MathewAs of July 8, 2008
Still No Due Process or
Justice in Utah!

Utah DCFS, Juevinile Court Judges, GAL, IHC Medicine, even Family Defense Lawyers and Utah's AG are appearently Ok! with
Carbon Monoxide
killing babies!!!
Please! Tell Us Why!
- a letter to Utah Legislators -
Please See, Print, Staple & Share these few pages given to  our Utah Legislators!
Read everything below
in Family Vs State . . .
Teen Screen Holacaust -- in Illinois USAThe Faces of Pain!!!
Teen Screen "Holocaust" in USA!
This child and her sister are set up to die in Illinois State DCFS care!
A loving (Jewish) Mother's fight to save her own flesh and blood, from the molestation, abuse & drugging of A State (in the U.S.A.?) Gone Mad with Medical Mind Control of Children!

Does Natzi Germany's Dr Mengele still Live and Experiment on Children?
Yes, in Illinois DCFS!
Baby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08Not enough Flesh? - or too much Exhaust?

Again the State of Utah and IHC Medicine want you to believe that nursing infants are not harmed by Carbon Monoxide -
- but are because they don't eat animal flesh,
fluids, or ova in the family's refrigerator or have it rotting inside their nursing mothers' bellies!

. Family Vs State . . .
Carolee and Dan Thaxton Sr. --  Carolee is the Daughter and Dan the Son-In-Law of Supportive, World Respected, Community Honored and Honorable Tabernacle Organist Clay and Diane ChristiansenIn Oct 1999, this young, caring Couple in Bountiful, within an Honorable and Honored, Famous LDS Leadership Family, in innocence and in good faith, purchased a small already established home for their little family -- but they did not know of the awful tragedy and terrible sorrow their innocent trust in that purchase and in its so-called "assuring" agents, both Municipal and the State would bring!
Some "honorable" Civil Servants with any intelligence, integrity and "civility" should have forewarned these conscientious, industrious, dedicated and loving young parents, Carolee and Dan Thaxton -- the gentle daughter and worthy son-in-law of talented Clay & Diane Christiansen -- with this immoral reality and more honest warning:
The Utah State Attorney General
an Assistant State Medical Examiner
Bountiful City, its Police, Medics, Fire, & Inspection, DCFS, SHF, UUMC, PCMC/IHC, two Juvenile Judges, 
Sen. Eastman & DCFS Dir. (Bshp) Richard Anderson
-- even paid Family "defense?" Law Lawyers insist,
Babies Breathing Furnace Fumes! 
          -- is NO Problem at All! 

But claim living a World proven Healthy Lifestyle Is??
and instead, in their bureaucratic, medical and judicial moronism, take children away, misdiagnosing and mistreating them over it!

Then threatened the last courageous lawyer who attempted to submit the facts! 

But even so submitted, the evidence was never allowed by the Judge, DCFS, IHC or the Attorney General to be opened, examined, argued or ever considered! -- not even with any genuine concern for the true safety of the other children and family left, or especially the surviving infant, already damaged within it and the State/IHC misdiagnoses' irrefutable harm!

Before reading my rage charged writings, which accompany my diligence, discovery, and diclosure of evidence on this case (presented in this web site) -- go first to a friend's Press Release, written early in this case, which is concise, clear and objective (without the burden of my discontent and contempt for the Professional, Bureaucratic and Legal incompetence and immorality exhibited in this case)

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Falsely Diagnosed as Malnutrition from Vegan (100% Vegetarian) Diet
(Return here to see CO Videos, as links to them in above press release have since been changed.)

Then read my timeline of facts (written early, under the pressures of my personal efforts to do diligence, discovery and get this couple's infant child returned, while also trying to meet my own family needs! -- so it does carry my justified indignation!)
What Really Happened? A brief overview & timeline of fact.

Then please return here and put up with my discontent and contempt as you learn more details, see evidence, documents, including the Police, Medical, and Legal reports, and learn the truth!
Thank you,
Thomas Rodgers
(LifeSave Biological Research and Education Consortium, on Human and Animal Health, Utah, USA, Int'l)
PO Box 304, Bountiful Utah 84011-0304  Ph. 801-298-9095    (cell 801-577-1845)


Still Today, July 8, 2008
This combined Real-Estate, Inspection, Gas Utility, Bountiful City, Utah State, Bureaucratic, Medical and Legal Boondoggle -- with its pitifully collaborated criminal charge concocted and levied in joined ignorance against this innocent family instead, is maintained in deceit and perpetual convenience to obscure each agency's combined professional and individual inept failure, dereliction of duty and fraud! -- And 52 months after the facts have been disclosure, this Utah State conjured injustice still prevails!

