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What Really Happened? 
A brief overview & timeline of fact.
Thaxton Family CO Experience: Marriage, Births, Home purchase, 
CO / Exhaust exposure after home purchase. Dan Jr's death. Matthew's malaise and DCFS seizure, misdiagnosis and consequent maltreatments through 1/29/2004!

March 1994. Dan and Carolee married Intelligent Vegetarian/Vegan family Lifestyle chosen
Lived in hot-water heated apartment - so no fumes experienced (until purchase of implicated home below)
Birth of Marylee November 1995 - "well baby girl"
Birth of Sarah March 1997 - "well baby girl"
Birth of Dan Jr April 1999 - "well baby boy" 
        - no serious illnesses with any family members

Oct 1999, Dan and Carol Thaxton purchased 60 yr old "Starter" home (home heating now clearly implicate as cause of mortality and malaise w/ c.o.s. photos below) After putting new carpets, drop ceiling, touch-up work and painting, they moved family in Nov. 1999.
House had old single pane aluminum framed windows throughout that admitted breezes and cold.
House had aged front (east facing) door also allowing breezes and cold air to enter.

House also had High Efficiency furnace, not at all understood by this authority-trusting young couple, Dan and Carol. This exhaust pipe placement (see red arrow in photo at left) has escaped scrutiny or notice of all responsible inspections. Its position is low on east facing front wall and empties fumes less than 12 inches from an original fresh air intake (square white grill - designed for older original furnace) which carry though the open joist space and dumps fumes into furnace alcove space, then though louvered doors into the home's interior. This exhaust empties also below upper bedroom windows, the adjacent lower "Family Room" window, the front door and living room windows - under the fume-trapping overhanging porch roof (see photos below). 

The furnace currently tests positive for interior leakage directly into furnace alcove, then through louvered doors into Family Room and into house air proper.

First Winter season 1999-2000, the family all were experiencing subtle exposures to CO, CO-2, SOx, Ox etc. from Natural gas furnace burn returning into house, with prevailing easterly night winds pressing exhaust plume back into home through fresh air vent; and/or opened or leaking windows and the bad (with splits) front door.
Dan Jr. as nursing (~6 Month old) infant remained in home ~24/7 primarily with Mother, Carol - or with Father, while Carol shopped or was out with girls. The girls, Marble and Sarah, as developed ambulatory children, played and refreshed out of home most days, even in deep winter.
Experiencing the cold drafts (the extant contamination of exhaust gasses was not understood), 
Dan Sr had leaky Front Door replaced - March 2000
Summer 2000: All family members refresh with limits - in summer as CO dumps and O2 restores.
Dan Sr had leaky Basement Windows replaced - Oct 2000
This would eliminate incursion of blended air (primarily nightly east winds) with exhaust though door and basement (lower) windows. but also via closure, increased negative pressure at "Fresh Air" intake adjacent to furnace exhaust - hence "Fresh Air" intake would draw more direct, concentrated exhaust.

Second winter season 2000/2001, the family passed experiencing more subtle CO Exhaust poisoning.
Dan Jr. now toddler still was kept inside most all winter - maximum exposure.
Dan Sr had all other (upstairs) windows replaced March 2001
This tightened up the house so very little fresh air could enter (and satisfy water heater, fireplace and natural "chimney lift" demands of the house, except through the one "Fresh Air" intake adjacent to the furnace exhaust!!!

Summer 2001: All family members refresh with limits, (considerable CO dumps and O2 levels restore - with limits* see note below)

Matthew is conceived ~ Aug. 2001

Third winter season 2001/2002 begins (unusual weather fires furnaces early)
Dan Jr. begins third winter CO exposure
while fetus, Matthew is developing in uttero - beginning his critical development at front of winter season with CO exposure to Mother and its magnification by placenta to fetal Matthew.
Dan Jr., dies in night Oct 2 2001 - without warning signs. But a CO alarm went off as Police were in home after baby was found dead, the Fire Dept. came with CO sensing wand - but discounted CO, not realizing house had "cleared" with Police (4), Relatives (2), Paramedics (4), Coroner (3) with no less than 13 persons and all the equipment brought in and out opened doors and the Fire Dept personnel traffic itself . The CO alarm sounding exists in Police records - yet was and still is ignored by Prosecution, Medical Examiner, PCMC, UUMC, DCFS, even Defense Lawyers and Court! Why?

So Carbon Monoxide was "illogically" and ineptly overlooked as a reasonable and important cold weather or winter death cause; and a simple Carboxy-hemoglobin test for blood CO does not appear anywhere in (our finally subpoenaed and secured) medical records as ever being done on the diseased child or his surviving family members!

