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We would like any help from anyone to get qualification and performance background on these key accusitory players:
Maureen J. Frikke, M.D
Assistant Medical Examiner,
Office of the Medical Examiner, (Coroner)
48 North Medical Dr.
SLC Ut 84113
801-584-8410 fax 801-584-8435, or her sup:
She first released Dan Jr for burial within 24 hrs (7hrs) as no indications of neglect nor abuse (nor foul play) and cause of death was myocadia with aspiration (see witnessing police report). But curiously, two months latter, after collusion with adversarial family and DCFS, she "wrote" "severely malnourished" and "growth retardation!" How come she didn't spot that while she actually had the body before her, but then somehow figured out he was severely growth retarded two months after his body was in the earth! -- contrary to her earlier Police witnessed examination!
If their was any indication of a problem while she had Dan Jr's body, why did she release him for immediate burial? -- then two months latter chime in with DCFS to indict the Parents with her now clear Vegan-hate claim of nutritional abuse?
Lori D Frasier, M.D
(We have her CV, but need deeper history)
Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Utah Health Sciences Center,
Center for Safe and Healthy Families (Div. of IHC)
Medical Director, Medical Assessment Team
Primary Children's Medical Center
100 North Medical Drive,
SLC Ut. 84111 Tele 801-588-3650
With Ms. Maureen Frikke (above), Ms Frasier is primary actor in enhancing and facilitating the mindless "Vegetarian-Hate" neglect accusations and triggering the violent "pink alert" seizure of nursing infant Matthew away from his family, and unprofessionally foisting the misguided diagnoses and treatments (with her here listed collaborates), and eight months of separation trauma for infant Matthew and the family ruining horror. She has never has pursued or motioned for any intelligent, conscientious CO investigation -- even though her claim is for the "safety of the children!"
Mary Hale Psycho-analysis evaluations 
SLC Utah
Contracted by Attorney Matthew Hilton PC and AAG Cliff Peterson - prosecuting attorney for DCFS.
So is her diagnosis going to be objective???
As she serves DCFS and especially since she never was given evidence and igonored any possiblity that  factored in the Carbon Monoxide damage was done to mother and whole family -- and most important in her analysis responsibility with the highest exposed family member (next to the two infants, one deceased and the other made ill by CO), in their attending mother, Carolee
With NO Carbon Monoxide neurological damage factoring, Mary Hale's psycho-analysis evaluation & diagnosis was not! and cannot be scientifically valid!
W Daniel Jackson, MD. CNSP 
(GI tract doctor acting as their purported nutritional expert?)
Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Univ of Utah School of Medicine
Medical Director of Nutritional Support
Primary Children's Medical Center
100 North Medical Drive, Suite 2650
SLC, Ut. 84115
801-588-3370  Physician Line 801-588-2795 (3)
Lisa Samson-Fang, M.D
 - DCFS's, AAG Cliff Peterson's and Judge Nelson and Taylor's court demanded attending Physician for baby Matthew, the same one involved who never identified his true poisoning cause and its resultant metabolic failure, so has incorrectly and dangerously pursued invasive treatment, injections, drugs and therapy based on ignorance triggered misdiagnoses of leukemia, diabetes, dysphasia, and finally her ridiculous presumption of "parent deliberated" malnutrition?- on perfect mothers milk?!!
Why is the DCFS and the State Attorney General rewarding a key pediatrician who couldn't get it right in the first place? What happened to second opinion or choice of provider rights? Is the State so incompetent in licensing other pediatricians that Lisa Samson Fang is the only qualified Pediatrician in the whole state of Utah? Why her? Especially after she threatened Carolee when Carolee was concerned for the seizures Matthew suffered with her treatments: "you will do as we say " "We are going to get you!"- Lisa Sampson-Fang)
U of U Div of Pediatrics (association with  PCMC )
50 North Medical Drive,
SLC Utah 84132
801-581-3501  (801-581-2321)
Beyond treatment induced tremors, because of her nutritional directions, recommendations and ongoing medical treatments, Matthew (while in foster care) became chronically constipated, so she prescribed a not-approved for pediatric use, adult laxative, "MiraLax" for several  months! (note manufactures indication of use at max.of 14 days! for adults!) -- he concurrently developed alopecia (hair loss) indicating a metabolic / nutritional imbalance - also common to excessive laxative intervention and its digestion disruptive use!
And Now! (Apr 2004) Why is she hyper-dosing Matthew with Iron, as well as his sisters, all at over 10 times the RDA - even with the girls blood work showing iron supplementation not indicated (i.e.within acceptable range, hence supplimention not needed) and with Matthew's serum iron normalizing naturally after being returned (temporarily and conditionally) to his parent's (non-constipating) healthy diet and being removed from Fang's nutrient absorption-blocking MiraLax!
Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff 

