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And the Carbon Monoxide Cover-Up


Re: Dr Robert Armstrong’s report on Daniel Conrad of 5-6-08

This is a critique of a report written by Dr Robert Armstrong, MD – traditional medical physician by Dr David B Conrad, DC – chiropractic physician.

This report is fatally flawed; written by a man who has a serious conflict of interest; peppered with inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and outright falsehoods – which I will demonstrate.

Let me preface this by saying that I think that Dr Armstrong is a good man – trying to do his best – but he has found himself in a very difficult, compromising position – and has simply done what most men in his position would do – so I’m not going to judge him too harshly for that.  I prefer not for this to be made public and hurt him personally and professionally.  I am writing this to be viewed by the Appellate Judges’ eyes; by the eyes of those at DCFS who are conducting an internal administrative hearing on our case; and by certain others that I feel should have this knowledge.  This particular report I have no intention of putting out to the general public – unless for some reason I find that it becomes necessary – then I will let the truth be made public and let the chips fall where they may.

I was very disappointed when Dr Armstrong came to the Service Plan Meeting yesterday and said some of the things that he said and handed everyone the 5-6-08 report – which was so out of phase with what he had been telling Mary and me privately and what he had written in his earlier two reports (see those two earlier reports in the court file as supplemental documentation to the letter to Judge Lyman, dated 3-28-08).

As I thought about why the sudden dramatic shift in sentiment in Dr Armstrong, I realized he has really been placed in a very difficult position.  When we felt the necessity to go public with our case, that became evident to Dr Armstrong – when he received his copy of the letter that went out via e-mail to Senator Darin Peterson and Representative Bradley Winn; which was cc’d to a very large number of authorities, other people, and the media.  Our case going public changed things for Dr Armstrong.  To be found coming down on our side in a public way; would also, in a public way be setting himself at odds with his medical fellows and with Primary Children’s Medical Center – and with the State of Utah and DCFS – all of which could have a negative impact on his career…a career at which he doubtless has worked long and hard – the expensive, difficult years of schooling, the many years in practice – carefully building a good reputation among his peers, etc.

…and so the most logical way out of the mess…and the course that most men would take in that position – is to suddenly side strongly with the position of PCMC, DCFS and the State of Utah – and bury us – and the truth along with us.  The words which Dr Armstrong spoke at the Service Plan Meeting yesterday and in this report were designed to do just that.

The only difference in Daniel since the last two reports and this one is the fact that he has continued to get bigger and heavier and stronger – is a very happy, content and healthy baby – on the simple treatment of breathing clean air, getting lots of Mom’s good milk and genuine love.  Yet in this report you see new phrases popping up – such as; “I feel that Daniel probably has genetic reasons for his severe failure to grow and develop”; “Daniel will continue to require supportive care over a very long period of time”; “Additional diagnosis may be found, or the complete reason for his severe problems may never be known”; “Daniel still has severe problems and will face dramatic challenges”.  Watch the video taken on 4-3-08 of Daniel on the website www.danielinthelionsden.us and ask yourself, “Does this look like a baby with severe problems – or does this look like a happy, healthy, active baby?…sure he is small for his age – but what baby wouldn’t be a few months behind after having been carbon monoxide poisoned while in the womb (hot water heater exhaust to fresh air adder port with AC on – see www.danielinthelionsden.us ); and then even more-so during the high snow-fall winter (2007-2008)?

Then we get to the statements concerning carbon monoxide poisoning.  To distance himself from the obvious cause of Daniel’s problems – carbon monoxide poisoning – Dr Armstrong uses the word “alleges” – in his statement, “It (referring to my letter) also alleges harm to Baby Daniel by the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.”  His report later attempts to repudiate the obvious and proven factor of carbon monoxide poisoning with the statement, “I know of no documentation or evidence from the workup done that Daniel suffers or has suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.”

…and this is where Dr Armstrong really hangs himself.  This statement is a crafty, deceptive statement – designed to deflect the reader towards the notion that there is no evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning – and away from the real truth:  that the medical profession of course found no evidence of carbon monoxide poisoning – BECAUSE THEY DID NOT TEST FOR IT.

It is interesting to note that this is the exact same crafty and deceptive sound bite that the lawyers at Primary Children’s have been coaching the doctors there to use – when responding to the media that have called.  We have received reports from members of the media already – that that is what the doctors are saying:  “We did not find any evidence of carbon monoxide in Daniel’s body.”

Yes, instead of doing a simple carboxyhemoglobin test – a $40 test at their disposal, they instead did $40,000 worth of inappropriate care (treatment for CO poisoning is inexpensive – breathe clean air and eat good food)…and they should have known better from previous cases they have mishandled and have been made painfully aware of i.e. the Mormon Tabernacle Organist, Clay Christiansen/Thaxton case – which put both families through years of hell and financially ruined them – and of course they (the medical profession and DCFS) just sent the family back into the same carbon monoxide problem home to be poisoned and sickened some more – and to potentially have another child die (see link towards bottom of above referenced web site).

