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Carbon Monoxide Awareness (USA)
34 Million (26 million legal, 2 million Native Americans, 6 million illegals) in America are at risk of subtle CO poisoning in HUD Manufactured & Mobile homes!
By HUD ordering the placement of breathing-air intakes at only three feet from heating exhausts . . .
. . . you are effectively placed Only Three Feet from poisoning, injury and death in a CO Toxic Hell !
FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVaporsCarbon Monoxide poisoning
  --  is the number one environmental poisoning experience of all humanity (including modern)!

In our experience (those of us who have labored in honest medicine), "in-home" Carbon Monoxide poisoning events are far more prevalent than most people have been told or (manipulatively) allowed to understand or perceive.

This deficiency in pubic awareness exists because:

(1) Current Medicine has, with amoral reason and intent (which is beyond the comprehension of us
caring, older, honest and honorable Carbon Monoxide savvy pathologists and environmental scientists), chosen to drop the easy and cheap Carboxyhemoglobin blood-gas levels testing evaluations from (the AMA's) "Best Practices" or initial Diagnostic Protocols (except for industrial or on-job related poisonings),

(2) at the same time, the EPA and DEQ has also irrationally reduced or illuminated community Carbon Monoxide ambient air testing and violation or offensive level reportings,

(3) manipulated or lack of media coverage (even suppression) of even those substantiated and factually identified in-home poisoning events (example, see FamilyVsState and DanielInTheLionsDen linked below), and

(4) the (apparent deliberate) lack of public and professional education at all levels,

(5) all complicated by the
characteristic (subtle to serious) sedating nature of Carbon Monoxide in the victim's brain, predicating a lack of self-recognition of intoxication, often in (deadly) oblivion, complicated by the victim's id dominated defensive denial of impairment (like a drunk who is convinced he can still drive home, so he fights you for his car keys) in their own poisoning.

(6) And finally, Carbon Monoxide's insidious internal mental-alarm suppression action takes all its victims into their cerebral-hypoxia impaired state, with its depressed perceptions, impaired judgments, its lost time and senses of urgency, typical in all its poisoning victims, including, and most critically, the "responsible adults" of an affected household, themselves!
-- That is why it generally takes a caring unaffected (outside) observant friend (or hopefully an honorable medical professional) to recognize, identify and stop their continued poisoning!

Being under-recognized, under-diagnosed, and under-identified, Carbon Monoxide victims consequently are, too often, not properly treated (that constitutes potential malpractice), not reported and not tracked (that is the Federal and State Health Departments failures in their public trust in this poisoning)!

Carbon Monoxide still is modern humanity's number one environmental poisoning experience!

So we began this effort to raise your consciousness --especially so you could help the victims (usually they are subtly toxic so they need you to identify their poisoning and help them recognize it and recover.
-- and for you with us to press (in the victims, behalf) for:
   (a) corrective actions in Local, State and Federal regulations in design, construction, oversight and inspection practices;
   (b) Health Department reinstatement of mandatory reporting and tracking;
   (c) re-institution of Medical integrity in diagnoses, identification and disclosure; 
   (d) media coverage, public education, public demand for the restoration of medical detection, correct treatment and support, correct patient education, bureaucratic resolution and legal follow-up, enforcement and reparations for the victims.
Specific efforts must be focused on
Carbon Monoxide poisoning advocacy, education, and intervention in behalf of those powerless (hence often politically voiceless) individuals who are left at greatest risk due to their living in cheap and substandard housing (not just manufactured or mobile homes, but any housing with heating and construction challenges).
The struggling and lower income families are also those who are more likely to suffer unidentified, undiagnosed, and untreated injuries and deaths by the profit driven medical industry.
So simple education and awareness is the only reliable lifesaving empowerment and solution available for them (and in fact, for all people). This is the purpose of this voluntarily provided and donated website.

No mother, father, family or individual, no matter how poor, economically challenged, socially muted or politically insignificant (even the illegal and undocumented human beings -- they still are human beings), deserves to have their infants (the primary victims of home sourced CO poisoning), their children, their elderly, themselves or any of their family members, friends or loved ones injured or killed, just to cover the oversight, incompetence, negligence and malfeasance of bureaucracy, business and medicine.

This page was began and is presently under (ongoing) construction since 2 Feb 2009:
Read what we have below (though it is in rough form), check all links, --
-- Then please return for more reference and resources as we are able to add them and improve this page as our time permits.

