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Rights Families Don't Have

1) Parents need to understand that they have less rights than convicted felons.

2) You have no right to a trial by a jury of your peers.  One judge decides your family's fate in a secret, closed door administrative procedure.  Often, you can not invite others to attend the hearing with you to support you.

3) You are treated as though you were guilty.  You are not entitled to be found guilty of any criminal offense or even wrongdoing in a civil court.  In Utah, your rights can be terminated for frivolous reasons, including what is "in the best interests of the child" according to the court and other vague nonsense.

4) The judge is appointed by state officials and has no incentive to rule in your favor.

5) The prosecution team includes the DCFS, CPS, AG, GAL, and often mental health practitioners.  All of them receive financial kickbacks to the tune of millions of dollars annually by the federal and state government.

6) You are all alone with what usually amounts to a worthless public defender who really has no incentive to win your case.  If you are poor or have difficulty speaking English, you have little chance of defending yourself.

7) Even though you are innocent and have not been convicted of a crime, your wages can be garnished to pay for the drugging and other expenses of your children while they are in state custody awaiting final termination.

8) The prosecution team has immunity from being malicious.  In many states, they are allowed to outright lie (commit perjury) with immunity from suit.

9) While in foster care, your children are at a much higher risk of being raped and abused.

10) State officials can interview your child without your consent.

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