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       These are Oct 2 2001 and Dec 21 2001 entries within the combined and comprehensive May 1 2002 Police Report for the surprise DCFS called, "Nutritional Abuse" and "Medical Neglect" death of Dan Jr. trial that the already grieving Thaxtons suffer through in May 2002 (seven months after the fact of Dan Jr's "myocardia-asperation" death, and just days before their new baby boy Matthew, the object of this case, was born).

       This CO Detector alarm sounding is curious coincidence that should have trigged a simple carboxyhemoglobin sampling by Dr Maureen Frikke on the dead child, as well as all other family members! -- even though that by the time the Fire Department had arrived, the police / paramedics / family / Coroner, etc (14 persons and their equipment) and finally the Fire Dept's own traffic had -- through opened house doors -- as is too commonly found -- cleared the interior of enough CO and replaced it with fresh outside air, as to not exceed the usually greater than 3.0 ppm required to trigger any portable wand reading on the Fire Departments hand held CO meter.  A more sophisticated vacuum / bag sampler should have then been used. . But even with the Fire Departments "non-read" on their "after fact" test, this alarm sounding should have been considered and followed through by all professionals in this case,especially in association with the death of this child in his winter heating season's myocardia-asperation indicated death. (Myocardia and aspiration are common to subtle long term CO exposure and death! -- even with some delayed deaths occurring as much as 6 weeks after last serious fumes exposure).
        Unbelievably this alarm sounding issue was never presented by the family "defense" lawyer, Matthew Hilton, nor disclosed or considered by post-mortem examining physician, Dr Maureen Frikke, who instead sided with DCFS, her Medical "friends" and the police detective - who personally wrote the above entry (but even as a sworn trial witnesses, he never disclosed it, but instead sided with DCFS and all to "proscute" for nutritional? neglect. Why?), Niether did the AG, or the Judge ever expose or discuse it, even though it was clearly recorded (as you see above) in the police report copies present in everyone's [accept accused the family's (or my)] possession!

       "Well nourished and cared for!" A correct and accurate observation which photographs verify! (see photo below) - Not the two months later rewrite after the anti vegetarian prejudice had been seeded into or triggered in Dr. Frikke and into this case as the DCFS had been called and mobilized by a "hate vegetarians" antagonist party.

       Even the now effected vocal anti-vegetarian medical examiner, Dr Frikke, had stated below to police two months later that Dan Jr did not die of malnutrition, but she then curiously introduces the term "infection"without explanation! Could that "infection" be the respiratory infection indicated in lab results, reexamined, observed and exposed by Dr Wallace Graham, a respected examiner who refuted Dr Frikke's latent anti vegetarian bias and her after-the-fact (and for DCFS's benefit, several months later) amended death report!

        These 2 months seperated inconsistencies should have demanded then and do demand now a truly professional revisiting of this death case and the subsequent, now extant, with wrongfully accused parents, case of: malaise, child removal, misdiagnosis and mistreatments of their second son, Mattthew; specifically in light of our diligence and discovery of the family's home (purchased in full trust by this young couple) with its furnace installation in absolute violation of code and blatantly dangerous, clearly to any qualified and observant professional, and even to a stupid man's common sense!

Dan Jr; "Malnourished???" I don't see it here! do you?

Gas Fumes expelled right next to fresh air intake vent, below windows, door and roof lines! -- that kills babies all the time!
-- So what's your "diagnoses" on this beautiful little son's death!
-- Not enough animal fluids, flesh and fats?
-- or too much exhaust?

See Furnace (HVAC) photos and "Smoking Gun" videos 
Dan Thaxton Jr.
Summer: Happy, Handsome and Healthy!  Winter: Myocardia-Asperation Death!!!
      Sadly, this young inexperienced couple, Dan Sr. and Carolee Thaxton, trusted the judgment of their lawyer, all those professionals, including the medical, municipal and state, legally involved (including those "proffessionals" two years before, who had certified and sold them the house, and serviced it), and the Judge and judgment!
      This young couples innocent trust in those professionals and earlier authorities (certifying their home and it's safety) cost them one son's life; another son's health - nearly his life, and nearly the whole family's health -- and now with ignorant vegetarian-hate biased medical, bureaucratic and legal incompetence -- their child-parent bonding, happiness, sovereignty and thousands of inept law and objecting-to-truth state court processes pilfered dollars!!!
      And now even with Dan Jr's baby brother, Matthew, only tenuously back in their custody, they STILL -- in DCFS's, the AG's, and the very same failed Medical (IHC-PCMC mandated as sole) providers', and the Judge's and her Court's Rulings and Records -- are GUILTY! of "substantiated?" nutritional negligence and abuse!-- allegedly causing Dan Jr's homicide!!!
 --  NOT  the now disclosed and obvious, slow "24/7" toxic asphyxiation CO experience precipitating Dan Jr's fatal true winter respiratory "infection", vomiting, aspiration (re-breathing vomit into lungs), and cardiac (myocardia) failure caused death!
 -- and, the following near fatal (now understood asphyxiation triggered) malaise for his next brother, named within the parent's heart break and love to honor their deceased Dan Jr.,  Matthew Dan Thaxton!    tlr 2/25/04 (edited 2/26/04)
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