Have you or anyone you know been unusually ill this Winter?
-- HUD & Utah State Bureaucracy may be the cause!               See:-- GassingUtah.us
FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVapors.JPGHas the State of Utah and the Feds with HUD, and their Medical contractors, including CPS (DCFS), the AG and their Courts, allowed conditions for your and your children's harm, then profited from your damage and your children’s consequent hurt, illnesses -- even deaths?

you have been placed in harms way by the very Bureaucracy whose oaths and claims are to guarantee your safety and to protect you and your children from the very harm whichBaby Daniel they have permitted? 

Has that same Bureaucracy instead, turned upon you, blamed you, threatened, charged or indicted you for the harm, illnesses, even deaths, which their oversight, incompetence, malfeasance or malice has brought upon you and your children?
 --  just as it has done with this baby Daniel and his parents in Manti, Utah!

Please consider the above and following questions, see baby Daniel's experience,
find your own answers, then demand correction to protect your family!

ConradPhotos/Img00001Sharp.JPGDo you or anyone you love or care about live in a heat retrofitted, or a HUD (or FEMA) "Certified as Safe" Manufactured or Mobile (Trailer) home?

Did you or anyone you know have one or more of the following symptoms? Unexplained (chronic) fatigue, bouts of nausea, headaches, loss of memory, agitation, flu-like (but without fever) symptoms, rosacea (a red skin blush) or jaundice, general weakness, nose-bleeds, coughing spells (sometimes with blood) labored breathing, struggle for air, light headedness, lethargy, fainting spells, listlessness, inability to sleep soundly, loss of appetite, reduced fertility, reduced virility, fetal damage, unexplainable weight loss or gain, or unusual heart problems: angina, arrhythmia, myocarditis, infarction, etc (all are absolute expressions of CO - Carbon Monoxide induced  hypoxia).

In Infants, any one of the symptoms above, and / or inconsolable crying (indicating headaches), inability to hold food down (nausea), inability to suckle (weakness), failure to thrive, and / or (misdiagnosed) symptoms of malnutrition, leukemia, diabetes, autoimmune, digestive, liver, heart, lung, neurological, endocrine or genetic disorders, etc. to "SIDS" and "crib death'' -- and since long term exposure can cause critical developing tissue failures, membrane (esp. cerebral) and vascular ruptures and associated hemorrhaging (hence subdermal, spontaneous bruising), some infant damages or deaths may be wrongly or falsly charged off as beatings, assault, even "shaken baby syndrome"!

 Did you find any elderly or otherwise infirmed unusually listless, slowed, or unresponsive during the or at the end of winter, where they had been communicative, bright, or active prior?
Do you know of any children, adolescents or adult who were healthy before, but became subtly to seriously ill as Winter commenced, deepened and progressed -- and now with warming weather (less furnace operation), they may be miraculously improving -- or someone who did not make it though the Winter, yet should have! -- or who died for no solidly diagnosed reasons! --
-- Too often Carbon Monoxide victims are mis-diagnosed with leukemia, diabetes, malnutrition, vitamin B12 deficiency, depression, endocrine or genetic disorders, etc, etc, etc. even Munchausen by Proxy (it fits easily); then are expensively (futilely, even dangerously) treated into bankruptcy for those, when all that was really needed was a simple $40.00test, then prescribed the simple (and cheap) treatment of clean air, clean food and genuine love! --
-- And worse, the victims are returned to the same uncorrected toxic environment to repeat the illness cycle, establish more damage, even die! (Carboxyhemoglobin) none for which a Doctor, Hospital, the State, its Bureaucracy or their Lawyers can extravagantly charge and honestly profit!


► "Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of fatal poisoning in the industrialized world, as well as being endemic in many parts of the developing world," says Dr. Joseph Fisher, an anesthesiologist at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network. "In North America, it results in as many as 70,000 emergency room visits a year and in thousands of deaths. Up to 30 per cent of survivors of severe poisoning are left with disabling psychological and neurological symptoms, which sometimes last for years." 

