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Subj: Trial: Termination of Parental Rights (Bakers v. Hes)   
Date: 2/18/04 11:00:35 PM Mtn Std Time 


Trial: Parental Rights Termination: Bakers v. Hes

“Four years ago, a poor Chinese couple were asking for
their child back; four years later, they are still

After four years of persistence and hard struggle, the
Chinese couple, Mr. & Mrs. He, finally got a trial
date only after the ex-trial judge, D.J.
Alissandratos, was removed from the case by a strong

Trial date: Feb. 23 (Monday) at: 9:00 am
Circuit Court, Division 9
Honorable Judge Robert Childers
140 Adams Avenue 
Memphis, Tennessee 38103 
(901) 545-4710

The Bakers as the plaintiff want to terminate the Hes’
parental rights (“death penalty” for the He family)
and adopt their child against their wish.  The Hes as
the defendants want to vehemently defend their
Constitutionally Protected parental rights from being

And Judge Childers will have to make a final decision
whether to grant the Bakers motion to terminate the
Hes’ parental rights or to deny the Bakers’ motion.  

According to Tennessee Family Law, this should be a
three-step trial: 
1)    The Bakers accused the Hes of willful abandonment
and must prove to court by clear and convincing
2)    If Step One is satisfied, the Bakers move to
terminate the Hes’ parental rights permanently,
cutting off their any relationship with the child
3)    If Step One & Two are satisfied, the Bakers move to
adopt this child 

This case has attracted international attention and
the Chinese top government officials will arrive from
Washington D.C. to observe the legal proceedings to
make sure the final judgment will be based on facts
and law.  

A very aggressive attorney, Mr. Larry Parrish,
represents the Bakers to terminate the Hes’ parental
rights while two humble attorneys, Mr. Siegel and Mr.
Gordon,  represent the He family to defend their
parental rights.  

Guardian Ad Litem, Ms. Kim Mullins, and Attorney Ad
Litem, Ms. Linda Holmes, want the four-year-old
adoption case to be dragged on indefinitely so that
they can make a fortune out of people’s family
tragedies.   The Hes and the Bakers have deposited
$30,000 for the fees charged by the two ladies, who
are now asking for at least $40,000 more.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, this trial will be a great
opportunity for you to learn more about the Shelby
County Judicial System and how it operates before the
rich and before the poor.  

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