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 Carolee's Blood & Breast Milk Vitamin B12 
          & Matthew's MRI (at bottom)
Blood test for Vitamin B12 report from Dr Lisa Sampson-Fang ~ 6/3/03
-- 196 pg/ml 
Provided in Doctor Fang's hand-written note (written for Carolee as Iron results were not yet completed and in). 

This testing was done on Carolee immediately after she and her infant son Matthew's had experienced a severe "flu" episode.

Carolee had become ill at same time baby Matthew had suddenly sickened. But based upon "busybody" ignorance and foolishness of unskilled prompters, DCSF with PCMC purported that Matthew Thaxton, Carolee's nursing son, was in crises because of nutritional neglect, so was "severely malnourished"??? Yet only five days earlier Matthew was happily climbing into the sofa, playing and happily interacting with extended family at his great grandmothers home in a 300 mile distant family trip. (See him on Grandma's green sofa below. Does he appear "severely malnourished" to you or to any objective, experienced, honest Pediatrician? or to any family member present there? Photo below.)

My question: What about a reasonable winter-time testing for the community's prevalent RSV and/or virulent Flu? These infections would have already been more easily facilitated and compounded by Matthew's extant subtle, but chronic, in-utero Carbon Monoxide exposure and subsequent season of postpartum exposure and weakening him already as a vulnerable infant to an lower and easier immune system threshold of failure. This would predispose him to his easy respiratory and metabolic collapse with the winter viral and bacterial intestinal overgrowths, and would precipitate a B12 "Blind Loop" syndrome in his intestine -- which these virulent viruses and/or opportunistic coliform and associated bacterial overgrowths do cause. These bacterial overgrowth radically blocks all nutrient uptake -- especially in an already developmentally (CO, CO2, SOx, NOx poisoned) oxygen deprived intestinal tract, with its O2-dependent intrinsic-factor cobalamin absorption chemistry required for any amount of Vitamin B12 uptake challenge -- no matter how much abundant crude B12 is available in the intestinal chine's (milk, food, nutrient) delivery and flow. 
(In the records available to us and the Thaxton family, I find no winter carboxyhemoglobin (CO) tests ever having been done*, nor any B12 "Blind loop" identifying viral or intestinal bacterial culturing results, which would have revealed the CO contributing or the reasonable viral/bacterial B12 absorption failure causation.) 

*Carboxyhemoglobiin tests should have been indicated with the family's CO alarm activation experienced by police and listed in their Police and Fire Dept. report for Dan Jr's death a year earlier (then was, with ignorant prejudice and bias, carelessly discounted and overlooked by all officials, medical, DCFS, defense Lawyer and Juvenile Court in that case - per police report for Dan Jr.).

Breast Milk Tested for Vitamin B12 at PCMC - 6/14/03  --  414 pg/ml
Blood Tested for Vitamin B12 at LabCorp SLC - 8/2/03  -- 798 pg/ml
Important note:
The spurious "nutritional neglect" charge from PCMC, DCFS, (which is the very basis for this entire case) and much of the Medical establishment -- even the Vegetarian or Vegan Doctors, Homeopaths, Naturopaths and everyone else in embarrassing short-science are simply parroting allopathic medicine's dated study and erred concept that: a 100% Vegetarian / Vegan diet is inherently deficient in Vitamin B12.

This is proven clearly as bogus in Carolee's very own blood and breast milk tests (as shown above).
It is also proven as bogus in honest science and brut logic!

Vegans just are not flooding hospitals around the world with pernicious anemia, neurological or metabolic failure -- as these (carnivorous) main stream diet accepting and promoting Doctors would have everyone believe.
(This error of nutritional judgment certainly justifies most medical professional's own very poor dietary habits -- wherein I also used to also be, as a perfectly duped and assured assertive participant. My own past dietary [animal fat, antigen and pathogen] error inside my expensive education and satiety blinded [previous] scientific interpretations certainly did promote within even me the degenerative conditions for my own untimely need for my own "friends and fellows of medicine" medical intervention performed upon me.) 

Carolee as a true Vegan has never taken a vitamin B12 supplement -- yet after her lowered reading (above at top), still good and within normal range at 196 pg/ml, even while recovering from her "flu", her levels quickly rebounded, restored and excelled to 798 pico grams per milliliter of blood Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) levels upon simple garden foods, fruits, legumes and greens.  See why in Vitamin B12 pages 1 & 2 (& comments on "Full Page.htm") & supported in CDC "Farm Study" linked below.

Also notice nature's wondrous species-perpetuation-mechanisms of maintaining infant benefiting levels of B12 and all nutrients in her breast milk, even when her own serum levels were low (but still within normal range) only days before. 

The placenta, like the mammary, also scavenges "pumps" and concentrates B12 and all other nutrients drawn from the Mother's blood. The same also occurs with all toxic and foreign chemicals, including her hemoglobin's delivery of respired Carbon Monoxide or any other fumes breathed in and dissolved into the mother's blood stream flow.

SeeVitamin B12 (Pages 1 & 2) on this site. Also CDC "Farm Study" in photo copy

Matthew Thaxton:

Only days before his June 1, 2003 hospitalization with critical respiratory and metabolic collapse! 

"Severely Malnourished"??? -- I don't think so! That does not happen in 5 days (after this happy, robust and active photo)! (I have seen many malnourished children. - This child is full, happy child, and does not qualify as even mildly "malnourished"!)

Reason for his quick respiratory and metabolic failure? 
Try a realistic, unbiased, honest diagnosis:
Fast incubating RSV or virulent Flu! -- That takes only 1 to 3 days!

What is your or any good pediatricians clinical observations and metabolic predictions if you were to have examined this child?!!

Matthews MRI June 17, 2003:

This is the reading of empirical data presented in an MRI displaying the structural imagery of Matthew's brain. 

If Matthew had been deficient of Vitamin B12, this part of his brain, by medical experience would have shown positive for damage. But Matthew, as you can see here, shows "no characteristic T2 prolongation changes within the brain stem consistent with (implied: any chronic, sustained or life-long) Vitamin B12 deficiency!"

So what should carry weight in Medical diagnoses,
empirical lab results? -
- or human opinions - even later evoked in medical colleague "pack mentality", contrary to his own empirical reading, by Dr Redland himself? - opinions triggered in parroted uneducated nutritional perceptions - or worse, in self-justification of poor personal appetite habits and crude life choice biases - even by so-called "Medical Professionals" themselves? - tlr 1/30/04 (edited 2/29/04)

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