But if you were to talk today to DCFS, the Utah State Attorney General or any of the prosecution or their paid-off media, they will "tell" you that "they" (DCFS, PCMC, UUMC and State Law) have "restored" the family and they have returned to normal and whole with their "neglect" case as "Dismissed without Prejudice"! So they delude you into believing the family is restored and all is resolved and corrected justice given.

Not So!!! and Wrong! -- If you know the true terms of law -- their "Dismissed Without Prejudice" is a subtle stall (and cover) and a handy courtroom ploy to hamstring honest Due Process and any honorable Judgment; and that allows the malfeasant law, DCFS and IHC medicine to continue to financially bleed and quiet the family -- while the Attorney General, the family-rights-betraying Legislators and the Juvenile Judge(s) retain their Nov 2nd votes to slip back into their mercenary offices again -- while immorally protecting their collaborated bureaucracies, medicine and Lawyers! 

So this innocent family still has not been given Due Process, had the true facts and evidence acknowledged, argued, to be rightfully judged innocent -- while the real child killers and family harmers have not even been exposed, indicted, summoned, cross examined, tried or made liable or responsible to make any repair for their mistakes or compensate for the death and health damage to this once fully trusting young family! 

The betraying Family Law Lawyers herein named, and Judge Kathleen Nelson, Judge Stanton Taylor, the Utah State Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, his prosecution Attorney, Cliff Peterson and the responsible Legislators, including fully informed Governor Jon Huntsman Jr who vetoed HB-42 anyway (thus protecting DCFS, PCMC, IHC, & UUMed), refuse, to date, to provide this case justice! -- while they maintain their positions and control, and continue to collect their opulent public provided pay, and leave this family (and others with them) in legal, bureaucratic, medical, social, emotional and economic hell!

Read on and see the truth! Please understand the awful atrocity committed against this honorable and innocent, already grieved, family and their children! (and to me, doing diligence, discovery and advocacy for them [without pay]) -- as these dishonest men and women of bureaucracy, law, medicine and high office profit!
-- While "Good" Men (still) Do Nothing! 

But you can!

Dan Jr (in summertime health) before winter poisonings by furnace exhaust leading to his myocardia -asperiation death!  DOES HE LOOK AT ALL MALNOURISHED TO YOU?While "Good Men" do Nothing!-
Furnace Exhaust ONLY 11 INCHES from fresh air intake into house - Click for more photos (and videos)clearly incompetent so-called "professionals" allowed a  furnace exhaust installation violation to kill this child ! - and left it undisclosed, uninvestigated, and unremedied to injure his brother! - as well as harm his mother, two sisters, father, visiting family and friends!
even though a clearly indicative Carbon Monoxide detector sounded in presence of and was recorded by Bountiful City Police, Paramedics & Coroner as they were in the home to examine & remove the deceased child's body, then was irresponsibly overlooked or ignored -- specifically by the Utah State Medical Examiner! -- That flawed, CO testing absent, postmortem combined with other's abject professional ignorance and contributed legal dereliction began the Thaxton family's awful and unlawful, State, IHC and DCFS created hell! 

So this deceased child's real cause of death still today is intentionally ignored as these above listed performance flawed "aid-and-abettors" individuals and their bureaucracies cloak themselves in State and Juvenile Court-provided immunity from this innocent family's violation in their unprofessional oversights and misguided actions, while they perpetually enrich themselves upon the victim family's income! -- and our public funding!
-- and the true baby killing malfeasants are left without any liability or culpability and remain free to get away with it!

Then can you believe it? - These same confederated players, the State Assistant Medical Examiner, with DCFS, SHF, UofU-Med, IHC-PCMC, AG, two Juvenile Judges and even the family's own first "Defense" Lawyer(s), in protection of their own investigative errors and in opportunistic contempt for the truth and honest law, acting with and exploiting the accusatory nutritionally ignorant relatives, blamed this innocent Family's conscientious, scientifically supported healthy diet.instead!

-- Does this cheerful, handsome son (above left), Dan Jr,  who once was so precious to his family, look like he was deficient, malnourished, abused or neglected to you?

