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(Father's Service Agreement)

In regards to the scheduled meeting regarding a Service Plan on Thursday, May 8th, we will not be comfortable with a service plan that is not based upon truth.  Here is one that is based on truth, and with which we would be comfortable.  We shall bring copies of this agreement with us to the meeting:



This is a services agreement between DCFS and David and Mary Conrad, parents of Daniel Conrad; in the interests of Daniel Conrad:  DOB 8-31-07.

The parents of Daniel did not cause harm to him, but rather the State of Utah did:  by not properly training – and then licensing and certifying the inspector that passed their home off as being safe; when in fact it had egregious design errors that exposed the family to great danger; which caused harm to (and could easily have killed) Baby Daniel by the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In order to be of true help and service to the family in meeting their needs, which is the stated goal and mission of DCFS; DCFS shall see to it that the State of Utah shall compensate the Conrad family for the damages and expenditures that the State of Utah did cause through their error.

To prevent further unnecessary burdens upon the Conrad family and the upon the taxpayers and the court system – DCFS shall have its counsel prepare a motion to dismiss the case; based upon the absence of risk to Daniel at this time with the true cause of his health problem having been mitigated (State of Utah error induced carbon monoxide poisoning).


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