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A February 10, 2009, Note from the State of Utah Dept of Community and Economic Development

Below is a pathetic 11 months late response in a quickly printed note passed to me in an unscheduled, uninvited visit, assertively initiated
(de jure and ex officio) by my friend, a Latin affairs specialist and reporter, Jorge Riveros; in our subsequent attempt to press into action, those (nearly a year ago already informed) bureaucrats of the State, who were installed (and paid by you and I) to maintain good will and the public trust, in their oversight of community development -- including the responsibility to facilitate and provide acceptable (functional and safe) housing in the State of Utah -- specifically for the economically challenged, the elderly, single moms, Veterans, handicapped, etc.

While I accompanied my kind associate
, Jorge Riveros (a freelance news reporter, professional translator ,community liaison and advocate involved in Utah State Latin American community affairs), the department Directors, Gordon Walker and Michael Glenn, in that moment, scrambled to prepare, print and hand-deliver to me this note which excuses their inaction -- through blaming me?.

Jorge and I had come to visited the Latin Affairs Director, because we knew that, even after a year, no-one in this department had warned anyone in the State, including those most affected in the Latin communities. So I had asked Jorge to bring me to personally appraise the Latin Community Relations Director (who responsible for that section in this same Governor's office with Directors Walker and Glenn) of this hazardous housing flaw, -- which sadly impacts far more of "his" Latin community residents in this State than all other
groups combined.

Yet that Latin Community affairs Director still had had nothing of the problem presented or passed to him in nearly a year since I had first directly notified Director Walker and his other (subordinate) Latin Community affairs staff, or during my continued petitions for meetings commencing nearly a year ago. -- So why was this Director of Latin Affairs not
told or consulted?  (Could it be that the local businessmen don't want any light shined into their housing and by that attention put on safety also identifying the occupants as being their cheap illegal [undocumented] Latin labor? -- and also they might be implicated and made liable the untold and untreated injuries and deaths that have occurred in these units that they own, too?)

The State of Utah Dept of Community and Economic Development with its internal subdivisions, has a tacit (and joint?) authority to function or work in cooperation with HUD, in housing the poor of Utah. -- And HUD is openly  providing these offending (Katrina like problematic) Manufactured and Mobile home units for the State, the Native American Tribal Councils (ref: Director Indian Affairs, Forrest Cuch, in this same Department), and even the City of Salt Lake City, in this very moment! But the most suspected end purchaser of the transportable housing units, who is appear to be laboring to discredit me and suppress this problems exposure, is the Mexican labor hiring Utah (and National) Businessmen!

 -- So let me not leave out most important fact and clarification of this convenient, quiet provisioning of housing for cheap-labor immigrants (undocumented?), which these as Federally regulated, inspected and controlled units allow -- hence are Federally "exempt" -- so that NO city, county, or State inspector -- like "Daniel T Jones" or his men -- will ever enter, determine any violations of safety, or most indicting, discover and have to report who the (injured) occupants are, who are living inside!
 -- So these units serve as perfect sanctuaries "on wheels", when owned by the unscrupulous businessmen
and "pretentiously upstanding" community leaders who covertly hire and must somehow house the rest of the family of his, obscured-from-detection, employed illegals!
 -- My issue is not with the illegals -- that is the Fed's, the States', Soc. Sec. DOL and the unscrupulous businessman's Taxes, Social Security, Insurance and Workman's Compensation problem!
 -- My issue is: Those illegals' along with your infants and families, legal or illegal -- are being poisoned!
 -- The illegal aliens are only just one more group of innocent people being made into suffering. injured and dead victims, along with our own!