-- They (DCFS, SHF & UUMC / PCMC) then seized the Thaxton's other barely surviving the following winter's furnace-fumes harmed perfect breast milk nursing.infant son
and likewise misdiagnosing him; 
and still continued to treat him based on that misdiagnoses!
- including over-medicating him with adult laxatives! for months and over 10 times RDA of Iron! and monthly systemic injections (hepatic bypass) of high dose (animal antigenic - auto immune reactive) B12, etc,
-- as well as treating his otherwise healthy two sister siblings... permanently!...until they all turn 18yrs of age! ... per the DCFS, PCMC, Attorney General, Juvenile Court Judges' self-impuning and mistake cloaking orders!
-- all error based, with nothing admitting to, investigating, testing, treating nor correcting for the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning that they all ineptly or intentionally? missed!

The Smoking Gun! -- Furnace Exhaust right next to Fresh Air Intake -- Silently Killing Dan Jr! (above) -- Damaging and sickening his younger brother, Matthew (with hiis sisters, below] a winter later!Still refusing and dangerously ignoring the truth! -- of the only 11 inches! between the furnace exhaust and a direct air opening into the home (which you or anyone else with eyes and brains can easily see as a deadly hazard!), and the clearly critical but unconscionably ignored Carbon Monoxide alarm sounding (recorded in the very first police records), and other exposed evidence -- 
DCFS, Medicine (i.e. the Assistant State Medical Examiner, SHF, UUMC and PCMC / IHC), the AG, and Juvenile Court, in protective collusion, refusing even their very own evidence, continue to enforce their pathetic "professional" dumbness, based in their serious medical mistakes and personal prejudices, foisted upon this innocent family, already sorrowing in their needless, undeserved mortal loss!
-- and all based on someone's ridiculous original vegetarian-hate! -- then exploited by these above opportunists in their ridiculously concocted and colluded dietary lie!

It is obvious in this case, that Utah's so-called "Child Protective?" Services -- with their Juvenile Judge fixing.IHC's PCMC & UUMC as solemedical providers and as the only "legal" pediatric contractees; and by never addressing the first child's asphyxiation death cause with the Furnace Exhaust Violation and its Carbon Monoxide risk to all others in the home --
-- appear to care little or nothing about the second infant's true best health; or the rest of the family's real safety or well being!!! -- or for that matter, any friends, neighbors or any community members visiting their home!
 -- but they do clearly care for their own cash-awarded, Federal and State, perverse incentive driven "displaced" baby quotas, with its lucrative Child Removal Fundings! (i.e. "Abduction for Adoption!" - as adoption provides the most profit: Fed. Title IV-E)
-- and also protecting their own contracted Medical and Legal associates!!! -- all secured with their own Juvenile Judge(s), providing the closed-courtroom-imposed family controls, in truth denial, oppression and threat of permanent all-children removal from their family!
-- That enables all of these collaborators -- including the Family "Defense" Lawyers -- to receive their perpetual profits! --  while never! completely healing or restoring the children or the children's family to whole, sovereign, or safe!

Following is an original two page public notice from Dec 2003 (with later editing)
-- also given to all Utah State Legislators last year (at the start of their Feb 2004 Session):
While "Good Men" do Nothing!-
DCFS Seizes Children of Innocent Families!
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke
Matthew with sisters Sarah and Marylee during same time that DCFS claimed he and his sisters were malnourished! --  DO THEY LOOK AT ALL MALNOURISHED TO YOU?Look at the picture of Matthew Thaxton with his two sisters.
Do any of them look malnourished? as DCFS claimed?
Thaxton Family Tragedy: Early last year, the entire The REAL BABY KILLER !!!   This Furnace exhaust (short angled pipe)  IS LESS THAN -- 11 INCHES !!! -- away from fresh air intake vent (square grill, behind roof drain pipe) allowing exhaust gasses to directly enter into home -- quietly killing house bound babies and subtly poison the family.  --  Click here to view CO VideosThaxton family suffered from subtle illness and (now understood) poisoning due to furnace exhaust contaminates.  The younger baby, Dan Thaxton (below right), had died in winter 2001 of then, unidentified triggered, cardio - respiratory complications (into 3rd season of CO exposure).  Matthew, the youngest child from the same family, this winter similarly became very ill (his 2nd season of CO. See Real Child Killer -"Smoking Gun"-

Dan Jr (in summertime health) before winter poisonings by furnace exhaust leading to his myocardia -asperiation death!  DOES HE LOOK AT ALL MALNOURISHED TO YOU?DCFS Attacks Family: Despite ample evidence to the contrary, the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) seized Matthew - ignorantly & ineptly blaming the family's wise "Vegetarian" diet as the cause of his illness.