(801) 538-9600  fax: (801) 538-1121 
e-mail: and Gov't:
Asst. Utah Attorney General, for petitioner, DCFS
Cliff Peterson # 8315  (Prosecution)
1340 E 1450 S
Clearfield Ut. 84105
801-776-7304  / fax 7494
Juvenile Judge Kathleen M Nelson
Second District Juvenile Court
PO Box 325
Farmington Utah 84025
801-451-4900 / 4950
Substitute Judge (after Kathleen M Nelson recused herself): Stanton M Taylor 
He refused Carbon Monoxide evidence and motion for retrial with it and continued to rule for Judge Nelson's baseless claim of nutritional / medical neglect! Why?
DCFS Director, (Bshp) Richard Anderson
Phone:  (801) 538-4013,  (801) 538-4100 
Carol Miller: Program Support Specialist
Child and Family Services
Department of Human Services
120 North 200 West, #225 Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
Phone: (801) 538-4451 Fax: (801) 538-3993
Guardian ad Litem: Katherina Christensen
Office of the G.A.L.
427 North Washington Dr. 2nd Floor
Layton Ut 84041
801-444-4340  / fax 4345
Direct: 801-547-1135
Child Protection Services Investigators
Cindy Barker-Greenland (current case worker)
Deanna Muegglson & Dana Guertin
Utah Div of Child and Family Services (DCFS)
Bountiful City: Police, Attorney, Prosecutor 
(neglect charge - "negligence unto homicide")
790 S 100 E Bntfl. Ut. 298-6143 | 298-6145
Detective Julie Fergleson 298-6006 (ignorant to furnace, "testified" and blamed diet - as if she were expert on it!)
Bountiful Police Dept 805 S.Main Bntfl 84010

Governor was Michael Levit./ Olene Walker: 
Now: John Huntsman Jr
210 State Capitol Bldg Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone: 801-538-1000
Toll-free: 800-705-2464
Fax: 801-538-1528
Paid Defense???
"Family Law" Lawyers who only processed them deeper into DCFS service / dependency; not supporting families healthy life-choices, not submitting and arguing Carbon Monoxide poisoning discovery, not exonerating family nor demanding return of their misdiagnosed infant child, Matthew.
Matthew (Matt) Hilton
, P.C. (>$18.000)
1987 No. 550 West
Provo, Utah 84604
ph: 801-371-0200; fax: 801-377-0373
He never opened Police Report entree on CO alarm or argued it, he did not do discovery on asphyxiation or the furnace, nor presented the dietary and otherwise healthy conditions also recorded and supporting the family's diet in the same police report observation with the Med Exam. He did not argue other supportive evidence even clear in Medical records and good national research, nor did he bring in all defense Experts who had already been paid! Why??? He only let the Thaxtons sink deeper in false accusations and bogus indictment (and financial wreckage) and asked them to accept it! and to sign the baseless DCFS (incomplete and improper investigation and undefended) "Vegetarian-Hate"Dependency Why???