In the mean time please continue to read (rough draft) materials below --

-- Also search using google, yahoo or others for: Carbon Monoxide,  Carbon Monoxide poisoning,  Carbon Monoxide poisoning at home,  Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Manufactured or Mobile homes -- or any other case or description matching your concerns.

As I am able, I will add links etc to the best resources I know, including references to those other specialists I have come to know or made associations with as I labored and saved (infant's) lives in the cases I have diagnosed, discovered cause and mitigated to prevent further poisonings, injuries or deaths.

Our hope is that you can become the informed instrument and critical actor in saving the lives of your family, friends or yourself

We are also open to and would be appreciate your suggestions for improving this website as well.
Thank you,
Thomas L Rodgers -- 2 Feb 2009
 (edited 16 Feb 09, again 14 Oct 09)

If you are living in a Manufactured or Mobile home:
HUD Modular home(For now) Please read the following copied portions of a website (hopefully sanitized sufficiently of my discontent (rage) originally expressed because of the medical, legal and bureaucratic incompetence I uncovered,
The current Medical Industry, by failing or (outright) refusing to do an inexpensive, simple Carboxyhemoglobin analysis and identifying Carbon Monoxide poisoning as cause, costs too many families the lives of their most vulnerable loved ones and the needless continued suffering of them as innocent survivors themselves. Then too often,
the surviving parents are instead falsely accused, by the same incompetent practitioners of medicine, law, and state, of some awful form of parental neglect causing the (erroneously diagnosed) injuries or deaths. 

Typically when medicine
has failed or betrayed parents in presenting a convincing and indicting misdiagnoses and acting as their prosecution, to divert liability away from themselves -- they also lie and labor to convince the otherwise supportive community, neighbors, friends and even the relatives of the poisoned family, that somehow the parents instead are at fault. This lays the innocent family open to even more suffering and the profitable pillaging of their (and the public's) resources by medicine, lawyers, CPS, the courts and the State -- all because medicine refused to do the simple and cheap Carboxyhemoglobin blood-gas test and identify actual carbon monoxide poisoning as cause in the first place!  
Carboxyhemoglobin blood-gas test (with positive results) is the life-preserving "fire-wall" against further medical, legal and bureaucratic fraud -- as well as preventing further injuries and deaths in the innocent families by stopping them from being returned unwarned back into their poisoning's source!

Help us demand the mandatory "only-one-more-button to push" 
Carboxyhemoglobin blood-gas analysis that instantly rules-in or rules-out Carbon Monoxide poisoning in any potentially poisoned patient (or deceased victim) --
Chimneys -- that easy Carboxyhemoglobin blood-gas test should be a standard initial test (as it once was in my days of pathology labors) especially for all manufactured and mobile homes residents as long as malfeasant HUD allows their insane three foot (heating exhausts to "Dilution" breathing air intakes) separation distance on all their manufactured and mobile homes to exist and continued uncorrected.

It is the recent case referenced herein in or and aka (added to other cases as in which I intervened and identified true cause of death and injury before) which provoked our creation of this beginning website.  
Please notice below (in gray section) those individuals, families and specific populations that are at highest risk of Carbon Monoxide poisonings -- yet they are the least likely to be correctly diagnosed, told or made aware -- or have access to correct treatment, repair and restitution! (or competence defense)
Also, if your or those for who you have concern reside in a Manufactured or Mobile home, please see the simple,  no-cost, do-it-yourself, temporary solutions on how to Protect Yourself and Your Family -- Right Now!  -- tlr

Following is a portion of the websites I have published in our current case effort.
This information is exposing the Nation's Manufactured / Mobile Home Industry's unsafe Breathing-Air problem!
(I will edit and add more data
in the days that I am free from local legislative, education and media efforts -- but please read on!)

Have you or anyone you know been unusually ill this Winter?
HUD, FederalState Bureaucracy complicity may be the cause!
FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVaporsThe Feds through HUD, the States and their Medical contractors (including CPS, the AG and the Courts), have overlooked (allowed, even enforced) conditions for your and your children's harm

Please click photo to see how this exhaust flow from the furnace etc is being drafted right back into this home by the pipe
at the left, at only 3 feet distant! -- It is called the "Dilution" air intake (to bring in and "supplement" interior breathing air) -- and is making the breathing air of manufactured and mobile homes potentially poisonous at mild to serious levels with carbon monoxide (as well as formaldehyde, SO2, NO, etc) depending on weather, winds, positioning of home, and is made even more dangerous with brute cold. ice storms and/or in deep snow cover.  
(Details are at "Descriptions and Evidence of Poisoning Cause" on