On that error, DCFS & Attorney General has removed this family's lifestyle & medical choices & determine to permanently eliminate their rights.

Legislators & State Officials are still turning a blind eye to this vicious attack on the Thaxton family.

Young healthy family of Dan Thaxton Sr and Carolee Christiansen Thaxton (Daughter of honored Tabernacle Organist, Clay and Diane Christiansen) with their healthy and happy Marylee and Sarah as vegetarians before they innocently and trustingly purchased the home with its already in place -- profession and authorities approved and promoted --  furnace and its exhaust (intalled in violation of code), that killed their son Dan Jr and critically sickened Matthew!The Thaxton family is only one of hundreds of innocent families being destroyed or wronged by DCFS.  This is a wake up call to all of us: DCFS is now bold & determined to find any ridiculous excuse to justify their control, exert power & increase their funding.

Our state legislators are entirely responsible for the laws allowing these cavalier actions of DCFS that deprive innocent families of reasonable claim & due process (as in jury trials). Call your state representatives (538-1029) & senators (538-1035), especially Senator Dan Eastman at 295-5133. Tell them to free the Thaxton family & restore the rights & freedoms of all innocent families.

This family is the loving daughter, dedicated son-in-law & grandchildren of Utah's honored and talented Clay & Diane Christiansen, Tabernacle Choir Organist.


For more information, continue here, then see all of pages and links following.

(original) TLR 2/19/04
Furnace exhaust spews only.11.inches away from direct air intake into house!!!
Furnace Exhaust ONLY 11 INCHES from fresh air intake into house - Click for more photos (and videos)This irrefutable physical evidence (tested, documented, and blatantly obvious to anyone with sight and reason), with the supporting police and medical evidence (shown below & herein) was not presented by their first Family Defense(?) Lawyer! Then when I did diligence, discovered, certified it and asked, it  was ignored, resisted  and it was never submitted by three more expensively retained and enriched Utah Juvenile Court, so-called, "Family Law" Defense??? Lawyers! -- Why???

This case correcting evidence, disclosed (by us), included: 
(1)  PCMC & UofUMC Clinic 6's own testing data on this Vegetarian mother's excellent blood & breast milk B12 & other Nutrients;
(2)  PCMC's own MRI done on Matthew, discounting the bogus B12 "nutritional neglect" or DCFS and the Utah State Attorney General's ridiculous so-called "substantiated" neglect claims;
(3Dan Jr's fatal, (4) Matthew's near fatal & entire family's seasonal chronic Carbon Monoxide, Furnace exhaust exposures;

-- But! 
-- when finally submitted by our fifth, more courageous lawyer (under "protest"), all was firmly objected-to & refused by PCMC's defender's: DCFS & the Attorney Generals Office, and was never acknowledged nor considered by Judge Kathleen M Nelson and substitute Judge Stanton M Taylor in their final ruling against this family's freedom of medical service. Temporarily and conditionally returning baby Matthew, she permitted only PCMC!!! - notanysecond opinion, and she ruled in ignorant prejudice against the Thaxton's proven healthiest lifestyle choices! (Ignoring Carbon Monoxide poisoning facts in skewed precedence with this family, she could next rule against you in your best health choices for your child too!)

Judge Nelson ruled nothing about a bad furnace! -- Then she immediately recused herself from any more function in this case! And now her substitute Judge Stanton M Taylor refused our fifth "better" attorney's motion for retrial on the real evidence! -- evidence clearly and directly affecting the safety of the "only conditionally returned" baby Matthew and his other young sibling sisters - and his parents! Safety of children seems that it should be the first concern of Kathleen Nelson's court! But not here! Why??? 

So who were the so-called "family" defense lawyers and Juvenile Judge(s) really protecting???
Now even the Attorney General (whose first claimed concern is the safety of children) has threatened our good attorney with reprisals for finally presenting these now identified child killing and endangering facts! -- Please tell us Why?

The True Facts and Evidence is presented and discussed in detail in these web pages and links following:
This is the Thaxton home as they purchased it Oct 1999 in innocent trust! 

