Dispositional  Dependency Order 8-13-03
Three self-impuning, mistakes-cloaking orders...
have been crafted by DCF, SHF, the Utah State Attorney General (the prosecution) and the so-called "Family Defense" Lawyers, to ultimately protect the Medical Examiner, UUMC, DCFS, SHF and by a conveniently profitable contacted association, IHC's PCMC
-- Certainly not baby Matthew, nor his already otherwise healthy sisters.

1. "Dependency" of 8/13/03  (shown here below) 
2. "Finding of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order" of 1/9/04 (linked at bottom)
3. "Service Plan" of 2/6/04 (linked at bottom of "Finding of Fact..."  - item 2. above)

Read all three -- if you have the stomach for it -- and notice  the second medical opinion choices are denied!

-- and the DCFS, AG, Judge and their closed-court demands continued medical provision by the same bungling providers --

-- the same "Vegetarian-Hate" triggered practitioners who ineptly missed the furnace fumes poisoned asphyxiation death of Dan Jr and consequent malaise to in-utero and developing Matthew, and instead treated subsequent-winter CO re-poisoned Matthew, for Leukemia, Diabetes and Intrinsic Factor, which he did not have, then dysphagia which curiously showed up along with seizures, alopecia and super constipation as the they did their treatments for these other wrong diseases and ripped him from his mothers healthy breast milk to immediate industrial milk and separation trauma!


"Dependency" 8/13/03
Notice: in the following supposed child protecting "Dependency", that there is not a single word about the clearly evident Carbon Monoxide poisoning, or any further investigation for it -- in spite of the Carbon Monoxide Alarm sounding clearly recorded in the original Police Report !!! 

After reading this document, SEE the Finding of facts, Conclusions of  Law and Order -- of Jan 9 2004 (linked at bottom) which only duplicates and further hardens this page's already baseless premise!

To: Matt Hilton (Family Practice Lawyer)
From: Cliff Peterson (AAG)
Date: 8/13/03 
Re: Thaxrton (client family) proposed stipulation

Per our phone conversation earlier this afternoon, please accept this fax containing the proposed terms of the dispositional order. The Division would stipulate to a finding of dependency, provided the parents agree to all the following dispositional orders, in their entirety.

1. The Division will provide protective supervision services for three years minimum, with review hearings set at intervals by the court at intervals no greater once every six month.

2.   The parents will notify the Division, the Guardian ad Litem, the Court, and the children's primary health care provider of any pregnancies, within five days of either parent receiving actual notice of that the mother is pregnancy or within five days of either parent having a reasonable basis to conclude that the mother is pregnant.

3.   Parents to develop a written nutritional plan for all of the children, to include written menu planning and schedules with caloric and nutritional tracking, and to include any and all necessary supplementation, be it multivitamin, B12 injections, or animal products.

4. Ongoing monitoring of the children's health and nutrition to be provided by Safe and Healthy Families. Monitoring will be perpetually ongoing beyond termination of juvenile court jurisdiction until all children have reached the age of 18.

5. Thorough educational testing and evaluation will be done on all the children

6. Thorough developmental testing and evaluation will be done on all the children.

7. Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC) will be the primary health care provider for all the children. Dr. Mixxxxx Cuxxxx will not be a provider for the children.

8. Mxxxxxx (infant) will remain in his current kinship placement until he is returned to his parents.

9. The parents will each obtain a psychological evaluation. The evaluation of Dr. Halxx will not be used by the parties as the basis of any dispositional recommendation, nor will it be submitted to the court, as Dr. Halxx was not selected in the manner explicitly agreed upon at mediation, to wit: parents were to provide a list of names of providers to the Division and Guardian ad Llidem, who would choose the evaluator from that list of names. The Division proposes that the parents select an evaluator from one of the following three names: Rixx Haxxx, Phix Joxxxxxx. and Chxx Kixx.

10. Parents to memorialize in writing (as part of the final stipulated agreement) their testimony at trial regarding the necessity of supplementing the children’s diet and the mother's diet with B12. The parents will commit to continue perpetually to give the children a multivitamin which contains B 12 and other essential nutrients which would not be provided by a vegan diet. The mother will commit to perpetually supplement her own diet with B12 so that after-born children will receive adequate B12 both in utero and while breastfeeding.

11. The parties agree that this agreement eliminates the need for an evidentiary dispositional hearing. The parents will withdraw their challenges to any of the events associated with kinship selection and placement. All outstanding issues are resolved by this agreement.

12. In the event that the parents fail to properly supplement their children's diets as memorialized in the final stipulated agreement, this will constitute grounds for  removal of all the children as a significant risk to their health. This will also constitute neglect as defined in Utah Code Annotated 78-3a-103(l)(s)(i)(C) and (D). This may also constitute parental unfitness or incompetence, which could be used as the basis of terminating all parental rights of the parents.

13. In the event that the parents willfully or intentionally fail to comply with any provisions of the stipulated dispositional order, that failure may be used as the  basis of a contempt proceeding, in which the possible penalty could be incarceration for up to 30 days in the county jail or imposition of a fine up to $ 1000 or both. Depending on whether that failure also jeopardizes the health or safety of the children, that failure may also constitute neglect as defined in Utah Code Annotated 78-3a-103(l)(s)(i)(C) and (D), and may also constitute parental unfitness or incompetence, which could be used as the basis of terminating all parental rights of the parents.

Did you notice above; -- not a single word above about the child and family's evidenced carbon monoxide poisoning -- and no investigation for it!  -- in spite of the carbon monoxide alarm sounding recorded in the Dan Jr's death police report !!! 

-- nor is their a single word about it, in its duplicated violations of intelligent reason, rewritten in the following order in: "The Finding of Fact, Conclusions of  Law and Order" of Jan 9 2004! 
-- It also is nothing more than the same demeaning, verbosely vicious and indicting of the innocent parents; and is based on the same unfounded original hateful prejudice, ignorant accusations, misdiagnosis, inept and unprofessional investigation, and clear abuse of discretion, and clear abuse of professional conduct!

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