--  March 2, 2005
Dear Legislator:
Please tell us why there still is no due process or justice from your AG and "Family" Law???
Dan Jr (in summertime health) before winter poisonings by furnace exhaust leading to his myocardia -asperiation death!  DOES HE LOOK AT ALL MALNOURISHED TO YOU?Carolee and Dan Thaxton Sr. --  Carolee is the Daughter and Dan the Son-In-Law of Supportive, World Respected, Community Honored and Honorable Tabernacle Organist Clay and Diane ChristiansenIn Oct 1999, this young, caring Couple in Bountiful, within an Honorable and Honored, Famous LDS Leadership Family, in innocence and in good faith, bought a small already established home for their little family -- but they did not know of the awful tragedy, their beautiful son's needless death and terrible sorrow their innocent trust in that purchase, its licensing and so-called "assuring" agents, both Municipal and the State would bring!
Furnace Exhaust ONLY 11 INCHES from fresh air intake into house - Click for more photos (and videos)Some honest Civil Servants with any intelligence, integrity and "civility" should have forewarned these conscientious, industrious, dedicated and loving young parents, Carolee and Dan Thaxton -- the gentle daughter and worthy son-in-law of talented Clay & Diane Christiansen -- with this warning:
The Utah State Attorney General
an Assistant State Medical Examiner
Bountiful City, its Police, Medics, Fire, & Inspection, DCFS, SHF, UUMC, PCMC, two Juvenile Judges, 
Dir. Bshp Richard Anderson (do his friends Sen Eastman & Rep Allen?)
-- even paid Family "defense?" Law Lawyers insist,
Babies Breathing Furnace Fumes! 
          -- is NO Problem at All! 

But claim living a World proven Healthy Lifestyle Is??
and, instead, in their bureaucratic, medical and judicial moronism, take children away, misdiagnosing and mistreating them in it!

Then threaten the one courageous lawyer who finally did submit fact! 
But even so submitted, that evidence was never allowed to be opened, examined, discussed or argued!
-- not even with any concern for the true safety of the other surviving children & next infant already damaged within its irrefutable harm! 

So does your AG, DCFS or "Family" Law about children?
-- while they suppress truth, manipulate the public and you, and spin "law" to criminalize parents and maintain their booming business!
-- or are they just simple egos without intelligence or integrity,
removing children for money, without genuine concern or control?

Still after $50,000 to family practice lawyers & demands
-- No due process or justice as of today March 2, 2005!
(the Police Record of Carbon Monoxide Alarm sounding remains ignored!!!)
Please! tell this ruined family and all of us why!

 Please See, Print, Staple and Share these pages (as fliers)!
1. Flier: Babies Breathing Furnace Fumes OK for Government!
2. Rear page: What & Why? (Flier Rear Complete)
3. Police Report Circa Dan Jr's. Death: CO Alarm Recorded! & Ignored in Post-mortem!
4. This page: Challenge to Legislators Tell Us Why (No Justice Still) Given to Legislators (again) Mar 2005