Note the red arrow showing furnace exhaust! & fresh air intake adjacent!
Real Estate Photo at time of sale to trusting young Thaxton family -- Notice the furnace exhaust out front east side of home below bedroom window, adjacent to family room window, front door -- and right next to the fresh air intake (square grill, behind drain pipe) to allow fumes to enter into home!

This chart below is the family's time line of experience, the dark half-bubbles represent the exhaust / C O exposures
(Click on chart below or here for easiy to read full size versions)
Click Here To See Easy To Read Full Size Timeline Charts

These winter photos show the furnace exhaust vapors mushroomed by the night-time prevailing "Canyons" breeze!
    This furnace exhaust outlet (mistaken by this young untrained family and their friends as a dryer vent?) was in place when this trusting young couple purchased the home - as is show with red arrow in the Realtor's photo above! - It is low in the east facing front wall below bedroom window, close to basement family room /playroom, front door & living room windows! -and it is also trapped by porch & roof overhangs!
    But (as is obvious to any good, honorable and clear thinking professional - even a decent Doctor!) the most endangering in this exhaust arrangement is the less than 11 inches measured between the furnace exhaust & the only fresh air (gravity flow) house  intake! - the square vent (behind roof drain) - with the prevailing nightly East wind forcing exhaust into this house - the only air supply to this house when closed-up for cold!
Yet this evidence above has been refused by:

1. The State Medical Examiner, Maureen J. Frikke, who two months after myocadia, aspiration was listed as cause, amended the Death Certificate, with "DCFS help," to "nutritional abuse!" and then with hateful contempt, blamed the family's Vegetarian diet! -- with nothing at all about CO poisoning!
2. DCFS, Cindy Barker-Greenland(current case worker), Deanna Muegglson, Dana Guertin, and DCFS Director, Richard Anderson (Senator Dan Eastman's good, "golf buddy" like,  friend!)
3. GAL, Katherina Christensen
4. PCMC, UUMC Clinic 6, SHF Lori Frazier, AME Maureen Fricke, Dr W Daniel Jackson & the court dictated medical provider -  Lisa Samson Fang - all in misdiagnosis collusion!
5. AG  Cliff Peterson, under Mark Shurtleff, 
6. Juvenile Court Judge Kathleen M Nelson (who recused herself) &Stanton M Taylor, who denied all considerations of retrial with this correcting & exonerating evidence that any stupid man understands!
7. Even the family's first four so-called family defense Lawyers, Matthew Hilton, Douglas Thayer, Kathleen McConkie, Matthew Barnick refused to enter and present this clearly critical -- to the true compromised safety and damage cause of the children and family (including the CO alarm sounding listed in the original police report for Dan Jr's death) -- but they all only railroaded the family deeper into DCFS PCMC AG psyc-evals (instead of immediate Carbon Monoxide testing or hyperbaric recovery treatments anywhere), DCFS Dependency and Service Plans and Court Orders, all upon their fabricated nutritional abuse and medical neglect indictment! -- to the costly tune of over $45,000 extracted from the young now helplessly indebted Thaxton Family and the Maternal Grandparents - our Community & World  honored and talented Clay and Diane Christiansen!Also used up and lost personally to me and my family is my own uncompensated time and resources, worth well over $10,000 in real value (including all my tiny portion of inheritance from my own father's house sale) frugally dedicated to exposing the  truth for this violated family, now (11/29/04) in 18 Months of resource draining Diligence & Discovery, Testing, Contacting, Committing Experts, providing data, Documenting, Communication, Educating & Advocacy!
-- while these adversaries here listed live high on perpetually extracted victim and public funds! --
8. Including Psychiatrist, Dr Mary Hales; Matthew Hilton's and Cliff Peterson's friend, contracted by them to give {perpetual} psyc-evals supporting the derelict parenting fabrication of DCFS and costing the Thaxtons already over $2,400 to start! She apparently does not want the truth (she has never asked for it) -- of factoring in any possible CO poisoning of the family -- especially for Carolee as the attending mother, who did receiving more CO than all others, except for the two infant sons: one deceased Dan Jr, and  metabolically depressed and nearly also killed by subtle CO asphyxiation too, baby Matthew!