To now acknowledge that our case is a carbon monoxide case is to admit a major error – and that is against everything taught in Malpractice 101.  Never admit you made a mistake.  Proceed as if you know what you are doing – and always have.

…but here is the real kicker…both Dr Robert Armstrong and the attending physician at Primary Children’s, Dr Sara Lamb began receiving warnings, early on via an envoy operating under the behest of the Attorney General’s office and Utah State legislators – as early as the afternoon of our second day in the hospital, with Dr Armstrong – and our third day in the hospital, with Dr Lamb – that there was strong reason to believe that this could be an environmental poisoning/carbon monoxide case – and that that line of reason and action ought to be pursued.

Witness to these facts are:  Wade Farraway and Paul Murphy, of the Attorney General’s office; Senator Darin Peterson and Representative Bradley Winn of the Utah legislature; and former Senator Parley Hellewell.  The Attorney General’s office and these Utah legislators did not want to have another Christiansen/Thaxton case boondoggle.  Also witness to these facts is Joshua Bennett (former legal counsel to the Vatican), a friend of Mark Shurtleff’s – who began accompanying this envoy, Thomas Rodgers early on – to be witness to the conversations Tom was having.

Well, neither Dr Sara Lamb at Primary Children’s nor Dr Robert Armstrong would give this envoy, Thomas Rodgers (who formerly had worked in the pathology department at PCMC) the time of day.  When this was found to be the case, Senator Darin Peterson and Representative Bradley Winn called Dr Armstrong repeatedly.  He would neither take their calls nor return their calls upon them leaving messages for him to do so.  The Director of DCFS, Duane Betournay was also given information early on – while we were still in the hospital with Daniel – that this was beginning to look like a carbon monoxide case.

This was all happening behind the scenes without our knowledge.  The morning of our second day in the hospital when our friend Tom Rodgers came to visit, I told him that I did not want him getting involved just yet.  He is an activist – and when he gets involved with something – things happen – and waves are made.  I did not want to make any waves at that point.  Our friend Tom, after viewing us and upon reflection, thought we looked poisoned (from his former years of pathology experience).  Our friend Tom felt strongly that he should proceed anyway and did so – and now, of course we are very grateful that he did.

The bottom line is that Dr Armstrong, Dr Lamb and Primary Children’s; rather than admit they made a mistake; and rather than keep the Hippocratic Oath – “First Do No Harm” – refused to follow the carbon monoxide line of reason and action – did not send anyone to take a look at the house and see for themselves, let alone have anybody test it…Dr Armstrong lives right around the corner from us, and did not bother to come and take a look at the house for himself – refused to acknowledge what he had been told by Tom Rodgers; or take or return calls from Senator Darin Peterson or Representative Bradley Winn…and instead, they all were willing to just send Daniel and his family back into the poisonous house, to be further sickened or killed.  These are people that have been claiming to only be concerned for Daniel’s well being and safety.

…and that goes for DCFS as well.  Their director Duane Betournay was informed of the carbon monoxide problem early on.  Yet DCFS, that claims that their only interest is the protection and safety of Daniel, just went right along with what the doctors were saying – and also did not bother to take a look at the house or have it tested…and instead, were willing to just send Daniel and his family back into the poisonous house, to be further sickened or killed.

Upon our return home from the hospital, if it were not for our friend, Tom Rodgers apprising us of the situation so we could take steps to mitigate it – and then personally coming to make our house safe – the above mentioned persons and entities had just sentenced our family to more carbon monoxide poisoning and potentially death.

Now who is incompetent here?  All these people; DCFS, Primary Children’s – and now Dr Armstrong are claiming that we are incompetent and that we need their help to make sure that we are running our lives correctly, so that Daniel and our family will be safe and well.

Further damning to Dr Armstrong is the fact that although he will not acknowledge that our house was a source of carbon monoxide poisoning; when pressed upon because of some of the things that were said in the Service Plan meeting last Thursday – walking out of the meeting he said in Tom Rodger’s, Mary’s and my presence, “I asked Primary Children’s to do a carboxyhemoglobin test – two or three times…don’t know if they ever did…”

…now that just does not add up to be a true statement.  Mary and I were there for every blood draw – every test…no one ever said anything to us about carbon monoxide poisoning or a carboxyhemoglobin test…and we have all the records and test results of everything that was done – all the tests – all the doctor’s notes, including Dr Armstrong’s.  That is nowhere in the doctor’s notes.  (I suppose doctor’s notes could be fabricated after the fact.)

