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Corolee's breast milk reported in Matthew.s blood report.
[ Note about Matthew's B12 deficiency does not consider the CO "softening" to predispose "Blind Loop Syndrome"-- viral bacterial over growth in intestine impeding Vitamin B12 and other nutrient absorption!
see Vitamin B12 paper, page 2 ]

Aug 2 2003 Carolee's Blood B12 etc
[ Carolee's excellent serum (blood) Vitamin B12, increase documented below -- after her still good, but flu-lowered level shown above -- occurred without any animal foods consumption or supplements;  a fact that flies-in-the-face of the psuedo-science wive's-tale perceptions promoted and accepted (convenient to animal product sales and pharmaceutical profit) in conventional "AMA" medicine, but is quietly supported by real science (especially Veterinary Animal Science Medicine) and true empirical data!   Veterinary Doctors and Animal Nutrition educated livestock owners know their cattle and all herbivorous animals acquire and accumulate their vitamin B12 from the foliage consumed by them in copious quantities -- upon which light-and-oxygen-requiring  plant cyano-cobalamin bacteria live!   Carolee -- like any other herbivorous animal --  accumulated and assimilated her Vitamin B12 from the copious amounts of plant foods and greens -- on foliage (where microbial cobalamin production activity can only occur) -- eaten like any other vegetarian creature in nature! ] > Family Vs State  > CaroleesBreastMilkVitaminB12  >  Full Page.htm