hands at your family's Christmas gathering
and sing with your children Christ's music of family love and peace to the heavenly notes this child's grandfather (with his broken heart hidden) still plays for you, while his worthy and respectable innocent family is denied his and their own joyous family Christmas gathering?

What ever happened to truth, professional integrity, brotherly love and support, and our "Proclamation On the Family" in this community and its (once wonderful) children's hospital, family revering community bureaucracy and law?

Please publish the truth of this case and help us restore and repair this innocent family  | FamilyVsState [] | Child Killer "Smoking Gun" - CO Videos []

Petition:Return Matthew Thaxton and Restore Family

Thomas Rodgers 298-9095  Email:

Don't forget to act on:  Petition:Return Matthew Thaxton and Restore Family
Questions: See first if not answered there 
then Tom at  298-9095  Email:
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Nov 2 03 (edited and expanded, Nov 4, Dec 6 Dec 8 03, Jan 5, Jan 21 04) tlr
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.... Sign online petition to Governor and Accusers! ... Contact all Media!some links below.
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Press Release on PRWire by S Allen
Parental Rights
Help us resolve this case! Thanks for any kind contribution you can make!
Please do all of the above! - Sharing, media contact, politics, etc;
Then, if you have the means, could you also help financially?
  Both the Thaxton-Christiansen families and I have been financially wrecked beyond reason in this struggle!
 Even after borrowing and paying out over 35 thousand to ineffectual legal counsel, the affected family and Grandparents have tried to cover directly some of my own ("pro-bono") efforts through paying phone, utilities and travel expenses early on. (Like the Thaxtons and Christiansen grandparents) I am now personally behind in excess of an additional debt, more than $4,000 in additional phone, internet, utilities. vehicle maintenance, fuel, travel and basic survival level living costs, and with no reserves to draw from anywhere. I have had nothing for my wife and family or personal pay in now over five months while I have dedicated full time to this violated family, their displaced baby, doing diligence and causal discovery, securing expects, looking for better legal and legislative counsel and correcting other efforts in their behalf. 
     -- In October I spent 11 days time living and sleeping in the back seat of a cold "Rent-A-Wreck" compact car (and few nights on a friends floor) in L.A. so I could solicit more expert witnesses, professionals and media to help in this case and did it all on less than $80 pocket cash for gas and simple grocery store food.  But in that 11 days in L.A. my other bills and family debts did not stop. Pleading, with a very kind lady at Quest, I just got a payment extension for my (land line) phone service (now at $400+), which includes my long distance calls locating and communicating with national experts and internet service for this effort. My service was cut off for several hrs in critical communications time (so I apologize to anyone who tried to call me while my phone was off). My cell phone ($200+ for last and this month) which also allows me to communicate in travel for this same cause also is close to being cut. 
     So you can see the pressing agony I have for this family and their mother-denied-baby, which is magnified with the wrenching fear that I will be unable to communicate, transfer data, keep connected and function -- if I cannot keep my own basic functional needs met and my services minimally working. So any donation would be gratefully appreciated and would help even keep these pages up for you to view and our communications dependent work for this child's return to continue until success. tlr

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After you have done all you can do to help the Thaxtons above. Please look at links at right to other Family-Rights sites and their efforts: Also help them as best you can - share labor and spread the word! Immigrant Family's Horror Story -Am Family Rights Assoc.

Special Thanks to Brooke Adams, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune for her wonderful article:
"Little Sprouts" -  "Pregnancy and raising children on a Vegan Diet." 
Please encourage and thank Brooke (and Stacey Nix Univ. of Utah Nutrition, who she referenced ) for her kindly positive efforts in courageously publishing this article! Her article helps correct seriously flawed public perceptions in truly healthy life choices, particularly for children. This information is in critical need, especially  within our  western meat and dairy focused economy with its over-advertised and misinformed, hence consequently unhealthy youth, families and communities - including many health professionals and educators. 

Consider sharing your personal and your family's vegan health successes with Brooke (and Stacey) as well. 
"Little Sprouts" by Brooke Adams, The Salt Lake Tribune, Family, Wed. April 23, 2003 
Success Responses: 1. Joyce Kinmont 
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    I travel and talk freely to you and your friends and families, secure facilities and provide display and provide materials on my own dime (which should be my family's instead), and sleep in my old 89 Plymouth Voyager even in brutal cold to save in my many miles traveled to share understanding and get help to you or anyone.
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I have used all I have had of my own (incuding all of my little inheritance of $5,000 in this effort) currently to do diligence, discovery, advocacy, legal and political battle now nearly 2 yrs without pay, for a Bureaucracy, Medicine, Family Defense and State Law violated innocent LDS Family

So I am broke, but with my precise diligence, discovery and knowledge locked in and clear (as you see in, and within my personal covenant (which I take seriously) and in good conscience or with any peace of mind I cannot betray the innocent, and abandon my own defence of truth, virtue, mother's, child's and parental rights, and ever think to quit!  -- Thanks, Thomas L Rodgers - 1/15/05 

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 Please know of our modern day wonderful but uniquely rare and "singular lepers" who have returned back -- as did the one of old -- to show tangible gratitude to his Lord, and then help bring blessings to others! Dear Mary, with her encouraging Shirley, has continued graciously helpful at my side now for several years, in return for our similar sharing of knowledge with her of healing truth and its lasting gift of health.  --  Many of hese pages of Life-blessing information would not be affordable for me, for my time, labor, and the meager reaches of my own resources to provide and make this available to you -- nor would many of our other materials, travel and efforts that are provided freely for you be possible -- were it not for the truly grateful heart, loving spirit and generous soul of dear and dependable Mary Mendenhall (with her supportive Paul) (also with help of her CC and Merrill), --  and that through the gentle encouragements always given with a widows "might" from her and our caring, loving, immutable and "unsinkable" Shirley Norsworthy. This is all with the supportive encouragement, patience and sacrifice of my good wife!  - tlr 2002
Our hearts, worries and prayers go to all men and women placed in harm's way in Iraq and all other theaters of human conflict. May they individually and collectively be honorable, alert, healthy, protect and be protected from unworthy and unjust harm. And may they carry a spirit of compassion, just and humane management and peace to their opposing combatants, the innocent civilian families, the animals and the environment in those theaters where they have been demanded to battle and to ultimately exert positive social and political influence; hopefully helping to establish greater freedom for all. tar 3/26/03
We of the human species must come to peace with creation
before we will be able to come to peace with each other.
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