Do you live in a Combustion Heated HUD (or FEMA) "Certified as Safe", Manufactured or Mobile (Trailer type) Home?
HUD Modular homeFor the last 3 decades, HUD has ordered Chimneysall Manufactured and Mobile (Trailer) Home producers to construct these low cost units with short stacks and with only a 3 foot separation distance (as seen in this photo>) between its (powered) Breathing Air Intake (left) and the Furnace (right), Water Heater (right above) and (on occasions) sewer vent Exhausts.
Note in top photo, that the vapors are flowing right to left, from the furnace exhaust into the breathing air intake!
(After reading all below, see: "Descriptions and Evidence of Poisoning Cause" on

Illnesses, Injuries and Deaths are Experienced as a Consequence:
Did you or anyone you know have one or more of the following symptoms? Unexplained (chronic) fatigue, bouts of nauseaheadaches, appearance of intoxication (without drinking), loss of memory, agitation, flu-like (but without fever) symptoms, rosacea (a red skin blush), purple, pale or jaundice, general weakness, nose-bleeds, coughing spells (sometimes with blood) labored breathing, struggle for air, light headedness, lethargy, fainting spells, listlessness, inability to sleep soundly, loss of appetite, reduced fertility, reduced virility, miscarriage, birth defects, numerological and physiological fetal damage in pregnancy, unexplainable weight loss or gain, or unusual heart problems: angina, arrhythmia, myocarditis, infarction, etc (all are absolute expressions of CO induced hypoxia).
Poisoned infantIn Infants, any one of the symptoms above (note the facial rosacea, purple feet and hands of infant Daniel in photo), and / or inconsolable crying (indicating headaches)inability to hold food down (nausea), inability to suckle (weakness), failure to thrive, and / or (misdiagnosed) symptoms of malnutrition, leukemia, diabetes, autoimmune, digestive, liver, heart, lung, neurological, endocrine or genetic disorders, etc. to "SIDS" and "crib death'' -- and since long term exposure can cause critical developing tissue (O2 deprivation) failures, membrane (esp. cerebral) and vascular ruptures and associated hemorrhaging (when subdermal: spontaneous bruising), some infant damages or deaths may be wrongly charged off as beatings, assault or "shaken baby syndrome".
Did you find any elderly or otherwise infirmed unusually listless, slowed, or unresponsive, where they had been
communicative, bright, or active prior?
Do you know of any children, adolescents or adult who were healthy before, but curiously became subtly to seriously ill
as Winter commenced, deepened and
progressed -- then with warming weather (less furnace operation), they may have "miraculously" improved! -- or someone who did not make it though the Winter, yet should have! -- or who died for no solidly diagnosed reason. --
-- Too often Carbon Monoxide victims are mis-diagnosed with heart or lung disease,
leukemia, diabetes, malnutrition, vitamin B12 deficiency, depression, endocrine or genetic disorders, etc, etc, etc. even Munchausen by Proxy (it fits easily); then are expensively (futilely, even dangerously) treated into bankruptcy for those, when all that was really needed was a simple $40.00 (Carboxyhemoglobin) test, and prescribed the simple (and cheap) treatment of clean air, clean food and genuine love! -- none for which a Doctor, Hospital, the State, its Bureaucracy or their Lawyers can extravagantly charge and honestly profit!
-- And worse, being returned to the same toxic environment to repeat the illness cycles, establish more damage, even to die!  -- tlr   3/17/08
You deserve to know truth and find real cause! -- so you can preserve yourself and your family!
You may find the cause of your family's Winter illnesses in one infant and his family's experience!  (finish reading below, then see: Daniel in the Lions Den)
65% of HUD certified homes (spc. manufactured homes and trailers) in the West are occupied by Spanish (usually the low payed farm and unskilled menial labor) families. The next group of occupancy are African Americans (specifically the New Orleans - Katrina victims) followed by the Native Americans! then the Elderly, Widowed, Veterans, Handicapped, Young and Single Mother Families, Farmers and their Labor, Mining and Drilling Labor, Rural Clergy, Missionaries, County, State, and Federal Field Agents, Rangers and Officers, and our selfless Military! -- Yet no-one in HUD, Federal or State Bureaucracy (Medicine and Mainstream Media) has cared enough to warn these families and individuals that some of their Winter illnesses and deaths are a result of this egregious HUD created and State permitted deadly Furnace / Water Heater exhaust / Fresh Air Adder design! -- Why?

