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Baby Killing "Smoking Gun"
Carbon Monoxide Photos and Videos
-- links to CO videos follow these few disciptive photos below --

Photo at right is home in 1999 at time of purchase. (Red arrow points to furnace exhaust - mistaken for dryer vent by most)
Photos below are of exhaust vapors that have subtly contributed to the death of one child, the malaise of another -  their  "24/7" house-bound toddler and infant - and harmed the rest of the family in their 4 winter seasons experienced since their home's purchase.
These photos were taken 6am 28 Jan 04, with normal night breeze calibrated at its prevalent 2-5 MPH East-North-East "Canyons to Lake" night time through early morning flow. The adjacent square grill is a fresh air intake that supplies the whole house. TLR

Baby Killing "Smoking Gun"
Carbon Monoxide Videos
Fumes from furnace exhaust (white pipe) blown back by prevailing night breeze into fresh air intake (square grill covered opening) and entering home.

These three frames above are from video Exhaust entering the fresh air intake vent as shown in Video #1 linked here (click photos) and below.

The three video files linked below show exhaust of furnace rolling back under press of prevailing East wind against this East facing wall of the Thaxton home and pushing fumes into fresh intake vent of their house!

These video files,  for the moment, are quite large - so please be patient while you may have to wait a few minutes for them to load before they can play. (We will try to compress / reduce them as soon as we get the software for that.)
Thank you for your patience. 12/15/03 TLR

Video #1 (5-20 min download time - Sorry!) Close view: Fumes from exhaust rolling back into fresh air intake of house!

Video #2 (3-15 min download time) Broad view: Fumes from exhaust rolling back into fresh air intake of house!

Video #3 (1-5 min download time) View: Fumes entering into home through joist space pathway (behind grill)!

See still photos documenting furnace installation and flagrent inspection violations! HVAC Photos

-- More of this CO Exhaust problem is discussed throughout rest of these FamilyVsState pages.

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