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Speakers for Nov. 15 Parental Rights Town Meeting
Citizens in Utah County have asked us to share the agenda for their Nov. 15 town meeting on parental rights at 9:30 AM at the American Fork City Library. 64S 100E - Map courtesy of

Topics include:
* Victim testimony from Lisa Bierly, Daren & Barbara Jensen, Stephanie Mair, and Emma Curtis;
* Medical & religious implications by Sandra Lucas (Citizens Commission on Human Rights);
* Importance of due process by Dan Witte (attorney);
* Necessary reforms to protect innocent families by Dave Hansen (foster care survivor);
* Action plans by Lowell Nelson & Matt Misbach (Utah County citizens).

To RSVP, for directions, and for more information, see
Contacts are Lowell Nelson (801-763-8046 or or Matt Misbach (801-427-8919 or

Notice courtesy of
EAGLES!! Davis County Meeting - Nov 19 

Protecting the Family from the State 

Sponsored by: Utah State Representative Mike Thompson and
Utah Families Association 

Wednesday, Nov 19, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. New Student Commons, Davis Applied Technology Ctr. 550 E. 300 South, Kaysville (map). Take I-15 to Kaysville exit, east to 500 E, south 6 blocks, on left, south end of building 

Featured Speakers:
*Daren and Barbara Jensen: "How the State Tried to Take Our Son"
*Rep. Mike Thompson: "What the Utah Legislature Must Do to Protect Families"
  Rep. Thompson is the Chairman of the DCFS Oversight Committee.
*Steve Russell, Attorney: "Protecting Your Family From False Allegations of Abuse"
  Steve won the landmark Roska case which stops DCFS from taking your child without a warrant -- although DCFS ignores the law.
*Duane Betournay, constituent affairs, DCFS; "Complaint Resolution within DCFS" 
*Adam Trupp, Policy Administrator, DCFS: "Complaint Resolution within DCFS" 
  There are some good folks in DCFS who are trying to make improvements.
*Vicki Peterson, Utah Eagle Forum:  "Following the Money Trail"
  The state receives Federal money when they remove a child from his parents and arrange for someone else to adopt him; there are no financial incentives for leaving a child in his home or for reunifying him with his parents.
*Gayle Ruzicka, Utah Eagle Forum and Utah Families:  "Protecting Parental Rights"
*Connie Roska, Utah Families:  "Call Connie Roska! -- How Advocates Can Help"
  Social worker at your door?  Does she have a warrant signed by a judge?  If not, call Connie 546-0821.
*Joyce Kinmont, Utah Families:  "Becoming Informed, Helping Your Neighbor"

  Can what happened to the Jensen's happen to you?  The State says, Yes! "The [Jensen] case, which is being viewed by parents-rights groups as a landmark decision, won't set a precedent, [Asst. Attorney General Mark] May said.  It is completely fact-specific and should not be taken as a sign that families who are in a similar situation will win and the state will just walk away." James Thalman, "Charges Against Jensen's Dropped," Deseret News, Oct 25, 2003 

  Utah Families Assn. is a volunteer advocacy  organization.  Our mission is to help families who  have been falsely or frivolously accused of child abuse or neglect.  We do not interfere with the good work of DCFS in helping children who are  truly abused  or neglected.

info: Joyce Kinmont 801-776-3555
Gayle Ruzicka 801-756-2499

Map and driving instructions courtesy MapQwest:
New Student Commons, Davis Applied Technology Ctr. 550 E. 300 South, Kaysville.

Date: 11/15/03 9:02:34 AM Mountain Standard Time 

Northern Utah Parental Rights Town Meeting Nov 22

Date/Time: Saturday, November 22, 1011:30 AM
Location: Weber County Library (Ogden Branch) Auditorium, 2464 S. Jefferson Ave (click for map).
Invited: Citizens, voters, and parents of Utah!

Past - Oct 12 2003 
     We have legal cases being claimed against Health conscious Vegetarians Vegans and Natural Health Choice Families here in my community that have been hitting the National news! 

    There are similar cases Nationally! So we will speak somewhat on the Medical misperceptions the State and Physicians have with Vegan nutrition (and B12). We will address the legal, social and medical experiences of several Vegan /Natural Health Families in their battles with Doctors, Hospitals, State Agencies, Judiciary and adversarial relatives, neighbors, community -- and the States decisions or serious interference -- with how to feed, medically treat, educate and care for our own Vegetarian / Vegan, Integrative Medicine choice children. 

    Sunday evening, Oct 19, 6pm - 7 pm, in Los Angles, I have been asked to be a guest along with Nation-Earth Documentary Film Maker, Shaun Monson and (by phone) Ron Karren representing IMS and the F.A.I.R. Alliance on Integrated Medicine on the Bob Linden's Go Vegan Radio Show, 6PM on HOT TALK AM-830, KPLS in LA and KYCY-1550AM in San Francisco, etc with follow-up on his Web-Site

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Personal efforts in Utah State Legislature to restrict Elect-Convulsive Therapy

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