-- How did HUD get away with setting their own minimum distance regulation at only 3 ft? While all others like the American Gas Association, National Association of Home Builders, most HVAC Manufacturers (under GAMA), and most State and Local Codes usually require 12 to 14 feet? The minimum I have found is 10 feet per ICC's International Mechanical Code. -- TLR

-- When you entered into your HUD home, did your State licensed inspector alert you to your potentially lethal HUD created asphyxiation possibility?  If he did not, why not?  Ask his bosses (in “Those Who Know”, list on back) why not?

-- In last 10 minutes of 28 May 08 Radio interview, Utah AG Mark Shurtleff and I exposed this case and this problem.
 Audio  Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff interview (hr 2) by Mark Maxon on KTKK AM 630 SLC Ut

-- in last 30 min of the 3 hour Utah State Legislature's Political Subdivisions Interim Committee Wed 18 Jun 08 Meeting on Affordable Housing, I presented this case as example of HUD Manufactured Housing's Carbon Monoxide (& Formaldehyde) poisoning issue, as exposed herein. See Notice, see Agenda, hear  Audio (mp3). – Linked on websites below.  TLR 6/24/08
65% of HUD certified homes, spc. manufactured homes & trailers in rural Utah are occupied by Spanish families. The next are African Americans, specifically the Hurricane Katrina victims, then Native Americans, Elderly, Widowed, Veterans, Handicapped, Young and Single Mother Families,. Missionaries, rural Clergy,  County, State, and Federal Field Agents, Rangers and Officers, and our selfless Military!
► --  Yet no-one in HUD, Federal or State Bureaucracy, Medicine or Mainstream Media, has cared enough to warn these families that some of their winter illnesses and deaths are a result of this egregious HUD created, State permitted deadly Furnace / Water Heater exhaust / Fresh Air Adder design!
As trusting residents, you deserve to know truth & know your illness’ real cause! so you can preserve yourselves & your families!  – Questions call Thomas Rodgers, 801-298-9095
-- Go to: GassingUtah.us or GassingAmerica.us  -- then: Daniel in the Lions Den .us  -- aka Deadly Fumes .us  -- see: What you must do!

Those Who Know (since February or early March 2008):
This list includes those of Authority, Profession & Media apprised of this life-threatening situation in Manti early on! (Feb/Mar)
The question is, what have they done so far, and what will they do?

Have they alerted you or the public of the problem, not just in Manti, but everywhere in the State of Utah and the USA?
You need to ask them!  -- This is about your safety, and their responsibility for it!

List is in general order of apprisal / notice. Each know the problem! The Officials included are supposed to protect you!
Dr Robert Armstrong, IHC Manti Clinic, Thur Feb 14
Rep Bradley Winn Thur Feb 14
Dr Sarah Lamb of PCMC / IHC Thur Feb 14
Senator Darin Peterson Feb 15
AG Office Staff (Jennifer etc) Fri Feb 15
Gayle Ruzica & her team of Utah Eagle Forum. Feb15
Gill Yardley (friends and patrons of the Yardley's Inn and Spa, Manti Ut Peggy Layton, Laura Cox Johanna Bradley)
Bshp. George Richardson – as neighbor to Conrads
Gene Hagloch "home taught" friend of the Conrads.
Scott Layton, owner/operator of Layton Plumbing also witnessed the house Feb 15, 29,+. (His friend, Todd Mortenson of Trade Winds HVAC, in Manti can analyze your home and test for CO where suspected.)
Former Senator Parley Hellewell, (with Mike Anderson & Scott Layton, kindly tested & witnessed Feb 29 +)
John Hale Sanpete Messenge/Deseret News Feb 18, 29 +