-- How did HUD get away with setting their own minimum distance regulation at only 3 ft while all others like the American Gas Association, National Association of Home Builders, all HVAC Manufacturers, and most State and local Codes usually demand 12 to 14 feet? The minimum I have found (tolerated in restrictive industrial construction) is 10 feet per ICC's International Mechanical Code. TLR

-- When you entered into your HUD home, did your State licensed inspector alert you to your potentially lethal HUD created asphyxiation possibility?  If he did not, why not?  Ask his bosses why not? TLR
"Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of fatal poisoning in the industrialized world, as well as being endemic in many parts of the developing world," says Dr. Joseph Fisher, an anesthesiologist at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network. "In North America, it results in as many as 70,000 emergency room visits a year and in thousands of deaths. Up to 30 per cent of survivors of severe poisoning are left with disabling psychological and neurological symptoms, which sometimes last for years."

> ABC News (Nat'l), Susan Donaldson James' report: "Family Says Carbon Monoxide Poisoned Baby", 4 Feb 09
> Davis County Clipper, Melinda Williams w/ our associate Dr Jay Bishop "Remedy Could Block CO Risk" 2/5/09
> Deseret News, SLC Ut. Elaine Jarvik's "In The Air - Carbon Monoxide Crusade: Duo's War Against HUD", 3/7/09

> Nat'l syndicated radio: Tom Rodgers on Nurse Joyce Riley's Power Hour Tues 2 Dec 08,  8 & 9 am CST
Alex Jones Info Wars, at half way point (beginning of 3rd hour ) Fri 19 Dec 08 (let load then start at middle)
> 10 May 09, 11 am Central Time  on Web or WQRZ - FM 103.5 Waveland Mississippi, (& others)
Interview of Tom Rodgers, by Herb "Sarge" Phelps, on "Sunday Morning Coffee with Sarge"
> EPA, FEMA:  4 Mar 09 in New Orleans / Then 28 July 09 in DC to HUD's MHCC, see 1 Sept 09 Committee Proposal

> Russell Means Freedom: 9/24/09  "Breathing Poison" Carbon Monoxide in (Native America's) HUD Homes
> El Observador De Utah, SLC Ut. Reinaldo Escobar's "Gases Mortiferos Dentro De La Casa" 5/18/10 {in English}
> Republic Magazine 6/3/10 Webinar, last 1/3, Tom Rodgers on with American Free Press' Michael Collins Piper!
Republic Magazine 7/22/10 Webinar, full 2 hrs, interview of Tom Rodgers w/ Dr Jay Bishop, by Earle Belle
NativeAmericanSummit2010VideoTomRodgers4510/4510.jpg>> Video: Native American Summit 2010 - Utah Gov Gary Herbert / Lt Gov Greg Bell, 9/1-2/10 w/ my presentation to Utah / Great Basin Tribal Leaderships / Federal / Utah State Officials, Ref: Native American Summit 2010 program (pdf). Encourage similar efforts in your state!

> KCPW's Immigration Roundtable Part 1 on 17 Sep 10,  Audio; Hear me at time: 1:16:30.
> Interview on AbuseFreedomLive 19Sep10.  My presentation begins at 73 min (to 179).
> Interview on AbuseFreedomLive 26Sep10.  My presentation begins at 12 min (to 63+)

Protect Yourself and Your Family -- Right Now! -- see a no-cost, simple, do-it-yourself, temporary solution!

Subsequent actions in the CO injured Conrad Family vs the State of Utah which exposed this issue, are linked below:

     This whole insidious Poisoning Evil, experienced by the humble members of society, would stop if the US Department of Health and Human Services, your own State's Health Department and the American Medical Association would restore the simple, inexpensive Carboxyhemoglobin test!
-- You Must Demand That Test!

Fliers:  Please open, print and share:
1. Easy to share "Gassing America" Flier: DanielFlier-LegislativeNotice-BackToBack.doc  (single sheet, back to back)

Deseret News, SLC Ut. Elaine Jarvik's "In The Air - Carbon Monoxide Crusade: Duo's War Against HUD" or  pdf

Press Release - CO Warning To All Residents In Manufactured And Mobile Homes.doc (23 Sept 09)

Need for caring friends to identify and mitigate for victims  - GassingAmerica-LoveThyNeighbor.doc
5. Your Mobile Home may be Poisoning You and Your Family -- What you can do right now to be safe!

 Legal Americans being left to injury / death to cover-up housing of illegals  - HUD & FEMA Kill, HHS covers. . .

