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By Thomas Rodgers;
My investigative experience (along with my legal assistant and observer, Joshua Bennett, and other associates) in this very strange case:

It is disappointing, confusing and very sad to me, that though well meaning, a few individuals of Manti (and greater Sanpete County) Utah, being oblivious to current nutritional science and situational facts, instead of carefully investigating the family's cause of malaise, did speak out prematurely and made many of that community believe it was by living the healthiest diet known currently to all specifically educated
and honorable research Scientists, Physicians and Health Professionals that dedicated and loving David and Mary Conrad caused this current winter's harm to their infant and themselves! -- Then even as I sensed, investigated, certified and disclosed the actual cause of the families illness; of  furnace and water heater fumes being drafted back into their home, hyper-loaded with Carbon Monoxide (CO)! key individuals still resisted fact and attempted to refuted my discovery, even though witnessed, supported, and documented by my Utah State certified professional fellows, and claimed that breathing Carbon Monoxide through an entire winter (of this winters unusually deep snow, not experienced for several decades which choked off and covering their furnace and water heater flues, along with brute cold demands for greater burns), had little or nothing to do with the failing health of the Conrads and their otherwise healthy at birth, autumn-born infant! or the father's curious own winter struggles with physical health, head aches and degrading function, whose full work-day "virtual" office (a small desk in the corner of the bedroom, with computer and phone link to the corporation) was in the same (master) bedroom and home in which his newborn infant, Daniel, slept and was continuously cared for 24/7 thought this winter!

With diagnoses influenced and based upon this unfortunate error and bias, and the facts left not found, this family and its infant was treated and returned again to their home's toxic environment! -- and had I not persisted and did my own diligence and discovery, against the obstruction and interference of individual local players, this family's infant, and the next most toxin affected father and other members could have been further unwittingly asphyxiated and have died!

I and other professionals, including wise Utah State officials, do now collectively thank the heavens that the Conrads, in many years of intelligent choice by eating as careful vegetarians, did not bring any coliform, winter RSV, influenza, etc. in contaminated lactants, ova and other butchered tissues now being reported and burdened with antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses into their kitchen and home -- or their already CO-suppressed immune systemed baby and the next sibling and seriously toxin affected father could have easily taken infection and died!

 -- at which in that certain eventuality, certainly the misinformed community authorities would convict any surviving parent and remove any children left -- as I have seen in other cases -- and in which I have had to do discovery and intercede before!

Currently this diagnostic error without correct discovery did lead local medicine and local bureaucracy down the wrong path -- though in part, thankfully, their nutritional support treatment was correct -- as chronic CO does cause nausea, face, oral and Esophageal muscle and digestive chemistry failure; hence the inability to properly suckle, hold down nourishment or digestively process critical nutrients (eg. see CO vs B12), so indeed exacting the clinical symptoms of malnutrition! -- So without exact environmental investigation and precise diagnostic diligence, it is easy, with unidentified CO poisoning, to be misdiagnose on the outward clinical indicators as "abusive parenting" and abject malnutrition!

Thankfully, even though based on that easily understandably wrong diagnoses, this infant was treated "correctly" for malnutrition, but sadly (even with my early discovery and face to face petition to the medical providers) not for the root cause, of Carbon Monoxide!

And to his benefit, at least, while in the clean air of the hospital, the nutrient loss therapy and support, and
most important not breathing any more fumes, the baby Daniel, as well as his efficiently lactating (nursing) mother and attending father with him, did each individually and collectively begin to restore and thrive! But without accepting the CO asphyxiation as cause, the infant with his parents was returned home to again experience more potential harm and continued risk, that is, had I not in the meantime done my diligence, discovery, and immediately within the next day that they where home (and now I could access the interior of their home) done their environmental mediation and safety providing correction!

If I had not in the sincerest press of my heart, bypassed normal secondary familial permissions of involvement -- only because I knew, in my first brief visit (Wed,13 Feb 08) with David and Mary at the hospital, only two days after infant Daniel was admitted, that these parents were (obvious to me) poisoned, more specifically as David was easily agitated and now conversely argumentive
(which is typical with chronic CO poisoning), and that both David, Mary and Daniel evidenced the patchy rosacea with background yellow and "green" toxic skin presentations, both parents were hyper-stressed and emotionally traumatized with the subtle threats of losing all their children by the State -- especially distressing them while still in their still poisoned impairment at only three days out of their toxic home and still struggling in their helpless nightmare-like dream-state (again typical to chronic CO poisoning) and not fulling in charge of reasonable faculties, communicative clarity and judgment, which was compounded and exacerbated with their fear of offending their accusers, so I did not press for a secondary reaffirmation of David and Mary's original (Sun 10 Feb 08) plea and petition for my involvement -- which David had desperately begged of me only four days prior -- and had forgotten already (short term memory loss also is typical to CO poisoning),

Driven by my heart and relying upon David's first conversation, his plea and my commitment to him for his baby Daniel, I proceeded quietly with my efforts of forensic medical environmental and legal discovery even as this family and baby were being released and returned to a toxic home and where they would have continued to be poisoned, suffered additional harm or death, had I not!

David, Mary, infant Daniel and their children, now safe in their home, are very grateful that I had the wisdom to proceed with my labors based upon his initial February 10th plea, and not in his about face in the deep harm and fear clouded state of mind which his accusers had taken him to, only four days later. So worrying not for myself or my own personal safety or reputation, I did determinedly proceed -- and as consequence and with the help of the Angels, I have again facilitated and provided another family with saved lives, out of my decades of honorable education, experience and knowledge, where if left unchallenged by me, the incompetence and unchecked acts of malice of others would have killed
! The proof is here!