It would be very embarrassing indeed for Dr Armstrong to be placed on a witness stand and be placed under oath…and asked the question…“Did you ask Primary Children’s to test for carbon monoxide poisoning?”…and if he says yes…then, “Which doctor did you ask to order the test?”…then it starts to fall apart… “I don’t remember who it was”… “Isn’t it proper procedure to make a record of such things and follow up with something so important?”…if he comes up with the name of a doctor, that person goes on the witness stand, under oath and is asked, “Did Dr Armstrong ask you to order a test for carbon monoxide?”…the answer, probably “No” …but if “Yes”… “Why didn’t you do the test?”… “Did you warn the family that they might have a carbon monoxide problem before sending them back to their home?”

Any way you look at it, no answers could be given that dig DCFS and their Medical Partners and main witnesses out of the pit they have dug for themselves on this one.  There has been a carbon monoxide cover up…and to any person in the public who has eyes to see and a brain to think, it is obvious that our house had a serious carbon monoxide problem – and that that (State of Utah error induced carbon monoxide poisoning) was the obvious cause of Daniel’s health problem – and that that was mitigated not by DCFS or the traditional medical profession – but by our family’s profound faith and trust in God – and by our friend Tom Rodgers…while DCFS, Primary Children’s and Dr Armstrong; while claiming to care only for Daniel’s safety and well being simply sent him and his family right back into that same poisonous house – to be further sickened or die.


David B Conrad, DC

cc         Court Case File
Gayle Mckeachnie, Governor's office
Nancy Neilson, Governor's office
Wade Farraway, Attorney General's Office
Paul Murphy, Attorney General's Office
Darin Peterson, Utah Senator
Bradley Winn, Utah Representative
Parley Hellewell, (former) Utah Senator
Thomas Rodgers, Envoy
Joshua Bennett, Witness to Envoy
Dr David Penney, Wayne State University and Providence Hospital, Southfield MI – CO Expert
Melissa Zito, Department of Health
Bruce Allen, Department of Environmental Quality
Wayne Holman, Supervisor, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
Daniel Jones, Bureau Manager, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
Bradford Tibbetts, Director of State of Utah Insurance Department
Silvia Thomas, Director of Hispanic/Latino Affairs
Jorge Rivera, Spanish Translator to the Office of the First Presidency, LDS Church; Governor's
Office; and the Attorney General’s Office
Orrin Hatch, US Senator
Robert Bennett, US Senator
Chris Cannon, US congressman
Rob Bishop, US congressman
Jim Matheson, US congressman
Mike Leavitt, National Secretary of Health and Human Services
Richard Wheeler, Vice President, Snow College
Garth Sorenson, Snow College Stake President
Ralph Dewsnup, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
Colin King, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
David Olsen, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
Duane Betournay, Director of DCFS
David Tibbs, Assistant Attorney General – Counsel for the DCFS (initially, now recused)
Julie Lund, Assistant Attorney General – Counsel for the DCFS
Judge Paul Lyman, 6th District Juvenile Court
Michael Jorgenson, Guardian Ad Litem
Bruce Zylks, DCFS
Lance Martin, DCFS
Annette Monson, DCFS
Scott Hintze, Manti Stake President
Walter Fife, 1st Counselor, Manti Stake
Michael Barclay, 2nd Counselor, Manti Stake
George Richardson, Manti 6th Ward Bishop
Ralph Squire, 1st Counselor, Manti 6th Ward
Brody Keisel, 2nd Counselor, Manti 6th Ward
Glen Bair, Sanpete County Mechanic


On the “Rare Genetic Disorder” Suggested


This is a commentary authored by Thomas Rodgers, giving further insight into the “Rare Genetic Disorder” that is mentioned in Dr Armstrong’s report.

This proposed exotic genetic disorder of Kabuki Syndrome in baby Daniel, was suggested by the $588-per-visit (See David’s Letter to the Judge, dated 3-28-08) "but can't be proven" so-called Geneticist at PCMC. –  That is suggesting that this baby in a family of otherwise healthy individuals somehow ended up with one of the worlds rarest [approx 150 purported cases in the entire 6 Billion population of World] and most amorphously defined so-called genetic disorders, instead of the well understood plethora of "genetic damage" mimicking symptoms always presented in the chronically Carbon Monoxide poisoned developing infants. This phantom diagnosis, among their others of endocrine or nutritional disorders, represents sad incompetence, or their deviant grasping at an endlessly expensive ridiculous enigma of a "disease" over the far less profitable easily visible and tangible causation facts and very simple identification and treatment for Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
But protecting himself and his fellows, Dr Armstrong continued his move deeper into collusion with PCMC and perpetuates their very profitable service obligating medical and legal machinations and the State's obfuscation of incompetence and culpability charade – with Dr Armstrong’s statement, “I feel that Daniel probably has genetic reasons for his severe failure to grow and develop… Kabuki Syndrome has been suggested but can’t be proven."

David B Conrad, DC
cc:        Court Case File
            …and to the names listed as recipients on the 5-09-08 report (CO Cover-up)

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