-- Sadly the too many of slaughter barons, ranchers, dairymen, field farmers, low end labor, and the motel owners who own many of these Manufactured and Mobile home units to house their labor, and have become aware of the poisoning which these units present their occupants, have chosen to ignore, disbelieve, or deny the facts, so are willing to injure, even let die those occupants, you, me and even their own kind, so that neither you nor the Public, will ever (legally) discover their illegal (usually Mexican) employment, and their records fraud, and their extortions of employment taxes, Soc Sec, Insurance and Workman's Comp funds. --
-- Then the Medical community also is complicit (or acting in collusion) to cloak the facts of the injuries incurred in these units, by deliberately NOT performing the simple Carboxyhemoglobin tests identifying
immediately Carbon Monoxide as the poison in those injured occupants,illegal or anyone else! This injury identity evasion is so, so as to, as a consequence, NOT shine the light of suspicion on the housing nor the occupants inside that Federally exempted, "Sanctuary on wheels" type housing unit!
-- And the medical community cannot afford to disclose or admit to one Carbon Monoxide case coming out of these units. One admission of misdiagnoses among these 26 million Manufactured and Mobile home specific occupants opens the AMA as to having committing (intentional) malpractice for the past three decades in their blanket refusals to test (having dropped from "Best Practices" or standard protocols, the easy and simple Carboxyhemoglobin assay)
to identify Carbon Monoxide poisoning with its very simple treatment requirement of the victim being only a little pure oxygen, free fresh air and an identifying-of-source and repair warning -- instead of the economic rape incurred through (thirty years and millions of past) misdiagnoses and mistreatments. And more maliciously, the Medical industry releasing the patient without informing or ordering correction, and allowing the victim (along with their family) to return to their uncorrected toxic environment to be poisoned once again! -- even to die!

 -- Not even a struggling illegal Mexican mother, who deeply loves her family and has risked her life to provide for them here, deserves to have her precious infant poisoned and be allowed to die in her loving arms, not knowing why, while she dares not to go to the doctor out of fear of deportation!  And sadly even if she did dare, because neither she, nor her infant would ever be given a simple Carboxyhemoglobin test, she would be lied to anyway, and returned to her toxic home on wheels for them both to be further poisoned -- while her husband works ankle deep in manure and elbows deep in blood for the businessman who also owns his family's trailer that is poisoning his infant, his wife, and his family all day -- and him as well while he sleeps, when not working at night.

This Department of Community and Economic Development, as part of the Governor's Office, has ample funds, or
Gordon Walker, as its director, can ask for almost unlimited resources; while he also has staff already with the authority to identify, locate and research the locations, conditions and possible injuries and potential deaths in the some 80,000 Manufactured and Mobile home units homes (which Gordon Walker already knows exist and reported in legislative committee) in the State of Utah, and that he had records of, in his department!

Yet in this obfuscation of their (Gordon Walker's and Mike Glenn's) and their Department's clearly defined responsibility and oversight, they instead are claiming that it was and stil is my
responsibility (while I am operating on only $715 per month retirement) to drive all over the State, to go door to door to some 80,000 homes, possible be arrested, assaulted, or killed in Sanpete, Beaver, Iron or Cache, for trespass (into illegal Mexican housing owned by Utah's slaughter barons or other illegal hiring businessmens' properties setup with trailers) and for me(?) to do the medical intrusion into people's live, without any State or Federal authority to gather data just convince and to satisfy them???

Do they take me for an idiot. (I have already had 2am middle of the night death threat phone calls telling that I will not return home, except in a body-bag, if I am found in certain areas of Sanpete (Manti), Beaver, Iron, or Cache counties, Utah.)

So what is the Departments job? Are they not paid -- and are they not committed to also provide SAFE housing, and do what ever investigative, regulatory and enforcement labors which that requires on their watch? -- If not, why do they exist? (There is another harmless budget cut for our Legislature to enact right now!)

Their morally dishonest statement; "He (ie. me, Thomas Rodgers) also failed to provide .... etc, etc." is pathetic too! -- as they claim they never received data from me. This website (and FamilyVsState.org) is indicative evidence of that same data provided them which they claim they never received, or had access to! -- what a load of crock!

--  So why have I never received any proper letter, or even a returned phone call, from these
so-called "obviously concerned for your safe housing" specialists in the Governor's office of "Community Development"?

 -- I have left many calls, asked for many appointments -- none of which have ever been returned or honored with any meetings initiated by them -- so that I could see or hear a request, or together, we could facilitate any more data being transfered to them -- or to setup any review of that which they did receive from me all the way back in March of last year (2008)! -- which now, nearly a full year and another killing winter has passed while they have never called, never written and never communicated in any legitimate manner with me! -- until now!

 -- I think they only prayed that I would fatigue, get too old, or forcibly disappear from the Earth (take a bullet in my back) and leave them alone, to not have to break a sweat for the poor or their little ones (or worry for the safety of Mexican infants, too)! -- clearly these Public Servants' duty, which they openly accepted with their position,
responsibility, and (our tax funds backed) very comfortable pay!     TLR 2/14/09

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