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Audio Instructions for Court Hearing held 15 July 2008

Options (as of 23 July 08):  mp3 or m4a

ost Media players should play this file: Court Audio 7/15/08 Hearing (.mp3)
This is a large file (33.5 meg), so it may take 2-10 minutes to load and start.

If needed, copy and paste this address into your media player's "file" menu > play > URL box:

m4a:  (original format)
You may try playing this audio file using this link
: Court Audio 7/15/08 Hearing (.m4a)
This is a large file (33.2 meg), so will take time to load.

If it does not automatically load and begin to play on you computer after a few moments,
open your media player (Winamp media player works best).
Copy this following link
(find and click on your media player's "File" menu) and paste into the "Open or Play URL" box.

Wait several minutes for this large (33.2) meg file to load.
(DSL will be about 2 min, dial-up may take 10 min.)
It should start to play automatically when finished.
(You may have to click the play arrow on you player's control face if it does not start automatically)

Note: If you are still not able to hear Court Audio today, PLEASE RETURN!
I will convert the current (m4a) audio file to a more player friendly (mp3) format as well as universal "wave" format for older systems, but I will have to do that in those hours when you get to rest -- since in this last five months (like for the infants and families I have dedicated my life to save before) my laboring has been none stop for this innocent infant and his family, and I have not had that luxury of rest, free time or sufficient resources.
(The mercenary antagonists I [we] have had to oppose, have taken full advantage of the overwhelming overload this labor puts upon me. They have all the resources, influence and time to impede, oppress, cover their sins and profit, while I and the innocent I defend do not!)
-- Tom Rodgers  7/22/08

If you need help understanding the above audio play instructions, please feel free to call me.
I will gladly help.
Tom Rodgers

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