Utah State Attorney General's Office:(apprised Feb 15)
-- Shown photo/video evidence Feb 27, 29 & Mar 4,5.
Most of the Utah House of Representatives & Senate
Mark Shurtleff, Utah State Attorney General -- spoke with me (& Parley Hellewell). (Committed to making correction.)
Wade Faraway, Aid to AG -- early contact; also very kind in directing me to key State officials.
Duane Betournay, Director of DCFS
David Tibbs, AG Counsel for DCFS (initially, now recused)
Julie Lund, AG Counsel for the DCFS
Judge Paul Lyman, 6th District Juvenile Court
Michael Jorgenson, Guardian Ad Litem
Bruce Zylks, DCFS
Lance Martin, DCFS
Annette Monson, DCFS
Kirk Torgensen, AAG Supervisor, Central Utah, viewed evidence Mar 4 (&5)
Paul Murphy: Aid to AG:  (AG Media Liason) viewed evidence Mar 18 and beyond
Ray Hintze AAG & others in staff
Rod Decker Channel 2 (while at Legislative Session +)

Utah State Governor's Office: Gloria Hunt, Nancy Nielson, Colene Tucker, Constituent Services
Gayle McKeachnie, Rural & Legislative Affairs - very kind!
Melissa Zito, & others of Utah Department of Health
Dr David Penney, Wayne State University and Providence Hospital, Southfield MI -- CO Expert coheadquarters.com
Bradford Tibbetts, Dir. State of Utah Insurance Dept
Harold Stephens, Labor Commission
Fred Nelson, AAG Environmental Div Chief
Sylvia Thomas, Governer’s Dir. of Hispanic/Latino Affairs

HUD SLC Field Offc Pauline Zyonkovic, Jeff Stowell
HUD Wash. DC Pat McDuffie, Lane Pethel, Angelo Wallace, Rick Mendlen, Shawn McKee
Wayne Holman Sup. Ut State Div Occup. & Prof. Licensing
Dan Jones, Mngr. Ut State Div Occup. & Prof. Licensing
Gordon Walker, Div Com & Eco. Dvlpmnt, Housing
Sen. Orrin Hatch, & Specialist Linda Gibbons
Sen. Robert Bennett, & Specialist Jessica Christopher
Rep. Chris Cannon
Rep. Rob Bishop
Rep. Jim Matheson
Mike Leavitt
, Nat’l Secretary of Health & Human Services
Scott Hintze, Manti Stake President
Walter Fife, 1st Counselor, Manti Stake
Michael Barclay, 2nd Counselor, Manti Stake
George Richardson, Manti 6th Ward Bishop
Ralph Squire, 1st Counselor, Manti 6th Ward
Brody Keisel, 2nd Counselor, Manti 6th Ward
Glen Bair, Sanpete County Mechanic (kindly witnessed)
Frank Mylar, Mylar Law
Steven Russell, Attorney
Richard Wheeler, Vice President, Snow College
Ralph Dewsnup, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
Colin King, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
David Olsen, Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law Firm
Rebecca Palmer, Deseret News
Terry Orme, Salt Lake Tribune
Ted Mcdonough, City Weekly
Ingrid Quiroz, La Prensa Times (Hispanic Newspaper)
(Ingrid cared enough to get an early notice into her paper!)
Glades Gonzales, Mundo Hispano (Hispanic Newspaper)
Rene Torcatty, Telefutura/Univision (Hispanic TV)
Bill Gephardt, Channel 2 News
Christina Flores, Channel 2 News
Bruce Lindsay, KSL News
Nadine Wimmer, KSL News
John Daley, KSL News     
Bob Evans, Fox 13 News
Hope Woodside, Fox 13 News
Sandy Riesgraf, Fox 13 News
Have you heard anything from any of the Gov. Officials, Inspection, Health Dept., Medicine, or Media in this list?!!!

The Summer will pass and HUD designed housing, with as little as 3 feet allowed from heating exhausts to interior air intakes, will again become harmful or mortally toxic for the occupants!  -- And NO Official has warned you or corrected their incompetently or maliciously designed and allowed life-threatening interior air contamination problem!

 Ask them why not!!!

    GassingUtah.us  / DeadlyFumes.us / DanielInTheLionsDen.us      Questions: Thomas Rodgers   801-298-9095      8/123/08

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