Who (or what) are all the prosecuting agents above worried about? --
-- Are they worried at all about the correctly identified cause of death for Dan Jr.?
-- and its connection with his sickened infant brother Matthew (who they misdiagnosed, then maliciously removed and adversarially placed, and medically mistreat)?
-- and the true safety of the remaining little sisters, mother and father? (who, with more fresh air opportunities did survive the subtle poisoning, hence "sub-clinical-for-them" better.)
-- Or are they, as the cohort prosecutors, covering their own bungled investigation, commenced in ignorant "vegetarian-hate" triggered mis-diagnosis and mis-treatments and their violent separation trauma affected to a still nursing infant (complicated by their esophageal /tracheal disturbing treatment and tremors) which they provoked and foisted upon an asphyxiation depressed (and infection) struggling baby Matthew! -- while also terrorizing and wrecking, including financially, his loving mother, father, two little sisters; and their supportive-through-it-all, maternal grandparents?!!

So . . . 

This caring young Thaxton Family's only "crime"Thaxton Home as Purchased Oct 1999 -- Click to scroll back to enlarged photo showing furnace exhaust violation! was to buy their little family a home in Bountiful City, Utah, while innocently trusting the Real-Estate, Municipal & Utility "professionals" that "assured" them of their family's safety in it!

Then they continued to trust in the City and State Buearacracy, Medicine and Famly Defense Law to find the truth and provide justice! -- after it killed one son! -- then nearly killed another!!!

Instead they are betrayed -- worse -- maliciously violated and ruined by the very same (so-called) "Public" serving "Professionals", Bureaucracy and Legal trustees that they innocently and faithfully trusted!

The Thaxton family's only "crime" was to innocently trust, first in the Real-Estate Agency, their Inspectors, Questar Gas Utility, Bountiful City, Davis County and Utah State professionals who claimed their little newly purchased home was safe for them and for their babies!

Then when their first son died within it, they, next, innocently trusted the Bountiful City Police Detective, Paramedics, Coroner, Fire Department, and the State Medical Examiner to provide correct answers. But instead, these so-called professionals did them worse! -- They botched their investigations, then diverted their own responsibility and liabilities, and in hate triggered contempt, accused the young Thaxton Couple instead!

Then the Thaxtons again trusted in Family Defense Law and Court Offucials and Its Individuals to correct,  protect and provide redress and justice for them! But their own Family Defense Lawyer, Matthew Hilton, only indicted them and processed them in deeper, and three more Lawyers, Douglas Thayer, Kathleen McConkie, Matthew Barneck (can you believe? their former Bishop! -- oh yeh Bountiful City Prosecuting Attorney) did no better, never wanting to introduce the then discovered and documented facts and clear this family! Why?

So in this young couples engendered faith in these purported professionals integrity -- the real-estate, professional and municipal officials, in licensing fault and incompetent inspection -- cost the Thaxtons the life of their first son!  Then Bountiful City, Davis County and Utah State Officers in their negligent and "non" investigation and no follow-through of that first son's death, allowed the endangering violation to remain; and as a consequence, a near death situation subsequently occured and effected another son and did harm to the whole family!  Then these negligent officers only added DCFS's nonsensical bureaucratic and "legal" foolishness based findings, accusations and oppression, continuing Medical ignorance, actions and economic slavery to this innocent family, and left them with a bogus criminal charge and its threat for the rest of their lives!  And with it, the terrifying trauma of insecurity in their surviving children forever!

Now these once family (but still community) trusted, profit and power entangled Municipal (and Utility) Officers, Social Workers, Medics, Lawyers, City and State Officials, and their Prosecuting Utah State Attorney General and Juvenile Judge(s), obviously don't give a damn about truth or the real safety of this family or their children! Or they would have re-investigated and did their own diligence and discovery with real experts to certify the truth (as we did)!
Worse, they even protest the submission of truth and declined to examine or answer its clear evidence! --  Instead they threatened "the (a little bit better) messenger!" - the fifth Lawyer who finally attempted to submit the Carbon Monioxide poisoning evidence for their examination or argument!  They all refuse!

Bountiful City and Davis County, The State Attroney General -- with his conveniently shielded Medical  Examiner, UUMC, IHC/PCMC, DCFS comrades -- still set on a open warrant, wrongfully charging this innocent family, criminally, for the death of their first son; yet they have never investigated the facts or moved against the child's real "killers" -- the contractor, inspectors (including the city's own), and the gas utility provider that they permitted the violation of their own legally required City, County, State and Utility Provider safety codes!  nor have they challenged the responsible Realtor that oversaw and sold this innocent couple the life endangering, child killing home.  As of this date, Bountiful City, Davis County, DCFS, UUMC, PCMC and the State of Utah Attorney General have done nothing to further investigate and correct this error or defend this innocently charged, viciously wronged, with their long term peace and happiness violated and a son deceased; and now their financially future and parenting free-agency ruined!

