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Who Knows List:
State of Utah Attorney General, his staff.
Assistant State Medical Examiner, her associates, 
DCFS, SHF (Safe And Healthy Families @ IHC), GAL, 
Two Juvenile Judges, 
Bountiful City, Police, Fire, and Inspection
Family Law "defense?" Lawyers
This Clear Physical and Medical Evidence, including the Bountiful City Police report entry of the Carbon Monoxide detector sounding, with Expert Testimony has been refused by these directly benefited players:

1. The State Medical Examiner, Maureen J. Frikke, who two months after myocadia, aspiration was listed as cause, amended the Death Certificate, with "DCFS help," to "nutritional abuse!" and then with hateful contempt, blamed the family's Vegetarian diet! -- with nothing at all about CO poisoning!
2. DCFS, Cindy Barker-Greenland (current case worker), Deanna Muegglson, Dana Guertin, and DCFS Director, Richard Anderson (Senator Dan Eastman's good, "golf buddy" like,  friend!)
3. GAL, Katherina Christensen
4. PCMC, UUMC Clinic 6, SHF Lori Frazier, AME Maureen Fricke, Dr W Daniel Jackson & the court dictated medical provider -  Lisa Samson Fang - all began and continue still in misdiagnosis collusion!
5. Assistant AG  Cliff Peterson, under Attorney General Mark Shurtleff
6. Juvenile Court Judge Kathleen M Nelson (who recused herself) & Stanton M Taylor, who denied all considerations of retrial with this correcting & exonerating evidence that any stupid man understands!
7. Even the family's first four so-called family defense Lawyers:
Matthew Hilton,Douglas Thayer, Kathleen McConkie, Matthew Barnick refused to enter and present this clearly critical evidence including the CO alarm sounding listed in the original police report for Dan Jr's death) -- but they all only railroaded the family deeper into DCFS
8. Psychiatrist, Dr Mary Hales: Matthew Hilton's and Cliff Peterson's friend, contracted by them to give {perpetual} psyc-evals supporting the derelict parenting fabrication of DCFS and costing the Thaxtons already over $2,400 to start! She apparently does not want the truth (she has never asked for it) -- of factoring in any possible CO poisoning of the family -- especially for Carolee as the attending mother

By leaving the Thaxtons as guilty. these adversaries here listed above get to live high on perpetually extracted victim family and public funds! --

ALL your currently sitting Utah state representatives (538-1029) and 
ALL currently sitting Senators (538-1035). 
ALL were well informed, nearly all had a one-on-one discussion during legislative session;

Senator Dan Eastman at 295-5133. With full knowledge and evidence he still betrayed this family and all families with his legislative votes against good family rights (and medical choices) bills! -- all favoring his friend, Richard Anderson and his large DCFS, SHF, IHC, Family law, beneficted voting block!

Representative Sheryl Allen, had full knowledge, gave the Thaxtons a few moments at Capitol, but did not give any obvious support. She is pro state and state welfare services and public education -- and makes them happy to vote for her. This case has been colored by DCFS and Law with both those large and powerful voting bases that also got Sheryl in.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, has full knowledge and access to all evidence, he spoke to Carolee and me during legislative session, said he wanted to resolve, but has done nothing thereon. He later told me at a political rally in front of a large crowd, that he wanted me to talk to him; I have called his office and never got an appointment  in near two months

Senator Orin Hatch, thorough knowledge, and supposed friend of family, I spoke at length with him, he said he was outraged over it. I was also able to get him and Diane Christiansen together and he expressed to her his friendship and desire to do what he could, no follow up has occurred: No action obvious

Senator Bob Bennett, thorough knowledge: Two brief visits, no commitment; No action obvious

Representative Chris Cannon, aids have thorough knowledge: No response or action obvious

Representative Rob Bishop,  thorough knowledge have spoken one on one: No action obvious

Representative Jim Mattheson has personally returned my calls, asked details, but no clear answers yet.

Current Governor Walker and her staff -- have never responded to our request to provide appointment to discuss this clear miscarriage of investigation and her state's judgment, or explain it to the Thaxton couple.

John Huntsman Jr, and his Father John Huntsman Sr, opportunity for thorough knowledge given; I spoke sufficiently to both of them; no follow up has occurred: No action obvious They are heavy investors and board members of IHC- PCRM / UUMC !!!

Ex Gov. Norm Bangerter, informed one on one.

 Complete list to be provided as my time permits
Other People of Influence or Importance who know the now obvious eveidence and should, by their own claims to defend truth, be overtly vocal or active in this case's correction and resolution!
-- Ask them why they are silent -- or even impeditive! -- or what, if anything, they have done, or are doing, to get any action to correct and resolve! -- especially for the true safety and peace of the Thaxton children!

Gayle Ruzicka, Utah Eagle Forum and most members and her friends (including Joyce Kinmont, LDSHEA and UHA leadership) know this family's case and its violate defense! -- ask them what is their action is in it?

KSL TV Channel 5 News, Channel 2, Channel 4, no reporting or just DCFS, State, SHF biased spots (IHC advertising influence?)

Channel 13 came to see the physical evidence, interviewed and did an objective and supportive report!

Desert News, Tribune Nothing reported - even with full access to data - why not? (IHC advertising infuence?)

Friends of influence*, science and professional skills who know the details of this case and have actively helped in attempt to disclose and resolve:
Tom Rodgers, with lifetime biological and physical sciences experience, did honest diligence and discovery of the CO poisoning (before seeing the police and medical records, which now, along with his original intelligent reasoning, physical examination and test findings, easily confirms the initial cause of one infant's death and the second infant's malaise and family illness as CO fumes poisoning!)
*Professor Jay Bishop, Chemistry/ Environmental Science, accessed honorable colleagues
*Judge Ted Bradford, ex Utah State Representative (directly experienced with CO poisoning)
*Senator Parley Hellewell, Utah State Senate (also Certified Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor)
*State, Regional and Federal Environmental Specialists (but they have been curiously interfered with and censured by Utah State Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's office lawyers and officers! -- Why?)
*Whipple Plumbing and Heating (State Certified Carbon Monoxide Monitoring as Commecial Heating and Air Conditioning inspection / correction specialists) They certified and know clearly the installation violations left in place and passed by the Municipality and Utility Inspectors (through no less than three home re-sales events including finally sale to the trusting young Thaxton couple)
*David Hansen, writer and community government constitutional activist, 
*Daniel Newby, Accountability
*Most all Constitution Party, Utah and National, Leadership and Candidates
*Mayor Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake City, is supportive and also recommends we formulate procedures and provide education in CO poisoning for responsible Municipal employees

Others passively supporting:


To Family Vs - Continued