Flier in Spanish Daniel Aviso en MSWord              Other (older) Fliers:

Actions affecting the Native American Communities:
-- Communications and proposed Resolution to NCAI and BIA during conference in DC, Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2010
 --  see Communication and Resolution to NCAI and BIA from this page

> As of 12 March 2010                                                                               -- See my (T Rodgers) testimony with others before EPA (FEMA and HUD) Investigative Hearing in New Orleans 3/4/09.
(Original transcript in pdf only came today, 12 March 2010, after asking for it one year -- my testimony is referenced on page 96, then begins on page 114 and finishes on 125.  On a projection screen, I had set up video of smoke and photo of deathly ill infant -- yet my description of what was being viewed by the committee and audience is curiously missing. But I have inserted the photos and video that was projected that day so you can see what the transcript has left out.)

> As of 6 May 2010                                                                                  
HUD's MHCC - Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee meeting, Fall 2009, DC (Arlington Va.)
Minutes, with my (Thomas L Rodgers) presentation, testimony and discussion references included.
-- And my report of following 
MHCC meeting Mar 28-30, 2010, Tulsa, which I just returned from Sunday.

Questions:  Thomas Rodgers,   call 801-298-9095 (anytime)    email:
          Mail:  PO Box 304, Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304

See and learn from two Carbon monoxide cases -- cases in which I was asked to intervene, and so acted as the initial identifying observer, advocate and critical life-saving friend! -- something you also must be prepared to do to -- to save your friends, or, if not too impaired with Carbon Monoxide poisoning yourself, your own infant, family members and self!
(1) -- Maufactured  / Mobile home poisoning that almost killing an infant and his family! (also accessed via ,, and in Spanish:  -- or more provocative or

(2)  a conventional home which killed one child and almost killed another

Thomas L Rodgers, 801-298-9095, (cell 801-577-1845), PO Box 304 Bountiful Utah 84011-0304

      Please know that none of this life-saving information would be discovered and exposed if it where not through the humble, kind sacrifice of my dear friends Paul and Mary Mendenhall Paul on his land-- who are also struggling against other immoral opportunists who wish to short value or extort Paul's land, which was his inheritance and his only asset as a handicapped man with Cerebral Palsy from his birth.  So please also see Paul's story and help share and expose it to all you know in return for his care for the lives and safety of your families through his humble sacrifice with me and making possible this effort for you.Our experienced friend Tom Rodgers Paul did that though loaning me his prized vehicle (Ford Ranger pickup) which I had to borrow and use (since my own is broke down, still) to travel, investigate, document, publicize, and expose; then inform you in this webpage. So please put Paul and Mary in your prayers, then honor them and show thanks for his and Mary's love for you and your children wherever possible by sharing their story, while sharing this website with all, and supporting this labor being done for you and those you love or care about too. Paul's (and Mary's) story is seen at:

TomBettyI am grateful to Paul (and Mary) for kindly loaning me his vehicle, which in having to return, I am now again without transportation -- as this more than 2½ years of effort has dearly cost me, my supportive (kind-hearted, indigenous) wife, and my children, ALL I the resources I have had. Thankfully three other dear, kind-hearted friends, Shirley Norsworthy, KK Fowlks and Lynn Johnson have given all they could spare to make trips possible to DC, Tulsa, to my Katrina Victims and Native American (including 
NCAI) gatherings. Please, if possible, donate a little to at least help me keep these websites open with this lifesaving information being made available for you and others you may care about and love! -- and maybe also so I can fix my 90 Plymouth Voyager again (maybe even fix my own broken dental partial) and hopefully keep my own utilities on which I have put off paying so I could keep the web open, struggle to write, meet with officials, the public and with the victims -- to save (hopefully 34 million, including my now dearest Katrina [New Orleans, Mississippi Delta and Gulf Coast] victim friends and my Native American relatives and friends) innocent lives!  
(I have been ask to go to DC for my NCAI friends and their infants; I need another small miracle for that.)

Thomas L Rodgers                        (sometimes misspelled as the more common "Rogers" - but am not offended.)
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Email: or -- but please. if you can, also call me to have me watch for it.
Other resources for Carbon Monoxide education, assistance and action:  --  Rob Aiers of Great Britain, excellent site!  --  Dr David Penny, comprehensive site.
Google's  Carbon Monoxide Search: results include government and privately provided sites
Routine screenings uncover hidden carbon monoxide poisoning -
Dr Gregory Jay - reported by Jessica Grimes
Carbon monoxide may cause long-lasting heart damage - Dr Gregory Jay - reported by Jessica Grimes
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