Based upon the local mis perceptions and error, this family has been communally, bureaucratically and legally subjected to heartbreak, shame, potential dismemberment and destruction in the error-based motivations passed to otherwise even well-intentioned child protective service agency agents, medicine, law and family court officials.

The charges levied against these parents, created in bias and biological flaw, in the beginning (void ab-initio) has presently wrecked this loving, caring and faithful family, socially and financially, already to the amount of fifty thousand dollars, which they do not have! -- and that figure will increase further with the parasitizing disruptions and usurpations of the family energies and time in resource cannibalizing programs, if not corrected and based upon fact! -- I did not see any familial medical of social interventions which did address or even propose to address Carbon Monoxide poisoning! -- and more is still potential burdens and cost are forthcoming to crush this family along with labor lost and the extracted moneys which have already devastated father, mother, infant and their tender family cannot afford! . . .

. . . And the family has also been painfully painted as in danger of losing their standing in their Faith -- simply because they have chosen to hold fast to their much wiser "vegetarian diet" and apparently because they consulted, associated with and asked for the best help of one biologically much wiser and experienced friend, me!

On Sun 10 Feb 08, as I received David's initial call, l sensed immediately (by only listening on the phone, even without visuals) of the father's poisoning, then three days later (after commitments were met at the State Legislative sessions) in one 15 minute 
visit to the baby and parents on Wed 13 Feb 08 in the hospital 140 miles from their home, I knew, without any other environmental data available to me then (by simply observing their weakness, pallor and behavior in our simple conversation), they were poisoned!

Then four days later on Sun 17 Feb 08, night , after finishing my efforts that week at the State Legislature, I made my first (of now four so far) 140 mile trip (intentionally without their knowledge, so they would not have any added stress), and Monday morning 18 Feb 08, I "discovered", documented and began to bring witnesses to what I had already sensed and anticipated through my life established education, knowledge and experience as the true cause of this dear family's damage! - a toxic furnace and water heater exhaust being vacuum drafted right back into their house!

Yet curiously -- especially the family's most important next door neighbor, and apparently, around the corner, their community Doctor (only three homes away), after my initial approach they refused my contact to disclose my findings and instead obstructed me in environmental and situational investigation which by now was desired and requested by honorable State friends and officials of me through my labors as this family's, apparently for the moment their best friend with professional ability to identify their true problem.  

Out of the blue a reputation was created around me that frightened away those who could have aided me in providing observations and descriptions of the family's situations and conditions through the last critical six months period as their infant and family's health unexpectedly declined.

None in Manti had discovered why this infant and family actually were ill! They only proceeded, socially, legally and medically upon "neglect" and "malnutrition" as if was the real cause! (If someone in Manti did know the facts of furnace and construction code violations or the Carbon Monoxide they certainly have labored to hide it!) No honorable scientist or friend could set silent an let this travesty proceed, so at risk of my own comfort neither could I or my highly honored friends.

Also, because of unexplained and broadly generated stigma, the truth is still being pathetically withheld from the neighbors and community -- which should be supporting this family in their current healing needs -- now that the true cause has been identified (and as you can observe through photos and video links coming here) -- instead of still condemning the Conrad family themselves and their devoted, honorable, experienced friend, me, who once again have sacrificed my own time, my own fuel, on my own meager resources (driving 140 miles to and from Manti multiple times), to investigate, document, film and even sleep outside in Manti's numbing brutal cold bring other specialists and witnesses  -- and undeservedly risked my own personal reputation (for the moment at the hand of some even calling my own local associates, and spinning stories as they in Manti are embarrassed and caught in biological or construction error) because I did my diligence and discovered the true cause of the Conrad family's infant's and entire family's illness! -- Environmental Poisoning with the orderless, colorless, tasteless, seriously deadly toxin in the subtly killing vapors from their snow choked and capped furnace and water heater, Carbon Monoxide!!!

Wisely (and with Legislative advise), as I did not trust the already negatively influenced or implicated local so-called construction and utilities professionals, except for two, I brought in others who are the very best that the State of Utah itself does explicitly trust (and license) to act as witnesses and to certify what I had discovered, and which is now in process of disclosure, 

See and share this truth, especially to those you know in Manti and all Sanpete County Utah, were many homes of similar make and design have been brought in and set. It is the way to make this innocent family, and others like them there who also may have been ill or so affected this winter, free!
TLR 3/19/08

More Photos and Videos are coming
I have to meet today (Wed 19 Mar 08) with my State of Utah Legislative friends, fellow Professionals and Law.
I'll be back to give you more.
I may edit more of my personal rage at the deadly incompetence that puts at risk all precious infants, children and innocent parents -- but for the moment please suffer with me in my discontent that their home's construction agents and those other so-call professionals
at all levels responsible for this family's damage and pain, instead of safety, and for which they have by us been paid and entrusted, but instead delivered sloth and betrayal
Please spread this truth and help save this family, their infant and all their children, thanks.

The unfounded perceptions and gossip that could have killed this baby and stigmatized an innocent family stops here!
TLR 3/19/08

Questions? or Challenges?
I will take you on for the sake of a child! -- That is basic to my Faith! -- I certainly hope it is also basic to Yours!
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they are fact and I appologize for none!
Thomas Rodgers 3/19/08
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