Douglas B Thayer (~$5.000)
Hill, Johnson & Schmutz, LLC.
ph (801) 375-6600
Jamestown Square, 3319 North University Ave Suite 200 Provo Utah 84604
He committed to redress case and present the discovered evidence; then (after communication from his fellow family practice lawyers?) refused to submit the CO evidence. Why not? - Douglas B Thayer Bio

Expert & Special Witnesses, anon. (> $3.000)
Kathleen McConkie  (~$5.000 demanded)
150 N. Main, Suite 202  Bountiful Utah, ph 294-2800.
She only asked them to sign and accept the baseless DCFS dependency! She refused to ever motioned to submit the then documented furnace exhaust installation violation and consequent Carbon Monoxide poisoning death and damage.
All she wanted to do is process the Thaxtons deaper, not battle for truth! She was later co-counseled by:
(Bshp) Matthew Barneck
50 So Main SLC, ph 531-2000, a former Bountiful City Prosecutor, ex Bishop & neighbor to family. 
Even together McConkie and Barneck never submitted the CO evidence, nor expert's certifying affidavits and testimonies! They would not present it to the court and kept putting it off! Why? (Retrial or Appeal equals more money for everyone! never mind the trauma or bankruptcy to the family) Together McConkie and Barneck only processed the family deeper in, and demanded the Thaxton's accept the court order! See the second baseless (no CO factor) order
Jay Kessler
, the fifth lawyer, who caring, contacted me and the family and volunteered to help defend them: He did file with resistance our now documented CO evidence and expert affidavits and motioned for retrial, but Juvenile Court Judges Nelson and Taylor denied that evidence and motion, and still ignore the truth! --  And then Jay was threatened by the AG for that submission of evidence and motion. Why???
So on Aug 3 2004 Mr Kessler surprised the Thaxtons, at their Aug 3rd supplemental hearing, by with-drawing himself and leaving this wrongly accused young couple high-and-dry, defenseless and abandoned. Why?  What caused Mr Kessler to "chicken out" on arguing further the truth? - i.e, the clear evidence presented here which you or anyone can easily see and understand! - in the Carbon Monoxide death of Dan Jr, and the subsequent malaise and death it nearly caused to his DCFS / PCMC- IHC medically misdiagnosed infant brother Matthew?
What would make Mr Kessler wince and jump ship now? 
I would like to know! --  I really do know!!! -- It was the AG's Threat with their intend to cover-up for PCMC/IHC, the State Medical Examiner and DCFS incompetence and malfeasance! So the "Legal Brotherhood" would have disbarred this decent man who was only trying to do honorable defense -- and would have black-listed him for-life so that he would never be able to practice as an Attorney in Utah or anywhere -- probably ever!

These were Honorable Medical Experts who courageously attempted to defend family,
while DCFS, SHF, UUMC, PCMC (IHC) and the AAG belittled their testimony referring to them as "paid whores" even though they are fully State Certified and Licensed, long experienced, honorably known and respected Medical Professionals.
J. Wallace Graham, M.D., C.M.
1571 East Tomahawk Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103  ph: 801-521-3634
      He honorably testified against Assistant. M.E. Dr Maureen Frickke (see above) in her collusion w/ PCMC, IHC, UUMC, DCFS, in her two-month-later "re-write" cause of death findings - in Dan Jr's death. This after she had released child Dan Jr for immediate burial only 24 hrs after his death with no challenge NO neglect indicated. Dr Frikke, PCMC, DCFS, and AAG Cliff Peterson now slander Dr J Wallace Graham and his long standing reputation of Medical Examining integrity, simply because his well documented testimony countered theirs.
Michael Cutler, M.D.
Total Health Institute
385 West 600 North, Lindon, Utah 84042
ph: 801-796-8112; fax: 801-796-8112
      PCMC had released Matthew to his (as a Utah State fully Licensed MD) professional care and follow-up for 4 months in which time baby Matthew improved until whole family's flu-like (RSV?) illness episode in an unusually late winter chill experience of end May/early June in which the also sick parents directed that Matthew be taken (by Clay and Diane Christiansen) to We-Care Clinic, then to PCMC (were after three days was then seized by DCFS). SHF, PCMC (L Frazier / L S Fang) DCFS and AAG Cliff Peterson now slander Dr Cutler, denying his qualifications since he did not agree with them while they continue to blame the Vegan diet rather than viral or other contributing (CO - unknown at time) causes - that were concurrently seriously affecting all family members (with what appeared like the community's serious epidemic flu).
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