Cause of Dan Jr's was listed as Myocardia - along with aspiration (symptoms quite common to CO associated asphyxiation). The  deceased Baby was released without challenge for burial within 24 hrs. No indications of malnourishment or abuse where observed by the medical examiner or she would have delayed burial for further examination. The Police report with Medical Examiner's initial examination statements recorded "well nourished" child, deceased. (Mortuary also indicated same). 

-- But 2 Months later Dan and Carolee were served and accused of nutritional neglect??? -- in other words: Negligent Homicide!!!

Indication is that someone close, viciously biased, hateful of the young parent's vegetarian lifestyle choice, and ignorant of this caring couple's chosen diet's professionally proven benefits, triggered (through her psychiatric work associations with) the DCFS social workers, the medical examiner(s), SHF and PCMC accusations of dietary abuse and neglect (''infanticide"); in which they all ignorantly collaborated, and parroted each other with prejudice and unprofessional error! They together then propounded that the meat-free vegetarian diet had lead to little Dan Jr's death (never acknowledging or investigating the CO alarm sounding recorded in the Bountiful City Police record).

These Civil Charges pursued by DCFS, The Medical Examiner and their associates (challenged by a defending expert medical examiner and other medical care witness) were dropped by the Judge -- for lack of clear evidence! -- But the DCFS invented "substantiated" neglect as conjured by the inept social service workers and their directors in collusion with the (now understood) "anti-vegetarian" biased State Medical Examiner and her associate in SHF was not dropped nor removed by DCFS or their protectorate Utah State Attorney General (AG). 

This concocted "substantiated" neglect charge never was objected to or even challenged by the Thaxton's then fully paid "so-called" Family law defense lawyer! Why not? -- This left the Thaxtons in DCFS tracking and threat (and as potential clients again for the Defense Attorney, Matt Hilton, even for just any trivial incident causing their children a simple skinned knee)! -- And, as it did work out, it did open them to DCFS entrapment with their next son Matthew's "flu" or respiratory failures (easily providing more profitable opportunity for the Defense Lawyer himself, DCFS, PCMC, UUMC, the AG, as well everyone else employed in the system again)!

That same, third winter (heat-demanding)  season 2001/2002, continues the undisclosed CO exposures to effect family through the spring:
Matthew is born May 2002: "well baby boy" - no obvious challenges where ever considered or tested due to in uteral (overlooked at the time) CO exposure or possible damage! With no presumption of CO - hence no testing - no detection. (Dysphasia and metabolic weakness later claimed as Matthew's result of purported "malnourishment" by accusers where not evidenced in summer clean air recovery period postpartum with a well nourished mother nursing baby Matthew!
Summer 2002: All family members refresh. much of stored CO leaves and O2 restores - with limits*.

*Note:   Not All absorbed Carbon Monoxide has time to leave deep system bonds or has enough time between consecutive winter furnace seasons to allow for full repair or replacement of CO "killed' cells before the next winter exposure commences! 
               Chronic CO exposure damage (even at low levels) is latent as well as cumulative!

Fourth winter season 2002/2003 Begins: More undiscovered CO exposure to family:
Jan 2003 Matthew sickens quickly, is pale and lethargic. Taken to We-Care Clinic, then PCMC. They presumed Leukemia; treated, then determined as not leukemia. Then given blood transfusion(s) as they claimed he would need replacement blood for all test draws they would need to pull! What???
-- So whose blood would they really be testing anyway -- Matthew's own blood or Matthew's blood contaminated with the donor's blood"? -- What the hell kind of "exact diagnostic" medical practice is that???

Then a B12 injection was tried. They then claimed the were looking for Intrinsic Factor failure! -- It was not found. (Tremors developed subsequent to that treatment.)
(Also as he is out of his home's CO poisoned air for a few days, he does rally respiratorialy, so giving medical staff, who are ignorant to CO poisoning fact, a false diagnosis and conclusion!)

At this point with the whole family's varied malaise, with some sense of something being wrong in their air at home, including Carolee's experiences of voice loss, low energy, some head aches with "something irritating in the air" - the family decides to stop using the dusty and very drying forced air furnace and tries uses electric heaters instead -- closing and tightening home even more (closing their bedroom door at night) to conserve heat. They unwittingly trapped the residual CO and now continuously increased the CO2 concentrations from their own spent breaths of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) -- further suffocation infant Matthew, sleeping (nursing) with or in crib adjacent to his mother, and father, in the natural air circulation eddy carrying oxygen depleted and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) elevated spent breath of his parents, and is who is also otherwise indoors 24/7 without sufficient out-door time for oxygen recovery.
Early June 2003 Matthew sickens again quickly and severely and quickly degrades to critical in hours. The whole family is also ill. Matthew had to be transported by Diane and Clay Christiansen, the paternal grandparents, because mother and father, Carolee and Dan were too ill with presumed "flu" to drive. Taken to We-Care, Davis Medical, then PCMC, Matthew was then treated as if he was diabetic, given insulin, then found not as diabetic, so was reconsidered for nutritional deficiency and maintained in the PCMC for several weeks. But he was never tested for CO toxification or asphyxiation. The course the PCMC (with derelict MA, SHF, DCFS input) was fixed upon was now moved to the presumed deficient diet!