And in collusion, still maliciously, DCFS, Juvenile Court and the Utah State Attorney General (AG) choose to maintain their conjured "substantiated???" neglect charge against this young couple in the death of their first son, which charge was then ineptly and fraudulently used against them in the consequent (Carbon Monoxide triggered) malaise and the ignorant State removal of their second son; 
yet they (including Bountiful City and the Family Lawyers, etc) have never done diligence, discovery or moved against their own State licensed contractors, inspectors and professionals, who through violation of (uninforced) safety code, really did kill the child! But instead, they continue to oppress and burden the family (still forcing them to go to and pay (reward) the same medical "professionals" that failed to provide correct diagnosis in the beginning, or ever, while leaving uncorrected and liability free the real killers, while rewarding themselves and all  their incompetent accomplices with all the Thaxton (and Christiansen) family's resources and our public trust and funds

All this case now has been placed before and is fully known to all our current Utah State Legislators, the Governor, including the new candidates, all local Officials and many others publicly responsible, (see: who knows list) -- and still they sit on their hands, and do nothing. Why? 

Please ask them why they close their eyes and fail this innocent family -- and therefore, include by their apathy, default or amoral political ambitions, to fail yours!

Also be sure to ask all new candidates what their position is! If they don't know, get them to know and include your choice to support or not support them based upon their knowledge and their position. All children's true safety, true family rights and your own justice is in the balance here!

- 10 Aug 2004 / edited 28 May 2005
Important Note in Case's History
On Aug 3 2004, the fifth Family Defense Lawyer, Jay Kessler of SLC -- who had "voluntarily" come to the Thaxtons months ago and had promised true defense and did finally submit "under protest" (but he never did vigously press to argue) the discovered evidence herein shown! -- Then just moments before the family's supplemental hearing commenced, in surprise to the family, he withdrew himself, and by so doing left this young family lawyerless, defenseless and abandoned. 

What is his reason for "chickening-out" on the truth -- and betraying that promise of his months ago to them to argue for it? Why??? Is there something terrible, threatening or dangerously wrong, disallowing good law or good lawyers to present truth and defend it in Utah's Family Practice Law and in its Juvenile Court System. Was it the DCFS & AG's threat against him? or is it the DCFS generated cash cow! provided for all cooperating (hence more often assigned or fully employed) Family Defense Lawyers!

Please help me understand; I just don't get it!

What has happened to Fact Based Justice?
or the Personal Integrity, Morality and the desire for the Right Conclusions and Just Decisions among the Court's responsible Players and Officers?

Please Understand for yourself the truth and the answers provided here (linked in these pages); and help us correct this travesty of child removal and treatments in error!... It could happen to you, your family or friends next!!!
    Please act to make right, this awful miscarriage of justice! 
    Include in your efforts, challenging your Congressmen, Legislators; especially this family's local Legislators here in Bountiful Utah, Dan Eastman and Sheryl Allen, the Governor of Utah, the AG and all our State Legislators and potentual future Candidates! -- also DCFS, The Medical Examiner, SHF, UofU Med Center and PCMC (IHC) and all players in this case! 

   Please share this case with all you know; especially Heating Contractors, Professors and Technicians of Environmental and Biological Sciences and related practices, savvy and honorable Medical Practitioners, ParaMedics, Coroners, Morticians, Police, Fire Marshals and their Depts., Real Estate Brokers, Construction Industry and all City and State Inspectors! Lawyers and Bureaucrats! -- and ALL your friends !!!

-- Everyone's family safety, innocence and rights are at risk here!

-- Also sign petition linked on next page, - Continued.

-- If we don't get this corrected, you, your children or your friends may be next to be violated in this prejudice, ignorance and collusive malfeasance of pathetic medical, bureaucratic and legal unprofessionalism, error, profiteering and corruption!

