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What you see here is the Real Cause of infant Daniel's illness, as well as the harm to the rest of his family.
It is now clear that thousands more families have
also been harmed with the same construction flaw.
Manufactured Home with Close and Short Flues
This is a HUD
and Certified as "Safe" home.

Notice that the Furnace and Water Heater exhaust flues (above third window from left and still partly covered with snow) -- are short and only 3½ feet from the Fresh Air Adder (aka Dilution Air Intake, Blend Air Ventilator, or Positive Outside Air Intake Vent), which is just barely seen
as the small projection above the center of second window from the left, and is nearly covered and hidden by remaining snow on roof.

Diagrams-FurnaceWaterHeaterFreshAirAdderChimneysThese short exhaust stacks (aka, jacks) -- especially when located in these High Mountain Communities -- make for an easy snow-obstructed choke-down of the combustion air supply, which then causes the flame to burn Oxygen starved, so far more toxic -- and being so close to the Fresh Air Adder, allows the easy return of those poisonous Furnace and Water Heater fumes to be drawn and enter right back into the house. Click diagram representation at left or here to see full sized with explanation.

Conrad home This house is only one of hundreds with similar exhaust and intake configuration issues like it in this Valley in Sanpete County, Utah alone. I have since seen and recall seeing hundreds more outside this County and the State and I have seen and am currently receiving reports implicating thousands more throughout the West, Great Plains, Gulf Coast and the whole Nation (in my educational travel) as far into the South East as Florida, as many Florida homes are modular just like it. I will not be surprised when I get my reports back from the North East indicating there are thousands more like it there -- since I did live in New Jersey and I  do remember many modular homes similar, occupied by my wife's family friends there and up into Canada.

So it is now clear, that thousands more families have
also been harmed with this same potential interior air poisoning design, construction or inspection flaw.  It is plausible to me and my other Scientist Fellows that its is, more reasonably, undetected Carbon Monoxide, CO, along with its companion toxin, another snow-choked "dirty" burn end product, Formaldahyde, H2CO(which the Authorities are singularly detecting and blaming on construction glues. -- Three years later?) as both toxins are created in all Oxygen, O2, starved combustion and easily be returned into the homes and house trailers (with the same exhaust configuration issues) during this National unusually deep snow and (even electric power interrupting ice storm plagued) cold and harsh Winter, that has "mysteriously?" (not to me or my fellows!) "sickened" many of the HUD housed and FEMA placed Hurricane Katrina victims.

Infant Daniel in depth of poisoning My worry is that many of their infants -- because infants (and toddlers) are the most oxygen dependent and CO (& H2CO, etc.) toxin vulnerable -- have been damaged or killed, and no word has gone out to (at least) let the mothers or parents know that they must keep snow (or ice) cleared from their flue stacks and at that very least, take simple temporary measures to prevent toxic exhaust from entering and concentrating in their homes though the Fresh Air Adders or other openings; or to prevent "back spill" (with older furnace designs) to enter the home from snow or ice obstructed flues; or the back draft incursions from specific directions of wind, or capping and back pressures created with them and common to these stubby and ill designed exhaust stacks, and their idiotic Combustion and Fresh Air intake placement configurations!

Please help me get this word out! Much of the Local and National Media and Bureaucracy have had this information but with all else happening in the news, most have not yet been able to create and publish the story to everyone that needs it. You, I, our Nation's vulnerable infants and effected families personally cannot wait, while the Mainstream Media do their (legal - which they must) research, write and carefully edit to not libel the Industry who may or may not have created this problem in the first place, or the Bureaucracy who may or may not have allowed it, or the Medical establishment (including the Pediatric and Psychiatric - treating the consequent physiological and neurological damage) and all their associates, who, by default, may have overlooked correct diagnoses and true cause, yet have profited from it! So I beg you to please accelerate this information by not waiting, for the time being, by bypassing their time demanding and cumbersome broadcast media and newspaper processes, and share this site with all you know, while also contacting and encouraging all Media and Government efforts for me. -- We still have more Winter and cold nights ahead, and families are yet being poisoned, with their innocent babies (the house bound elderly and handicapped) still being damaged, and more potentially dying! -- I experientially and logically know it, and this website proves it. And without instant broad and caring cooperation, I feel frustrated and helpless to stop it -- even if it is only to save one more infant or one more family member from being damaged or lost to another poisonous day and night.
Thomas Rodgers,  801-298-9095, Tom@LifeSave.org
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