While "Good Men"still have done Nothing!
State of Utah AG, Assistant State Medical Examiner, DCFS, SHF, UUMC, PCMC, Bntfl Police/Fire, two Juvenile Judges -- even Family Law "defense?" Lawyers think
Babies Breathing Furnace Fumes!
           -- is NO Problem at All! still, as of today, April 21, 2005
Instead, DCFS & PCMC ignorantly seized the asphyxiation harmed child & blame family's diet!
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke
Look at the picture of Matthew Thaxton with his two sisters.
Do any of them look malnourished? as DCFS claimed?
Thaxton Family Tragedy: Early last year, the entire Thaxton family suffered from subtle illness and (now understood) poisoning due to furnace exhaust contaminates.  The younger baby, Dan Thaxton (below right), had died in winter 2001 of then unidentified cardio - respiratory complications (into 3rd season of CO exposure).  Matthew, the youngest child from the same family, last winter similarly became very ill (his 2nd season of CO. See Real Child Killer -"Smoking Gun"- FamilyVsState.org)

DCFS Attacks Family: Despite ample evidence to the contrary, the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) seized Matthew - ignorantly & ineptly blaming the family's wise "Vegetarian" diet as the cause of his illness.

On that error, DCFS & Attorney General has removed this family's lifestyle & medical choices & determine to permanently eliminate their rights.

Legislators & State Officials are still turning a blind eye to this vicious attack on the Thaxton family.

The Thaxton family is only one of hundreds of innocent families being destroyed or wronged by DCFS.  This is a wake up call to all of us: DCFS is now bold & determined to find any ridiculous excuse to justify their control, exert power & increase their funding.

Our State and Federal legislators are entirely responsible for the laws allowing these cavalier actions of DCFS that deprive innocent families of reasonable claim & due process (as in jury trials). Call your state representatives (538-1029) & senators (538-1035), especially Senator Dan Eastman at 295-5133. Tell them to free the Thaxton family & restore the rights & freedoms of all innocent families.

This family is the loving daughter, dedicated son-in-law & grandchildren of Utah's honored and talented Clay & Diane Christiansen.

See this whole case with documents: FamilyVsState.org.or call Thomas Rodgers 801-298-9095

TLR 6/12/04

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