If you are able to economically assist as well, please help me maintain this personally very demanding, time and resource consuming effort - including this website which costs me (and my own family as a consequence) $32 a month alone - to expose and prove the innocence and to exonerate the Thaxton family and their children! -- and restore every other's Family Rights! 
Please help with your supportive efforts, connections of influence and contributions!
I have used all I have had of my own (incuding all of my little inheritance of $5,000 in this effort) currently to do diligence, discovery, advocacy, legal and political battle now nearly 2 yrs without pay, for a Bureaucracy, Medicine, Family Defense Law and State Law violated innocent LDS Family

So I am broke, but with my precise diligence, discovery and knowledge locked in and clear (as you see in, and within my personal covenant (which I take seriously) and in good conscience or with any peace of mind I cannot betray the innocent, and abandon my own defence of truth, virtue, a mother, her child and parental rights, and ever think to quit!  -- Thanks, Thomas L Rodgers - 12/11/04

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Read On!... Please!... Family Vs - Continued*!
* -- read: "What Really Happened"- The Thaxton's CO Experience (Overview & Timeline),
then "Thaxton Family Accused Of Neglect" (posted 7 April 2004) - by Editorial friend David Hansen
Disclaimer for Thaxton and Christiansen families -- and My responsibility for this website:
While the Parents, Dan and Carolee Thaxton, and the supportive grandparents Clay and Diane Christiansen, are consumed in the heartbreak and struggle for survival and sanity in this atrocity, I, having been approached by them for help in June 2003, as a real friend, relative and Brother, began researching and acting within my experience, doing my own diligence and discovery (thankfully familiar with, hence discovering their Carbon Monoxide cause of death and family poisoning though verbal research with them before ever having access to any police, medical, legal or court records, or even seeing their home, as the so-called professionals had had access to for nearly two years), and as a caring advocate, I have contributed (over 14 months ,now) of my labors, my discovery, my knowledge, my words and my opinions herein -- as is not only my Constitutional Right -- but also is my Constitutional Obligation -- as well as my Faith, and Priesthood Covenant!  So I alone, with the spirit of little Dan Jr. and surviving Matthew pressing upon me, assume all responsibility for what you see and read here.  Please only forgive the typographical errors or web construction flaws herein -- I make no apology for the facts disclosed herein or my obvious anger over the pathetic professional failures, ignorance and lies that have killed one child and clearly harmed another, and all others within this innocent family, and will harm more if the "professional" irresponsibility and lies are allowed to continue! TLR

Be sure to clearly understand: 

If you talk to DCFS, the Attorney General or any of their prosecution medical or their paid (advertisement dominated) media, they will convincingly assure you that "they" have "restored" baby Matthew to the family and they are returned to normal and whole, with their "neglect" case "dismissed, without prejudice"! 

Again wrong! - If you know the true terms of law, this "dismissed, without prejudice" judgment, is a subtle stall (leaving the case open, unresolved) and a cover for themselves and is another courtroom tool to hamstring due process and quiet the family (as they did the first time when in their inital collusion they falsely accused the family for the death of Dan J. before!) --

-- so they (the judge and prosecution) never have to argue the truth and never have to admit to any error of their own diligence, discovery, due process and judgment of law; and never indict the real child killer(s); and as an intended consequence, the inept malpracticing medicine and defense law accomplices, including The State Medical Examiner, DCFS, IHC/PCMC, UUMC, Family Practice Law -- and The Attorney General himself with his agent attorney Cliff Peterson -- who by denying the very admission, disclosure and discussion of the true cause, protects himself, these prosecutors, and accusing practitioners all! (while he and his Juvenile Court Judges get voted back into office again and paid even more with our public funds!)

To Family Vs - Continued

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Fliers given to Legislators
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1. Flier:  Babies Breathing Furnace Fumes OK for Government!
2. Rear page: What & Why? (Flier Rear Complete)
3. Police Report Circa Dan Jr's. Death: CO Alarm Recorded! & Ignored in Post-mortem!
4. Challenge to Legislators Tell Us Why (No Justice Still) Given to Legislators (again) Mar 2005

Then Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. Vetoed Family Medical Rights bill HB42 after all! Why???
Why is he protecting the very Medicine, State Law, Municipal, Real Estate and Utilities Industries that were negligent, permitted or caused the death of the Thaxtons first son, then harmed, misdiagnosed and still mistreats their other -- and now too often violates too many other families' medical & healthiest lifestyle choice rights! -- and leaves this family (like the Parker Jensen family) ruined and "guilty" still!

To Family Vs - Continued

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To Family Vs - continued . . ..
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caused by similar Bureaucratic folly and Medical immorality and greed!
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