At this point the adversarial family member (unhappy with Vegetarian life choice of Dan and Carolee) pressures and triggers DCFS and blamed Matthew's malaise (and again, Dan Jr's death) upon the couple's Vegetarian/Vegan diet. So DCFS, SHF, PCMC staff and all associated with them colluded in a grand meeting at PCMC while baby Matthew was interned, so again accused and blamed Matthew's parents with another incident of dietary abuse -- without any careful research and examination by an unbiased qualified dietitian or better specialists -- So they seized Matthew from parents and violently removed him from his Paternal Grandmother, Diane (Clay) Christiansen's arms as if she were a criminal instead of the caring grandparent acting in behalf of their flu-recovering daughter, by bringing comfort and expressed mother's-milk for the baby. 

More to be added (as my resources and time allow). 
tlr 1/29/04

A few points of this history are from my recall in verbal exchange from parents and grandparents. They have proofed as ok to date. 
T Rodgers 1/29/04
Exhaust presses back into "Fresh Air" vent (square grill) by prevailing nightly east breeze and contaminating interior air.  Also note that if you opened door or window or had old ones with leakage that also allows fumes to enter home. Yet all professionals and inspectors overlooked this flagrantly lethal installation, that was  in place when this trusting couple purchased the home. Most others (untrained) seeing this plastic pipe arrangement thought it was a dryer vent instead of a gas furnace exhaust. 
Photos taken: 6 am 28 Jan 2004, T Rodgers
Time Line For Thaxton Family CO / Furnace Exhaust (& CO2) Exposures
1/30/04 TLRodgers
Time line chart  -- TLR 1/30/04
For full size, easy to read, click on chart above or here.
Vapor plume in front of fresh air intake vent opening into home only 11 inches from furnace exhaust (and its own combustion air intake)

bringing (slowly) poisoning furnace exhaust fumes subtly into the Thaxton family home, killing one child, sickening another, and subtly harming all others inside!

(1) This irrefutable (and certified) evidence above on Dan's (fatal), Matthew's (near fatal) and the entire family's chronic, Carbon Monoxide (and other toxins) laden Natural Gas exhaust exposure;

(2) along with PCMC / UofU Clinic 6 testing data on this Vegetarian mother's blood and breast milk B12 / Nutrients, showing her at excellent vitamin B12 and her other nutrient provisional levels for Matthew or any other gestating or nursing child, 

(3) and PCMC's own MRI done on Matthew and plethora of other medical results discounting the bogus DCFS -- and PCMC associated / benefiting physicians "nutritional neglect" or "substantiated? neglect" claims,

were never presented by the first, nor three more so-called juvenile, Utah "Family Law" defense??? lawyers. --

-- But then when finally submitted by our fifth (not a locally grown and "back scratching" buddy system entangled Utah lawyer); was objected-to (refused) by the Attorney General and its DCFS beholding prosecution attorney Cliff Peterson, so was never acknowledged or considered by Judge Kathleen M Nelson in her final ruling against the innocence of this family (then she immediately recused herself from any more action on this case! Why?). 

But with open media and public scrutiny outside her courtroom Judge Nelson tersely gestured by tenuously giving back their child (then recused herself), but that placement condition is fragile and could be easily entangled (for more profit) with threat of termination still, because she conveniently left in place for her friends of DCFS the old neglect charge and ruled for PCMC and their system, by mandating PCMC as sole medical provider in perpetuity and court imposed upon this clearly innocent and still freedom violated infant, mother, father and family. 

Where is unfettered effective Ombudsman intervention;
where is an objective Attorney General operating for truth; 
where is a truly child caring, independent and objective Guardian at Litem; 
where is un-beholding, objective medical professionals with integrity which "first, do no harm"!
where is Medicine's welcome, vitally assuring or hazardous treatment preventing "second opinions" 
where is the child's rights over a profiting state supported child care and medical monopoly business; 
where is a caring community and state bureaucracy and an open to truth, justice seeking court system;
where is the Lawyer doing diligence and discovery of truth, then defending the innocence and rights of the child, the mother, father and the balance of the child's helpless family?

In this case and too many other cases none has been provided!

So, now, where is the repairing of law and our responsible Legislatures who make them?
-- needing to act now, before already existing violations continue and more irreversible damage is done to any more innocent families, mother and child and to society's parental rights as a whole!

TLR 2/11/04 (for flyer short form)
Original rough draft Time Line chart  - with logic processing notes  up to 1/27/04 TLRodgers
Time line chart -  Original rough draft -TLR 1/27/04

For easier to read (or newer) enlarged charts, click charts above or here.
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