-   Service Plan   6 Feb 04
Service Plan, presented 6 Feb 2004:

Where in this so-called "child protecting" plan (below) is anything recognizing and/or protecting this family, their infant Matthew and other children from the poisoning received from their home's obvious offending (contractor mal-installed and mal-inspected?) furnace exhaust? 

Nowhere is there any recognition presented or indicated cautioning the none-use of, or the correction of, the furnace's clear installation safety violation and its obvious connection in Dan Jr's death (and other family members flu-like, etc. symptoms); and now, if they returned to live in their own home, the current continued contamination of the infant Matthew's living environment (as well as the rest of the family); a violation so blatant that every professional fool with eyes and functional common sense should easily recognize! So why do not also these so-called "professionals" writing this nonsense below presenting themselves as the skilled and carefully acting "Protectors" of innocent children, specifically helpless infant Matthew?

This order below, like so many other dependency or service plans, is designed to denigrate and make appear incompetent the accused parents or family; and is formulated particularly within the (always ambiguous and endless) subjective psyc-evals in order to make the accused parents appear suspect in parenting skills, have inadequate intelligence or a low IQ (at least lower than the accusers!); and in this case, this service plan is clearly dependent and written within false accusation and prejudice, incomplete and unprofessional investigation and diagnosis; and it only protects the malfeasance of its participant originators and associated medical and legal practitioners. This service plan offered now is still no better researched, nor is it any better at truly protecting or repairing the harmed child Matthew, his sisters and his loving family than the original "Dependency" conjured by DCFS, PCMC and the AAG, seven months and $40,000 (for useless family law) ago!

Now read it, but understand their intent to skirt the truth and cover for their own botched investigation and processes; then to prejudice the court, and all others, by painting the Thaxtons as malicious and/or stupid! (With personal disgust, I follow with more observations of this pathetically authored innocent-family accusatory intelligence trashing, reputation and life ruining document:

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In this DCFS, PCMC, AAG accusatory order, including the skewed (and no CO poisoning factored in) psyc-evals opinions, constructed above...

Where is second opinion or multiple medical providers choice? What provision is made if they do not have immediate access to Clinic 6 / PCMC? Assume they want to visit Grandma 400 miles away, or take a vacation to Disneyland? How does Lisa Samson-Fang provide for them then? And why is Lisa Sampson Fang the sole medical provider "exclusively"? She is listed no less nine times in this order as sole medical provider and health care dictator! Why is that? Is it to keep other qualified medical professionals from observing Matthew's residual damage and challenges or be able to make correct diagnosis after more than a year of her treatments and management of this child and his secured sisters and parents as her (now court enforced) clients? 

Is now Dr Michael Cutler suddenly not qualified to practice medicine with any member of this family -- or with any other family within the control of DCFS?  -- Yet the State has seen fit to continue to license him!  Is DCFS case worker Cindy Barker-Greenland,her associates and Cliff Peterson now replacing the State Medical examiners -- is Ms Barker, DCFS and Peterson now better qualified to distinguish between competence and incompetence in medicine? Cindy Barker-Greenland, DCFS and Cliff Peterson are apparently rejecting all other private practitioners over Lisa Sampson-Fang, who, in a clear conflict of interest, is also is protected in her "State" University and PCMC associated medical entity by Cliff Peterson and his Attorney Generals office! 

Are Cindy Barker-Greenland and Cliff Peterson implying that Vegetarians are grossly stupid, negligent, inept and need compulsive and extensive nutritional training, supplements and forced consumption of animal flesh, while the rest of the overweight and medicated public are secured in good health at the fast food outlets and never prosecuted nor trained in any true nutrition at all -- like Cindy and Cliff themselves? -- How much professional training in nutrition has Ms Barker-Greenland, Mr Peterson, any of their office or their associate physicians had? Yet this health conscious, well educated and otherwise healthy mother, father, and daughters (within their supportive Christiansen family) with the exception of their not-their-fault subtle winter-time exhaust poisoning illness, somehow need nutritional guidance from the like's of DCFS social workers, the GAL, AAG and their industry fellowed and drug treatment focused medical associates? (See Dr Lisa Sampson-Fang's method of dealing with her anti-vegetarian "nutrition" guided [with foster parents] and supplement triggered constipation of Matthew -- in prescribing an adult laxative,  MiraLax, to an infant for months!!! -- Note: It impairs nutrient absorption and electrolyte balance!)

