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enter (copy and paste) into search: "Carbon Monoxide" fetus, fetal damage
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entering for:   "Carbon Monoxide" fetus, fetal damage    will take you to page showing:
1:  Maternal exposure to low-level air pollution and pregnancy outcomes: a population-based study.
Maroziene L, Grazuleviciene R.
Environ Health Glob Access Sci Source. 2002; 1(1): 6.
PMCID: 149395
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Hazardous Substances Data Bank
HSDB Toxnet: Carbon Monoxide
Hazardous Substances Data Bank - Broad scope in human and animal toxicity, safety and handling, environmental fate, and more. Scientifically peer-reviewed.
My thanks also to our several National and State experts for partnering with us and adding their skills and expertise to this worthy corrective battle for this innocent child and his innocent family - TRodgers
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