Family Vs State  FangsIronOverDosing - of the Thaxton children
The Dr's Overdosing of Matthew, MaryLee and Sarah
-- with her IRON bullets to their bodies' matabolisms, livers, hearts and brains !!!

"Dr" Lisa Sampson-Fang,

DCFS's and Juvenile Judge Kathlene Nelson and Stanton Taylor locked Dr Lisa Sampson-Fang and her comrades, in profit, permanently in as sole providers --

She works in collusion with Lori D Frasier, the vegan-hate prejudiced S H F practitioner with history in Washington State -- and Maureen J Frickke Assis. Med Exam, who failed to correctly diagnose Carbon Monoxide in first son Dan Jr's death, them amended her death report to indict parents with her contempt for their lifestyle.

We guess that her already prescribing close to 6 months of Miralax, an adult (14 day max for adults only) laxative wasn't enough to make ill enough or finish-off infant Matthew, under her DCFS / PCMC / Clinic 6 treatments, and make it really appear as the parents are negligent again in their temporary care they have been allowed of Matthew for now so... 

... Presently (now May 2004) Ms Lisa Sampson-Fang is force prescribing (in her DCFS/Juvenile Court empowerment over the innocent but "DCFS/AG"-accused and Juvenile-Court-trapped parents) to: 

Matthew Thaxton (now 18 months);

Iron at 2.0 ml 2 times daily, for total of 4.0 ml iron per day!!!
of Rx Choice (Walgreen Drug) liquid Iron Ferrous Sulfate @ 15mg per 0.6ml  -- or total of 100 mg Ferrous Sulfate per day (plus alcohol, glycerol, artificial flavorings and preservatives)

That is, per the manufacture and FDA standards -- 10 times the amount required to provide %100 of 2 year old Matthew's RDA  -- so Fang is prescribing a dangerous dose warned against by the manufacture's data, the PDR, all FDA standards, and by other qualified professionals

What is Ms Fang attempting to do??? -- O.D. or subtly sicken the child while in he is back in the families temporary custody to make them look negligent? -- and cover her and her colleagues previous diagnostic errors all the way back to January 2003?

-- protecting her friend Ms Maureen Frikke in her grossly botched Medical Exam misdiagnoses [overlooking CO - even in police report of alarm sounding] of Dan Jr's death and her 2 months later curiously amended death report claming "severely malnourished" in absolute contradiction with the police witnessed original autopsy report - and showing her Vegan-hate collusion (with the "triggering accuser" and DCFS) to convicting an innocent family wrongly, 

-- and endangering the sibling children in her un-professionalism by not identifying the poisoning and leaving the whole family in the harm of continued exposure to exhaust and CO poisoning!

"Dr" Lisa Sampson-Fang has also prescribed overdoses of Iron (Multi Vitamin, C, Folic Acid, B12, Iron) for the two sisters -- both of whose blood work did not dictate supplementation anyway!

Good N' Natural MFG Holbrook NJ, Tablets. 
Iron (as ferrous bis glycinate): 28 mg per tablet
Per  manufacturer warning: Not for children!!!
These also contain ANIMAL Slaughter-House WASTE renderings!
(Not Vegetarian or intelligent antigenic medicine acceptable!)

Marylee (8 yrs old): 5 tablets per day = 140 mg per day!!!

Sarah (7yrs old): 4 tablets per day = 112 mg per day!!

If any supplementing was indicated by blood work for children at these ages (which for Marylee and Sarah it has not), it is at 10 mg per day to provide 100% RDA

"Dr" Lisa Sampson Fang is pushing her IRON into these girls
at over 10 times the RDA!
Again dangerously overdosing them!  Why??? is she smarter than the FDA??? or is she a loose allopathic alchemist cannon lethally aimed (and potentially infanticidal) at the Thaxton Family's children!!! operating for her colleagues and her own self protecting perverse incentives!

Does she want to "melt down her smoking gun" -- that is, destroy the sensitive living evidence in her own and her colleague's misdiagnoses?
In this case! -- the Thaxton children themselves?

The family needs another Pediatrician. Not one covering her own and her colleagues royal errors, by over-medicating the children they already misdiagnosed!

created 4/26/2004   edited 5/10/04

Family Vs State  Fangs Iron Over Dosing - of the Thaxton children