Is Cindy Barker-Greenland, DCFS, PCMC and Cliff Peterson implying that, as a conscientious, health desiring Vegetarian Mother, Carolee and all Vegetarian mothers are nut cases and need (perpetual) psychoanalysis and their state enforced control?  Before her marriage, before purchasing their otherwise beautiful little starter home - in youthful trust, consequently experiencing four years in a subtly furnace exhaust contaminated environment - not of their own making, Carolee was a succeeding college student! This pathetically skewed "psycho"-eval distortion, "low average" of intellectual functioning and could be struggling with a learning disability" (certainly nothing to do with 4 consecutive winters of her home's CO poisoning, huh!) statement above, conjured by DCFS on her intelligence, is not correct nor consistent with the real report or truth! Anyone associated with Carolee knows better! This debasing and derogatory statement about Carolee was concocted and written to protect DCFS and their bungling associate medicine and law (including the family's DCFS obligated defense lawyers) throughout this entire case!  They are all threatened, since Carolee (Dan, Carolee's mother, Diane Christiansen and others of her maternal family or advocates) has had the good sense and intelligence to be concerned, question and request answers about the suspect treatments forced upon her infant son and her daughters, that they (spc. Fang and PCMC) cannot or are not willing to justify or disclose -- so she (Carolee) must be denigrated and made look to look stupid by them instead!--

--Yet Carolee's home-school educated children, Marylee and Sarah (which should show deficient if their teaching mother was truly deficient, as accused above) are far beyond their peers in educational (creative and behavioral) excellence! (Everyone interacting with them will attest to that fact!)  All in spite of the over two years of destabilizing horror that DCFS's ignorance and accusations of "substantiated" nutritional and medical negligence ("negligent homicide" implied) or nutritional abuse (as if to "murder") intimated and is left still setting by DCFS upon this innocent family in Dan Jr's death; then unconscionably worsened in the subsequent and violent DCFS abduction of their ill, flu-like symptom sickened baby brother, and with the fear for their own security with their parents, that Marylee and Sarah have suffered and been further terrorized, within their entire family's displacement, economic wreckage, and emotional trauma that this atrocity perpetuated against them, in the grossly ignorant and arrogant Vegetarian-Hate actions that associated individuals with DCFS, PCMC, AAG and Family Practice Lawyers have all colluded and facilitated!

This entire service plan above is designed only to protect the accusers and its perpetrators (certainly not Matthew, Marylee or Sarah, or it would also address the discovered CO poisoning) in their fiasco by continuing to hide the real (and predisposing) cause of their family's loss and malaise (notice the CO alarm activation and bad exhaust is not ever mentioned -- and they made sure it was denied presentation in court!); and is a blatant attempt to intimidate Carolee and Dan (and Diane and Clay Christiansen) into silent submission and suppression of the hateful prejudice-driven misdiagnosis in their first baby son Dan Jr's death and second son Matthew's malaise (illness) and his subsequent damage (including iatrogenic? nosocomial?  tremors, dysphasia, constipation, alopecia, nursing infant detachment and separation trauma incurred in the pathetic misdiagnosis and mistreatments; and the violent seizure and adversarial (dis) placement of baby Matthew for over seven hellish months): and as you can see compounded above, in DCFS's and their medical concomitant's (specifically. Dr Lisa Samson Fang's) and the AG's legal threats of all children removal and more prosecution, should they question, challenge or look to better medical provision, representation or defense!

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