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 To Friends of Tim Aalder's talk show
 "Buy Back America" on KTKK Radio

   The Judges Conference I spoke of when I called in
at the end of Tim's show on
Friday 6/3/11 and referred you to this site "LicenseToKill.us" is now linked here.
   The Judges Conference is over 3 hours long and not very comforting for any Constitution educated and embracing American. tlr 6/3/11

Read this note below first, then click here >
Judges Conference
    This is a very large (~380 meg) wmv file and may take many minutes (~20 minutes for my old computer) to completely load and auto-play. But since I programed this link to load into a new window or tab, you should be able to continue reading this page above or browsing the web, or doing other work on your computer until this file is fully down-loaded and possibly self-start in your system.
 -- If it does not automatically self-start or show a prompt to play for you, you may instead (first, if it appeared - close the blank [black] window or tab, then) right click on the above link, a drop-down menu should appear, then left click on "Save Link As" and that should start the copying process of the full ~380 meg file into your own computer -- presumably or usually to your "My Documents folder"
 -- Then when it has finished down-loading (it will take many minutes) open that same folder and you should see the
Judges-Conference.wmv file fully stored there. Click on it and it should play (using your default media player [for example, Winamp, etc, or as you choose]). -- If this does not work, please call me (Tom) at 801-298-9095.
 -- Remember where this file is stored, so after viewing, you may remove it to recover your memory space if needed.

    I found a smaller (~254 Meg) copy you may try. But this 254 meg file was giving my computer some playback control issues. This smaller copy does not show or allow me (with my old computer) to move the time progress slider to control where I want to start or restart it, but it may work better for you. So try this 254 meg version linked here: Judges Conference. This file will show as Judges-Conference-s.wmv, that is, with -s (for smaller) at the end of Conference. Just remember, it also will take long to download and may need you to manage it, like the larger file, by using the same down-load, then play, process as noted above.

    You can also try directly opening your Media Player of choice (WinAmp for example), then use the "Copy and Paste" instructions here following to order you Media Player to run the Judges Conference video as Streaming Video.
 -- First drag your cursor over, highlight and copy one of the "Judges Conference" file addresses below.
 -- Then open your media player of choice, left click on "File" or "Add File"... a drop-down menu should appear, then
left click over "Open File" or "Open URL"... a blank address space should open. Right click over it, choose "Paste", then left click over that blank address space to paste the chosen address into your player. The video should start or be ready to start playing almost instantly -- and be treated as a streaming broadcast.  Then click Play, Pause, or Stop buttons as needed.
    http://s98822910.onlinehome.us/tom/eddie/Judges-Conference.wmv        (the 380 meg file)     -- or --
    http://s98822910.onlinehome.us/tom/eddie/Judges-Conference-s.wmv     (the 254 meg file)
For my friends of KTKK Radio,  (Dr Stockwell Show) 9/8/11 covered by host, Dale Williams and his guest, Clint Richardson, producer of The Corporation Nation
Vaccines, Another Assault on Humanity

     As referenced in my brief "call-in" discussion (twice in 2nd hour) with Dale and Clint, is my old website Vaccines Or Not (.org, which I could no longer afford to pay, so I lost the domain, so today loaded and linked those pages here) which includes a treatise which I was asked to provide for my friends in Home School Education, specifically titled Vaccines -- A Price for Flesh! -- a must read! But make sure you tightly secure your seat-belt for a real rough ride with the truth! -- which even you may not like to know
, since, if respected, demands changes in your own life.

      Since I just re-loaded these pages to a different web space,
today, 8 Sept 2011, probably not all links will work. Please feel free to email me at Tom@LifeSave.org, to let me know which links are not working. I will try to fix them. Thanks, TLR.

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