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When I wrote the report dated 5-09-08, entitled A DOCTOR’S CRITIQUE OF ANOTHER DOCTOR’S REPORT, And the Carbon Monoxide Cover-Up (in MSWord.doc), I made the following statement, “I prefer not for this to be made public and hurt him personally and professionally.  I am writing this to be viewed by the Appellate Judges’ eyes; by the eyes of those at DCFS who are conducting an internal administrative hearing on our case; and by certain others that I feel should have this knowledge.  This particular report I have no intention of putting out to the general public – unless for some reason I find that it becomes necessary – then I will let the truth be made public and let the chips fall where they may.”

Now, unfortunately I do find that it has become necessary to put that report – along with this one – into the general public domain.

Tampering with witnesses and obstruction of justice has occurred.

Please find attached, the above referenced report.  In that report you will note that there were several witnesses named with knowledge of certain facts documented in the report.

We now have proof that at least one of the witnesses referenced in that report has received communications from influential individuals (that can affect his life and career) – that he should “step aside” from this case and not be willing to affirm certain facts that he was witness to.  Two other witnesses have received threats and follow-through of those threats – which has adversely affected their business interests.


David B Conrad, DC

cc         Court Case File
            To the website, www.danielinthelionsden.us
            To a great number of people in our community, the state, and beyond
To a respected and well-known investigative journalist (name withheld) who is writing a book called “False Witness”; which will include the Christiansen/Thaxton case, our case and the case of a close friend (of that journalist) that has also experienced a great miscarriage of justice involving the bearing of false witness
To another respected and best selling author (name withheld) interested in the case
To a contact (name withheld) at the Los Angeles office of National Fox News, that broke the Christiansen/Thaxton case on air nationally when local media would not – which resulted in the wrongfully taken baby being returned (www.familyvsstate.org )
Clay & Diane Christiansen
Dan & Carolee Thaxton
Gayle Mckeachnie, Governor's office
Nancy Neilson, Governor's office
Mark Shurtleff, Attorney General
Wade Farraway, Attorney General's Office
Paul Murphy, Attorney General's Office
Darin Peterson, Utah Senator
Bradley Winn, Utah Representative
Parley Hellewell, (former) Utah Senator
Thomas Rodgers, Envoy
Joshua Bennett, Witness to Envoy
Dr David Penney, Wayne State University and Providence Hospital, Southfield MI – CO Expert
Melissa Zito, Department of Health
Bruce Allen, Department of Environmental Quality
Wayne Holman, Supervisor, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
Dan Jones, Bureau Manager, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
Bradford Tibbetts, Director of State of Utah Insurance Department
Silvia Thomas, Director of Hispanic/Latino Affairs
Jorge Rivera, Spanish Translator to the Office of the First Presidency, LDS Church; Governor's
Office; and the Attorney General’s Office
Orrin Hatch, US Senator
Robert Bennett, US Senator
Chris Cannon, US congressman
Rob Bishop, US congressman
Jim Matheson, US congressman
Mike Leavitt, National Secretary of Health and Human Services
Richard Wheeler, Vice President, Snow College
Garth Sorenson, Snow College Stake President
Ralph Dewsnup, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
Colin King, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
David Olsen, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
Duane Betournay, Director of DCFS
David Tibbs, Assistant Attorney General, Counsel for the DCFS (initially, now recused)
Julie Lund, Assistant Attorney General, Counsel for the DCFS
Carol Verdoia, Counsel for the DCFS (Appellate Court)
John Peterson, Counsel for the DCFS (Appellate Court)
Judge Paul Lyman, 6th District Juvenile Court
Michael Jorgenson, Guardian Ad Litem
Martha Pierce, Guardian Ad Litem (Appellate Court)
Bruce Zylks, DCFS
Lance Martin, DCFS
Annette Monson, DCFS
Mike Godfrey, DCFS
Scott Hintze, Manti Stake President
Walter Fife, 1st Counselor, Manti Stake
Michael Barclay, 2nd Counselor, Manti Stake
George Richardson, Manti 6th Ward Bishop
Ralph Squire, 1st Counselor, Manti 6th Ward
Brody Keisel, 2nd Counselor, Manti 6th Ward
Glen Bair, Sanpete County Mechanic
Elaine Jarvik, Deseret News
John Hale, Sanpete Messenger/Deseret News
Rebecca Palmer, Deseret News
Terry Orme, Salt Lake Tribune
Ted Mcdonough, City Weekly
Ingrid Quiroz, La Prensa Times (Hispanic Newspaper)
Glades Gonzales, Mundo Hispano (Hispanic Newspaper)
Rene Torcatty, Telefutura/Univision (Hispanic TV)
Dick Gephardt, Channel 2 News
Rod Decker, Channel 2 News
Cristina Flores, Channel 2 News
Bruce Lindsay, KSL News
Nadine Wimmer, KSL News
John Daley, KSL News
Bob Evans, Fox 13 News
Hope Woodside, Fox 13 News
Sandy Riesgraf, Fox 13 News

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